Translation of dub in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /dʌb/

vt (-bb-)

  • 1 1.1 (nickname) apodar
    More example sentences
    • This humble natural wonder may have a name, but I dubbed it One Man's Cascade.
    • This side project was dubbed Fruit Bats, named after a type of large, flying, fruit-eating tropical mammal.
    • Last summer, the broadcaster tested video-on-demand with a new service dubbed Interactive Media Player.
    1.2to dub sb (a) knight armar a algn caballero
  • 2 2.1 [Cinema/Cine] [film] doblar the movie was dubbed into French la película estaba doblada al francés 2.2 [Audio] mezclar
    More example sentences
    • When it comes to music, only 18 percent say they would never dub an audio cassette or CD, even though 43 percent acknowledge that doing so is wrong.
    • You call a shop or drop in and say that you want to buy a copy of a film on DVD or video and they would burn or dub a copy while you wait after streaming or downloading the information from a general source.
    • He would play either guitar or piano and sing his weird lyrics into cheap tape recorders, saturating friends and acquaintances with hand dubbed cassettes.
    More example sentences
    • An employee had been dubbing a pornographic tape on taxpayer time.
    • Now it was a simple job to tape your favourite pop single from a radio broadcast, or to hook your cassette recorder up to your ‘record player’ and dub an entire LP onto a tape.
    • I've spent the evening dubbing the tapes onto my hard drive and can proudly present my very first videoblog from the Auchamlong minefield.
    More example sentences
    • ‘We are planning a nationwide release next year and have ensured that the film can be dubbed into different languages,’ he said.
    • Thus, the usual pattern of Greek films being dubbed into English for American distribution was reversed.
    • No Kannada films will be dubbed into any other language.
    More example sentences
    • Rather than having the actual band performance recorded on videotape, a professional performance of the same music was dubbed onto the tape for subsequent viewing.
    • The sound for the exterior scenes had to be dubbed in later, a process that took months, due to the primitive state of sound technology at the time.
    • This seems a pity, as her voice on the commentary track was quite pleasant, certainly much more so than the generic American voice they dubbed in.

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