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American English: /d(j)u/
British English: /djuː/

Translation of due in Spanish:


  • 1 (predicative) 1.1 (payable) the rent is now due
    hay que pagar el alquiler
    the payment becomes or falls due on the 5th
    hay que hacer efectivo el pago el día 5
    Example sentences
    • New technology installed in more than 100,000 vehicles offers drivers a friendly reminder when the car payments are due.
    • Please note final payment is due before Thursday, August 15.
    • Please note the balance of payments are now due.
    1.2 (owed) he is due a pay increase
    le corresponde un aumento de sueldo
    due to somebody/somethingthe respect due to one's elders
    el respeto que se les debe a los mayores
    the money due to them
    el dinero que se les debe
    el dinero que se les adeuda [formal]
    it's all due to you
    todo gracias a ti
    te lo debemos todo a ti
    it was due to a technical problem
    se debió a un problema técnico
    Example sentences
    • Workers cannot secure the liability of wages or holiday pay earned, or, indeed, of redundancy compensation that is due and payable.
    • When the company went under, Beggs told the receiver that €3.7 million was due in outstanding debts.
    • He has prevaricated over the payment of sums acknowledged to be due, though the sum currently due and payable by way of costs is not alleged to be large.
    1.3due to (as preposition) [criticized] all flights were canceled due to bad weather
    se cancelaron todos los vuelos debido al mal tiempo
    she was absent due to illness
    faltó por enfermedad
    1.4 (scheduled) when is the next train/flight due?
    ¿cuándo llega el próximo tren/vuelo?
    the plane/train is due (in) at any moment
    el avión/tren ya está por llegar
    when is the baby due?
    ¿para cuándo espera or tiene fecha?
    ¿cuándo sale de cuentas? (Spain)
    the movie/book is due out in August
    la película/el libro saldrá en agosto
    she's due back tomorrow
    vuelve mañana
    su regreso está previsto para mañana
    she is due for promotion
    le corresponde un ascenso
    the meeting is due to take place at four
    la reunión está prevista para las cuatro
    Example sentences
    • The figures for last year, due soon, are expected to show a further increase.
    • Also next year the European elections are due with both polls expected to go ahead on the same day, June 10.
    • She had reportedly told her husband Kevin that she was expecting a child, due December 12.
  • 2 (before noun) 2.1 (proper)
    without due cause
    sin causa justificada
    according to due process of law
    en conformidad con el debido proceso
    with all due respect
    con el debido respeto
    con todo el respeto que se merece
    in due course
    en su debido momento
    a su debido tiempo
    Example sentences
    • ‘The important thing is that the submissions from both bidders are given proper and due consideration,’ he told the House.
    • Our message to dog owners is that they must take due and proper care of their pets and of Manchester's environment.
    • Any business that treats its customers without due care and consideration is not fulfilling its most important role.
    2.2 (deserved)
    all due credit to her
    hay que reconocer su mérito


  • the fort is due west of the town
    el fuerte está justo or exactamente al oeste del pueblo
    we headed due north
    nos dirigimos derecho hacia el norte
    Example sentences
    • A few more yards due south of that, hard by the western approach to the Limehouse Link, there's a little park, perhaps an ex-churchyard to go with the ex-rectory.
    • Its destination was Christmas Island, an Australian territorial outpost, about 300 nautical miles due south of Sumatra.
    • Then the car turns around and travels 40 meters due south in 5.0 seconds.


  • 1give him his due: he is efficient
    tienes que reconocer que es eficiente
    Example sentences
    • Some say the public gets its due with the program itself.
    • Rathbone argued that motherhood was socially valuable and thus compensable, entitled to the respect due such an important profession.
    • Sledge gives the common soldier his just due in eloquent prose that explores the emotions and trauma associated with a brutal war and its consequences.
  • 2
    also: dues plural
    2.1 (subscription) I've paid my dues to the company
    yo a la compañía no le debo nada
    Example sentences
    • These included the payment of salary arrears, the payment of dues of retired employees and outstanding promotions.
    • It was conceded that membership required no payment of dues nor any other participation in the affairs of the organization.
    • It is time once again for the payment of dues for the Annual Silver Circle draw.
    2.2 (Nautical)port/anchorage dues
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