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American English: /ˈdəmi/
British English: /ˈdʌmi/

Translation of dummy in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (in window display, for dressmaker)
    Example sentences
    • Join the club - how many middle-aged people are there out there, I wonder, who still find it a bit scary looking at the tailor's dummies in a clothes shop window?
    • The collision wrecked the window display - including a dummy dressed as Elvis - and caused thousands of pounds of damage.
    • Along with the period costumes, and superhero outfits that he stocks there, the dresses are on display on dummies.
    1.2 (in tests, stunts) ventriloquist's dummy
    muñeco de ventrílocuo
    Example sentences
    • For the next few minutes it took the place of a wooden dummy, receiving more than it's share of abuse.
    • Of course, NATO knows that we have these dummies, but cannot tell a dummy from a real rocket.
    • ‘We use their counter-top display that has one of their lights on a dummy gun,’ he said.
    1.3 (in US football)
    domi (masculine)
    Example sentences
    • Connoisseurs of back flip passes, outrageous dummies and champagne rugby in general would have loved this hugely entertaining romp.
    • He'd mesmerised the home defence with a beautiful dummy before picking up a short pass and slotting the ball past the helpless Roy Carroll.
    • In Rugby, you can pull a dummy, kick the ball up and under, or a grubber kick, or a long sideline punt.
  • 2 2.1 (fake) 2.2 (Printing) (mock-up)
    Example sentences
    • The book dummies, storyboards, jacket covers, and double page spreads were proudly displayed, still smelling strongly of glue and fixatives.
    • Included here are selections from his finished prints, work prints, contact sheets, notes, notebooks, handmade photographic books, book dummies, and correspondence.
    • He knew how to turn my dummy into a book.
    2.3 (in rugby, soccer)
    amago (masculine) de pase
    finta (feminine)
    he sold him a dummy
    lo engañó con un amago de pase
    le hizo una finta
  • 4 (for baby) (British) pacifier
    Example sentences
    • The slightly horrified look on my face changed to one of relief when she added that recent research showed that there was less likelihood of cot death if the baby had a dummy.
    • Family members visited and brought toys but she was confined to an isolation unit with her dummy to suck for comfort.
    • However, it appeared that posterior cross bite was significantly more common in children who were bottle-fed, as well as those who sucked dummies or their thumbs.
  • 5 (fool) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • But the devil with the horns was looked upon as a kind of fool's gold, taught to dummies too stupid to grasp the honest ideology of actual wrongdoing.
    • I don't know the guy, but he's not a dummy, believe me.
    • I don't care what anyone says, you cannot be a dummy if you have won the European Championship, even although he did it with top German players, but in Scotland there are no grey areas.
  • 6 (in bridge, whist)
    mano (feminine) del muerto
    Example sentences
    • Immediately after this opening lead, the dummy's cards are exposed.
    • The player on the left of the dummy hand plays the dummy's cards.
    • In Cowboy and Cowgirl the dummy can discard and draw in the same way as the players.
    Example sentences
    • Either way, the second dummy is then exposed and the play continues as in Double Dummy Bridge.
    • The Defender on the Declarer's left leads the card to the first trick, after which the cards in the dummy are exposed and sorted by suit.
    • Both dummies are then exposed on the table, opposite their owners, and play continues as in Bridge, each of the players playing cards from their own dummy at its turn.
    Example sentences
    • Playing with three players, the game uses a dummy hand for the fourth player.
    • This allows the dummy player to leave the table during the play of the hand.
    • If the dummy hand wins a portion of the pot, the player that it beats must match the pot just as if they were beaten by a player at the table.


  • 1 (imitation)
    de juguete
    a dummy package
    un paquete vacío
  • 2 (Business)
    que actúa como testaferro
    a dummy firm
    una empresa fantasma
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