There are 2 translations of dun in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /dʌn/


  • 1.1 uncountable/no numerable (color) pardo (masculine)
    More example sentences
    • A mutt the colour of dun stood near by, barking every now and again.
    • Surrounding the cone on three sides were high walls of volcanic rock forming an amphitheater almost a mile and a half wide, a subtle palette of dun, gray, and beige.
    1.2 countable/numerable (horse) caballo (masculine) pardo
    More example sentences
    • She was his mount, a unicorn mare with a dun's coat.
    • The Indians ride bareback on paints (white horses with dark colored markings) and duns (grayish brown horses) with snaffle bridles.
    • Three women were working in the kitchen and a man was sitting at the table, sipping black coffee from a cup bigger than the dun's hoof.


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There are 2 translations of dun in Spanish:


transitive verb/verbo transitivo (-nn-)

  • 1.1to dun sb for sth acosar or apremiar a algn para que pague algo 1.2
    (dunning present participle/participio presente)
    [letter/notice] en que se exige el pago de una deuda
    More example sentences
    • Have I decided to stop dunning you for contributions?
    • They had been dunning me for a £10 bill I had naively thought I would leave to the next serious accounting.
    • The Vendome incident would haunt him for a long time, since well after he had served his prison sentence the Republican government would be dunning him for 500,000 francs, the cost of restoring the column.

Definition of dun in: