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American English: /ˈd(j)udi/
British English: /ˈdjuːti/

Translation of duty in Spanish:

noun plural duties

  • 1 countable and uncountable (obligation) to do one's duty (by somebody)
    cumplir con su ( or mi etc. ) deber or obligación (para con alguien)
    it is the duty of every citizen to vote
    votar es el deber or la obligación de todo ciudadano
    he did it out of a sense of duty
    lo hizo porque le parecía que era su deber
    she made it her duty to …
    se impuso la obligación de …
    I have a duty to keep my partners informed
    es mi obligación or mi deber mantener informados a mis socios
    (before noun) duty call or visit
    Example sentences
    • It's to do my duty as a physician, and they often have disagreeable outcomes when you do your duty, and this is one very disagreeable outcome.
    • To the last minute of my holding the presidency, I will responsibly do my duty.
    • They have to do their duty and their responsibility.
  • 2 uncountable 2.1 (service) a spell of duty abroad
    una temporada de servicio en el extranjero
    to do night duty
    hacer el turno nocturno
    to do duty as something
    hacer las veces de algo
    servir de algo
    Example sentences
    • The primary service was military duty as a mounted knight.
    • Why should ordinary Koreans pay taxes for those shirkers who educate their children abroad and avoid military service duties?
    • The other recurring problem is the avoidance of military service by privileged youth during peacetime and combat duty during wars.
    Example sentences
    • As much as $10,000 of the budgets could be used to help the church pay for pastoral duties during its pastor's absence.
    • For now, she continues with her ministerial duties, serving the church she sees as part of her family.
    • It is not uncommon for a minister to drive 6-10,000 miles per year in carrying out the ministerial duties for a congregation.
    2.2 (in phrases) off dutyto come/go off duty
    acabar el turno or la guardia
    to be off duty (nurse/doctor)
    no estar de turno or guardia
    no estar de servicio
    on dutyto come/go on duty
    empezar el turno or la guardia
    he's on duty all morning (nurse/doctor)
    está de turno or de guardia toda la mañana
    está de servicio toda la mañana
    (before noun) duty chemist (British)
    farmacia (feminine) de guardia or de turno
    duty roster
    lista (feminine) de guardias
    duty solicitor (British)
    abogado (-da) (masculine, feminine) de oficio
    also: duties plural
    (responsibilities) [formal]
    funciones (feminine plural)
    responsabilidades (feminine plural)
    when do you take up your duties?
    ¿cuándo asume usted sus funciones?
    to neglect one's duties
    descuidar sus ( or mis etc. ) responsabilidades
    Example sentences
    • How do you know the staff who arrive at camp are qualified to perform the duties you are requiring of them?
    • Boys and girls were trained for the separate duties and tasks required in the gendered world of their day.
    • Officers chosen to conduct the battalion's tactical planning need to have the proper training and experience in order to perform their required duties.
  • 3 countable and uncountable (tax) (often plural) to pay duty on something
    pagar impuestos sobre algo
    excise duties
    impuestos (masculine plural) internos or al consumo
    Example sentences
    • These include priority treatment in obtaining basic infrastructure services and significant reductions in national and local income taxes, land fees, and import and export duties.
    • Getting the manufacturing association to back a duty on low-priced Chinese imports was a victory for small manufacturers.
    • Many governments put tariffs on the import of goods, whether stated as an import duty or a sales tax only on imported goods.
    Example sentences
    • Strip the Church of its tax exemption and levy huge duties against its property value.
    • We have a budget lower than ten years ago, with the Government continuing to impose additional duties and not properly finance them.
    • Licence duties tend to have very small disincentive effects on car ownership due to their relatively low level (they are primarily put in place by governments to raise revenue).
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