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Pronunciation: /edʒ/

Translation of edge in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 countable/numerable (cutting part) filo (masculine) to put an edge on sth afilar algo companies on the leading edge of information technology compañías a la vanguardia de la informática he'll get the rough edge of my tongue [colloquial/familiar] me va a oír, se las voy a cantar bien claras [colloquial/familiar] to be on edge estar* nervioso, tener* los nervios de punta or a flor de piel [colloquial/familiar] to take the edge off sth her smile took the edge off her critical remarks su sonrisa suavizó or hizo menos duras sus críticas this will take the edge off your appetite esto te calmará un poco el hambre or [colloquial/familiar] te engañará el estómago
    Example sentences
    • The knife has been described as having a six or seven-inch blade with a jagged edge down one side only.
    • That means they can be used on the edges of razor blades for a smoother cut.
    • Circular blades formed blade breakers on either side of the flare, their outer edges sharpened.
    1.2 uncountable/no numerable (sharpness) his voice had a menacing edge to it su voz tenía un tono amenazante the article lacks critical edge el artículo no es lo suficientemente incisivo
  • 2 (advantage) ventaja (feminine) it would give us the edge over our competitors nos colocaría en una posición de ventaja con respecto a nuestros competidores he has a definite edge over his rivals tiene una clara ventaja sobre sus rivales we no longer have the edge in quality or price ya no tenemos la delantera ni en calidad ni en precio
    Example sentences
    • He is expected to have the edge over his three rivals.
    • Concrete reasoning gives you the edge over your peers and rivals.
    • We are constantly looking for improvements that will give us the edge over our competition.
  • 3 countable/numerable 3.1 (border, brink) (no plural/sin plural) borde (masculine), orilla (feminine) at the water's edge a la orilla del agua the car rolled over the edge el coche se despeñó or se desbarrancó it kept us on the edge of our seats till the end nos tuvo en vilo or en tensión hasta el final 3.2 (of object) the cloth had frayed at the edges el paño se había deshilachado en los bordes I laid the planks edge to edge coloqué las tablas lado con lado the coin landed on its edge la moneda cayó de canto
    Example sentences
    • I found a tree toward the edges of the outside area, and sat cross-legged, before unzipping my guitar bag.
    • The trim was stitched close to the inside edge then the outside edge.
    • The road direct from Middleton is steep and narrow, with the road surface breaking away at the edges due to water erosion in places.
    Example sentences
    • The speed and tension of city life has him at the edge of psychosis: something has to give, there has to be a safety valve.
    • It's partly the strained atmosphere in Japan at this moment, with the whole nation poised on the edge of a financial crash.
    • We never learn from our mistakes and we are all, at any moment, standing at the edge of chaos.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1 1.1 (border) the collar was edged with fur el cuello estaba ribeteado de piel the paper was edged in black el papel tenía un borde negro the palm trees that edged the beach las palmeras que bordeaban la playa 1.2 [lawn/grass] recortar los bordes de
  • 2 (move cautiously) he edged his chair closer to hers fue acercando su silla a la de ella I tried to edge her toward the door traté de llevarla poco a poco hacia la puerta she edged her way along the ledge fue avanzando poco a poco por la cornisa I edged my way along the packed corridor me fui abriendo paso por el pasillo abarrotado de gente
  • 3 (sharpen) afilar a voice edged with fear una voz que dejaba traslucir cierto temor
  • 4 (American English/inglés norteamericano) edge out

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • (+ adverb complement/+ adverbio predicativo) to edge forward/closer/away ir* avanzando/acercándose/alejándose (poco a poco) the child edged closer to his mother el niño se fue arrimando a su madre they are edging toward an agreement poco a poco se están acercando a un acuerdo the pound edged up half a cent against the dollar la libra logró subir medio centavo con respecto al dólar

Phrasal verbs

edge out

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento
[rival/opponent] ganarle por mano a or (River Plate area/Río de la Plata) ganarle de mano a (Chile) or ganarle la mano a they edged the nationalists out of second place lograron quitarles el segundo lugar a los nacionalistas

Definition of edge in:

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