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American English: /ˈɛfərt/
British English: /ˈɛfət/

Translation of effort in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 countable and uncountable (attempt) to make an effort
    hacer un esfuerzo
    she made a tremendous effort to give up smoking
    hizo un gran esfuerzo or se esforzó mucho para dejar de fumar
    please make an effort to get here before ten
    por favor traten de or intenten llegar antes de las diez
    repeated efforts were made to contact him
    se intentó repetidamente localizarlo
    she made little/no effort to hide her displeasure
    hizo pocos esfuerzos/no hizo ningún esfuerzo por disimular su descontento
    he simply makes no effort
    el caso es que no se esfuerza en absoluto
    she couldn't even make the effort to telephone
    ni siquiera se molestó en llamar
    Example sentences
    • Clean Calgary and the City of Calgary are teaming up again in an effort to reduce the amount of garbage being generated locally.
    • Mr Fuller added that the school has made sacrifices in expenditure and eight staff have taken promotions with no pay rise in an effort to reduce costs.
    • The warning has been made by the Royal Life Saving Society in an effort to reduce the number of drowning-deaths.
    1.2 uncountable (exertion, strain) he passed his exams without any effort
    aprobó sus exámenes sin ningún esfuerzo or sin esforzarse
    they've put a lot of effort into it
    han trabajado or se han esforzado mucho en ello
    it took (a) considerable effort to keep quiet
    me resultó muy difícil callarme
    tuve que hacer un gran esfuerzo para quedarme callada
    it doesn't take much effort or much of an effort to say thank you
    no cuesta tanto decir gracias
    it requires an enormous effort of will
    exige una gran fuerza de voluntad
    it's an effort for me climb the stairs
    me cuesta mucho (esfuerzo) subir la escalera
    I'd like you to help me, if it's not too much of an effort [ironic]
    quisiera que me ayudaras, si no es mucho pedir [ironic]
    it's not worth the effort
    no merece or vale la pena
    Example sentences
    • He put huge physical and mental effort into achieving this goal, chasing his dream from his native Austria to London and on to California.
    • In the meantime I don't really feel much like blogging - it just requires too much mental effort at the moment.
    • Using a bicycle or walking is definitely an alternative, but both require physical effort.
  • 2 2.1 (no plural) (campaign, operation) the war effort
    (campaña solidaria de la población civil durante una guerra)
    2.2 countable (achievement) a literary/an artistic effort
    una obra or creación literaria/artística
    what do you think of my latest effort? [colloquial]
    ¿qué te parece mi última obra or creación?
    for an amateur, that's not a bad effort [colloquial]
    para un aficionado, no está nada mal
    2.3 countable and uncountable (Physics)
    Example sentences
    • The tractive effort of the machine seems weak, especially in this deep snow that we have now.
    • The speed reached by such a body depends on the ratio of the effort exerted to the resistance offered.
    • The mechanical advantage, which we shall call simply the advantage, is the ratio of the load to the effort.
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