Translation of egg in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /eg/


  • huevo (m) a fried/boiled egg un huevo frito or (Méx) estrellado/pasado por agua scrambled eggs huevos revueltos or (Col) pericos poached eggs huevos escalfados or (RPl) pochés egg beater n [Culin] batidor (m) (helicopter) (AmE) [colloquial/familiar], helicóptero (m) egg box n huevera (f) egg donor n donante (f) de óvulos a bad egg (lit) un huevo podrido (dishonest person) [colloq & dated], una mala persona a good egg [colloq & dated] un tipo bien [familiar/colloquial] he's a good egg es buena gente (AmL) , es un tipo bien [familiar/colloquial] as sure as eggs is o are eggs (BrE) como que dos y dos son cuatro to have egg on one's face quedar mal to lay an egg [hen/insect] poner* un huevo (make blunder) [colloq & dated], meter la pata [familiar/colloquial] to put all one's eggs in one basket jugárselo* todo a una carta

Phrasal verbs

egg on

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
incitar, azuzar* to egg sb on to + inf incitar a algn a + inf, azuzar* a algn para que + subj

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