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American English: /ˈiðər/
, /ˈaɪðər/
British English: /ˈʌɪðə/
, /ˈiːðə/

Translation of either in Spanish:


In the usual translation of either … or, o … o, o becomes u when it precedes a word beginning with o or ho.
  • either … or … you can have either tea or coffee
    puedes tomar (o) té o café
    he can't speak either Spanish or Italian
    no sabe hablar (ni) español ni italiano
    she's either incredibly naive or very stupid
    o (bien) es increíblemente ingenua o es estúpida
    either your work improves or you're fired!
    ¡o mejora tu trabajo o estás despedido!
    Example sentences
    • You don't need to be a genius to work out the similarities either.
    • I don't believe that the Reserve Bank believes that there is a strong link either.
    • Needless to say I won't be writing to them for permission to use these links either.


  • 1 (one or the other) you can take either route
    puedes tomar cualquiera de las dos rutas
    the key wasn't in either drawer
    la llave no estaba en ninguno de los dos cajones
    we don't need either one
    no necesitamos ninguno de los dos
  • 2 (each) on either side of the path
    a ambos lados or a cada lado del camino
    I have nothing in either box
    no tengo nada en ninguna de las dos cajas


  • (esp British)
    (with negative)
    ninguno (-na)
    (in questions)
    alguno (-na)
    either (one) would be suitable
    cualquiera (de los dos) serviría
    take either of the two, but not both
    toma cualquiera de los dos, pero no ambos
    I couldn't wear either of those dresses
    no podría ponerme ninguno de esos vestidos
    he doesn't get on with either of his parents
    no se lleva bien ni con su padre ni con su madre
    does or [colloquial] do either of you have children?
    ¿alguno de ustedes (dos) tiene hijos?
    Example sentences
    • A win would secure top spot for either of us, a loss could have seen either team drop out.
    • Equal rights to custody means that a child born outside of marriage can live with either parent.
    • These two groups have changed the world, but not in the way that either intended.

adverb with negative

  • 1 she can't cook and he can't either
    ella no sabe cocinar y él tampoco
    he's not clever but he's not stupid either
    no es inteligente, pero tampoco es tonto
    Example sentences
    • Nine out of 29 households participated in the scheme either regularly or occasionally.
    • It was introduced from North America either by accident or design from Victorian times.
    • Her paintings are in either bright colours or black and white.
  • 2 (moreover, at that) they found a campsite, and not such a bad one either
    encontraron un camping, y no tan malo, por cierto
    and I don't have to pay a penny either
    y ni siquiera tengo que pagar nada
    Example sentences
    • There is no such thing as a Great Novel, divorced from its readers, or an absolute stinker of a novel either, for that matter.
    • It wasn't something that Joan could easily ignore either; no matter how hard she tried.
    • Well, it does not matter any more either, apparently - we just go with those polls.
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