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Pronunciation: /ɪˈlektrɪk/


  • 1 [current/motor/shaver] eléctrico; [fence] electrificado; [guitar/piano] eléctrico is the heating gas or electric? ¿la calefacción es eléctrica o a gas? electric bill (American English/inglés norteamericano) cuenta (f) or recibo (m) de la electricidad or [colloquial/familiar] de (la) luz electric circuit circuito (masculine) eléctrico electric fire (British English/inglés británico) estufa (f) eléctrica, calentador (m) eléctrico electric kettle hervidor (m) (de agua) eléctrico, pava (f) eléctrica (especially River Plate area/especialmente Río de la Plata) , tetera (feminine) eléctrica (Andes) , caldera (feminine) eléctrica (Uruguay) it has electric windows tiene elevalunas eléctrico
    More example sentences
    • In fact, each ‘window’ is an array of photovoltaic cells that generate electric current when exposed to the light.
    • The gravitomagnetic field is created by moving masses, much as magnetic fields are created by moving electric charges.
    • We experience movement of charge in the electric current in wires.
    More example sentences
    • Becalmed sounds of electric piano, bass, acoustic guitars, and soft trumpet tones appear at a tempo that's so relaxed it's almost asleep.
    • The song's detailed arrangement is fleshed out by electric piano, aquatic guitar lines, and exotic percussion.
    • But it's important to remember that electric guitars and electric pianos were new at the time, and there were new recording techniques.
  • 2 [performance/personality] electrizante the atmosphere was electric el ambiente era electrizante or estaba cargado de electricidad
    More example sentences
    • The excitement was electric on that sunny evening as the students of Gallagher House got their spin in the 18 seater bus.
    • The excitement was almost electric as Claude withdrew a beautiful antique pocket watch from his coat.
    • Mark McColl, at 18, thrilled with electric bursts of pace.

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