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entrance 1

American English: /ˈɛntrəns/
British English: /ˈɛntr(ə)ns/


  • 1 1.1 countable (way in) wait for me at the entrance to the building/park
    espérame en or a la entrada del edificio/parque
    the tradesman's entrance
    la entrada de servicio
    Example sentences
    • Two sets of wrought-iron gates herald the entrance to a driveway that sweeps in a horseshoe round the front of the building.
    • The caretaker of the school will tend the site, closing an access gate and opening another entrance to the public at 4pm each day.
    • He paused before passing through the first gate and into the short passageway between the entrance to the fortress and the inner portcullis.
    1.2 countable (foyer) 1.3 uncountable (access) [formal] to gain entrance
    Example sentences
    • If the reliability of the Bagrut exams is undermined, the universities will introduce entrance examinations, he warned.
    • The senate was usually limited to 600 members, and entrance was dependent on property qualifications and election to key offices.
    • It is widely regarded as an elite institution and only one out of every 100 candidates for the tough entrance examinations gain admission.
  • 2 uncountable (admission)
    (to club, museum) entrada (feminine)
    (to school, university) ingreso (masculine)
    they were refused entrance
    no se les permitió la entrada
    se les negó la admisión
    (before noun) there is an entrance charge
    se cobra la entrada
    entrance examination entrance form
    solicitud (feminine) de ingreso
    forma (feminine) de ingreso (Mexico)
    entrance qualifications
    nota (feminine) mínima de ingreso
    entrance requirements
    requisitos (masculine plural) de ingreso
  • 3 countable 3.1 (act of entering) to make one's entrance
    hacer su ( or mi etc. ) entrada
    Example sentences
    • Steps have already been taken to try and reduce the number of vehicles driving on the surface, with the placement of new bollards restricting the entrance of heavy vans entering the town.
    • Startled by the abrupt entrance of his daughter, he got up quickly.
    • However, the next day, he saw an opportunity to gain possible entrance into the warm building.
    3.2 (Theatre)
    entrada (feminine) en escena
    Example sentences
    • A conceited thespian, he treats every introduction as a stage entrance and every conversation is a source of high drama and shameless posturing.
    • A signature tune was also used to herald the entrance of an individual performer in variety shows, a practice that continues on some television chat-shows.
    • It was an entrance modelled on the performance of Gary Cooper in High Noon and here, just down the road from Hollywood, it was made by the biggest star in town.
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There are 2 entries that translate entrance into Spanish:

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entrance 2

American English: /ɪnˈtræns/
, /ɛnˈtræns/
British English: /ɪnˈtrɑːns/
, /ɛnˈtrɑːns/

transitive verb

  • Example sentences
    • His short stories and novels continue to delight and entrance readers all over the world.
    • From the very first notes they played, the City of Oxford Orchestra entranced the audience last Saturday.
    • I was absolutely entranced, it was so delightfully madcap.
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