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American English: /ˈikwəl/
British English: /ˈiːkw(ə)l/

Translation of equal in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (in size, amount, ability) we got an equal amount of money
    recibimos igual or idéntica or la misma cantidad de dinero
    divided into two equal groups
    divididos en dos grupos iguales
    she passed all her exams with equal ease
    aprobó todos los exámenes con igual or con la misma facilidad
    that makes us equal
    ya estamos iguales
    equal to something
    igual a algo
    twelve inches is equal to one foot
    doce pulgadas equivalen or son iguales a un pie
    my salary is equal to his
    mi sueldo es igual al suyo
    equal (to somebody/something) in somethingthe windows are equal in size
    las ventanas son de igual tamaño or son iguales de tamaño
    he's equal to his brother in ability
    tiene la misma capacidad que su hermano
    all (other) things being equal
    si no intervienen otros factores
    Example sentences
    • In estimating, it can be assumed that the yield of the concrete will be approximately equal to the quantity of gravel used.
    • The amount of the deduction is equal to the value of the stock contributed.
    • The sum of the angles of a triangle is equal to two right angles.
    Example sentences
    • Against the wind in the second half, Confey now had to face a far tougher challenge but they were equal to the task.
    • The people of York have proved themselves equal to the task.
    • With her comprehensive research, sound analysis, and engaging style, Williams proves herself equal to the task.
    1.2 (in privilege, status) everyone is equal before the law to be on an equal footing or on equal terms with somebody
    estar en igualdad de condiciones con alguien
    Example sentences
    • Legislation giving women status as equal partners in marriage was passed in 1993.
    • He is not equal in status to the other citizens.
    • This experience reinforced American egalitarianism, the belief that everyone is equal in status.
    Example sentences
    • I will do everything in my power to fight for fair and equal treatment.
    • The report found pregnancy discrimination, equal pay, harassment, access to employment and promotion, and dismissal as causes of complaint.
    • They also indicated in large numbers that they hoped to end segregation and discrimination and receive equal, just, and fair treatment.
    1.3 (uniformly applicable)
    we are an equal opportunities or opportunity employer
    practicamos una política de igualdad de oportunidades (sin distinción de raza, credo ni orientación sexual)
    everyone has an equal right to education
    todo el mundo tiene igual or el mismo derecho a la enseñanza
    Example sentences
    • The duel - more equal and balanced in the play than in the film, where the camera unfairly favours Nicholson - is a showdown between two opposed acting styles.
    • At first, it seemed reasonable; everyone had fairly equal responsibilities, which I noted she never bothered with herself.
    • It is difficult to foster and feed the kind of balanced, equal relationship that can sustain us into the future.
  • 2 (capable, adequate)equal to somethingI don't feel equal to the situation
    no me siento a la altura de las circunstancias
    I don't think he's equal to the task
    no lo creo capaz de hacerlo
    they were provided with funds equal to their needs
    les concedieron fondos adecuados a sus necesidades


  • my boss treats me as an equal
    mi jefe me trata como a su igual or como a un igual or de igual a igual
    I am her equal in experience and talent
    tengo tanta experiencia y talento como ella
    Example sentences
    • Bergerac has an under-appreciated white wine, Monbazillac, that is almost the equal of many Sauternes and much less expensive.
    • He was now a land owner - the equal of his former employers.
    • The stairways and the timbers used have had few equals in the present day.

transitive verb (British) equalling equalled

  • 1 (Mathematics)
    ser igual a
    three times three equals nine
    tres por tres son nueve or es igual a nueve
    let x equal 4
    supongamos que x es igual a 4
    no work equals no money
    si no trabajan, no cobran
    Example sentences
    • The first thing to note about the 8% figure quoted by the prime minister is that it does not equal the amount of total EU income spent on health care.
    • Table VII shows that the number of paper-cutting opportunities nearly equaled the total number of paper-folding opportunities in the ten textbooks.
    • Euler asserts that the sum of the harmonic series equals the natural logarithm of infinity plus a quantity that is nearly a constant.
  • 2
    no other tenor can equal him
    es un tenor sin igual
    no hay tenor que lo iguale
    Example sentences
    • This time the Trophy Match equalled the flawless performance of the other two.
    • Publicly, she may well claim she aims to smash her final imprint into the record book, equalling the record of 20 Wimbledon titles garnered by Billie Jean King.
    • Browne's time in the 60m sprint equalled his best performance this year, which has him ranked in the top 10 nationally.

Phrasal verbs

equal out

(esp US)
[colloquial] even out
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