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American English: /əˈskeɪp/
British English: /ɪˈskeɪp/
, /ɛˈskeɪp/

Translation of escape in Spanish:

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (flee)
    to escape from something
    (from prison)
    fugarse or escapar(se) de algo
    (from cage/zoo)
    escaparse de algo
    (from danger/routine)
    escapar de algo
    he was unable to escape from her
    no pudo zafarse or librarse de ella
    I'd love to escape to some tropical island
    cómo me gustaría escapar(me) or huir a una isla tropical
    Example sentences
    • She told police the attacker tied her up but that she managed to struggle free and escape into the bush.
    • If it hadn't been for the collar, she could easily have broken free and escaped.
    • I followed silently behind the two guards, debating within my mind whether to break free and escape, or stay near to him.
    also: escaped past participle
    they are looking for an escaped convict
    están buscando a un preso que se ha fugado de la cárcel
    Example sentences
    • He was found alongside the body of his girlfriend; both had been poisoned by carbon monoxide gas escaping from the apartment's oven.
    • There is an undefined hiss like air escaping but right now that is it.
    • The low-tech way to protect against ice is to float a ball to keep an air hole open, letting noxious gases escape.
  • 2 (from accident, danger)
    he escaped unscathed
    escapó or salió ileso
    he escaped with a warning
    solo recibió una reprimenda
    she escaped with minor injuries
    solo sufrió heridas leves
    Example sentences
    • A family who narrowly escaped with their lives after their home went up in flames have been dealt a second blow after burglars broke into the damaged house and stole hundreds of pounds worth of goods.
    • A Colchester couple and their nine-year-old son narrowly escaped with their lives after the tsunami hit their beachfront apartment in Sri Lanka.
    • Shots were fired and Tony narrowly escaped with his life.

transitive verb

  • 1 (elude, get away from)
    escaparse de
    librarse de
    Example sentences
    • Many of the villages are located in the Troodos Mountains, which is where Cypriots go to escape the maddening crowds along the coast.
    • On the second occasion, she pleaded with paramedics at midnight to call the police because she wanted to be locked up and escape a man she claimed was after her.
    • After escaping the police, he had run along the roofs of the buildings and come to the end of the block.
  • 2 2.1 (avoid)
    salvarse de
    escapar a
    librarse de
    they escaped punishment/prosecution
    se libraron de ser castigados/juzgados
    we narrowly escaped death
    nos salvamos de la muerte por muy poco
    no morimos por muy poco
    there's no escaping the fact that …
    no se puede negar (el hecho de) que …
    no se puede menos que reconocer que …
    2.2 (be unnoticed by)that detail had escaped my notice
    se me había escapado ese detalle
    ese detalle me había pasado inadvertido
    nothing escapes his eagle eye
    es un lince, no se le escapa nada
    the name/word escapes me
    se me ha ido el nombre/la palabra
    no puedo recordar el nombre/la palabra
    2.3 (slip out)a sigh escaped her
    dejó escapar un suspiro
    a groan escaped his lips
    de sus labios escapó un quejido


  • 1 countable and uncountable (from prison) an attempted escape
    un intento de fuga
    there is no escape from our creditors
    no tenemos ninguna posibilidad de escapar a nuestros acreedores
    to make one's escape
    the escape plan was simple
    el plan para la fuga era sencillo
    our escape route was blocked
    el camino por donde pensábamos fugarnos estaba cortado
    Example sentences
    • Finally, any kind of attempt at escape will mean solitary confinement for 30 days.
    • It tells the story of a 1946 escape attempt from that most infamous of prisons, Alcatraz.
    • The plucky farmer is understood to have startled the thief who eventually broke free and made his escape to a waiting car.
  • 2 countable and uncountable (from accident, danger)to have a narrow/miraculous escape
    salvarse or escaparse por muy poco/milagrosamente
    there's no escape there seems to be no escape from suffering
    no parece que pueda uno escapar al sufrimiento
  • 3 countable (of gas, air, water)
    (before noun) (pipe/valve)
    de escape
    Example sentences
    • This expansion creates a metal-to-metal seal and prevents the escape of gases.
    • The company was yesterday visiting every house in the three villages to ensure the supply was turned off to prevent escapes when the gas goes back on.
    • The cause of the escape of gas was tracked down to a crack in an ageing pipe.
  • 4 countable and uncountable (from reality)
    Example sentences
    • The effects provide a temporary escape from reality by relieving fears, tension and anxiety.
    • The very nature of popular film is to provide an escape from daily reality and monotonous routines.
    • Online many people express fantasies or adopt identities precisely because they are an escape from reality.
  • 5 countable and uncountable (Computing)press escape
    pulse la tecla de escape
    (before noun) (key/routine)
    de escape
    Example sentences
    • His first thought, when something went wrong, was to immediately hit the escape key - even when he was nowhere near a computer.
    • Fortunately you can skip them by hitting the escape key.
    • It is possible to save the game at any stage in the play via the escape key.
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