Translation of estate in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ɪˈsteɪt/


  • 1 1.1 (land, property) finca (f), propiedad (f) (before n) estate management administración (f) de fincas
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    • And when Martha Raye died three years later, she left most of her multi-million dollar estate to him, not to her only child.
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    • It is now one of just several residential estates in a suburban village.
    • He would like to see the council building smaller estates.
    • A successful crime-busting programme which has turned a notorious estate into a sought-after residential area is in line for a top national award.
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    • The grandparents then withdraw to another house on the family estate and cultivate their own land as long as they can.
    • These include extensive country estates at Emmersdorf and Mollenburg and a house in a top location in Vienna's city centre.
    • His family owns an estate in the country as well as a house in town and as eldest son he stands to inherit quite a tidy sum.
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    • He is alleged to have taken money from the estates of ten deceased people, including a husband and wife over a ten-year period.
    • The cause of action is deemed to have subsisted before the death, allowing the claimant to sue the estate.
    • If he had done so, on his death his estate would have been entitled to a cash sum to be applied for the purchase of an annuity for his dependants.
    1.2 (group of buildings) a private estate un complejo habitacional, una urbanización (Esp) , un fraccionamiento (Méx) an industrial estate (BrE) una zona or un parque or (Esp tb) un polígono industrial (council) estate (BrE) see council 1 2
  • 3 (political, social class) estado (m) the three estates los tres estados or estamentos the first/second/third estate el primer/segundo/tercer estado the fourth estate [journalese/lenguaje periodístico] la prensa
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    • If they really did that, we would simply have to say: ‘We, the judges, are an independent estate of the realm and it's not open to the legislature to put us out of business.’
    • They rejected parliamentary government, with its king or queen and three estates of the realm (lords spiritual, lords temporal, and the commons).
    • In an important sense, inland towns were parasitic on the countryside, for the bulk of the seigneurial dues, rents, tithes, and fees collected by the first two estates of the realm were spent in urban centres.
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    • They began with one very old intellectual tool, a conception of the different estates in society.
    • Meanwhile, the novel also deals with the insecurities of self - in the middle and upper estates as well as the lowest - in a changing society.
    • By law, society was divided into three groups called estates.
  • 4estate (car) (BrE) station wagon

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