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even 1

American English: /ˈivən/
British English: /ˈiːv(ə)n/


  • 1 1.1 it's warm there even in December
    allí hace calor hasta or incluso en diciembre
    even a child could do it
    hasta un niño lo podría hacer
    even now, five years later
    incluso ahora, cuando ya han pasado cinco años
    it would be madness even to attempt it
    intentarlo ya sería una locura
    Example sentences
    • People might not realise water can be extremely cold even on a warm summer day.
    • He surprised even some of his closest colleagues by accepting the job many regard as a poisoned chalice.
    • Our willingness to show up for this event seems to have surprised even ourselves.
    1.2 (with negative) he can't even sew a button on
    no sabe ni pegar un botón
    you're not even trying
    ni siquiera lo estás intentando
    don't even think about it
    ¡ni se te ocurra!
    1.3 (with comparative) the next day was even colder
    al día siguiente hizo aún or todavía más frío
    Example sentences
    • It will not be easy, which places even greater emphasis on the world's best cricketer.
    • Notwithstanding the personal tragedy here there is now even less emphasis on the original issue.
    • In the 1960s there was an even greater shift in emphasis to viticultural research.
    1.4 (introducing stronger expression) it'll be difficult, even dangerous
    será difícil, hasta or incluso peligroso
  • 2 (in phrases) even aseven as I speak
    en este mismo momento
    even as he had predicted [literary]
    exactamente como había predicho
    even if we'll do it even if it takes months
    lo haremos aunque lleve meses
    even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you
    aunque lo supiera, no te lo diría
    even so
    aun así
    he's only 12 — yes, but even so …
    tiene apenas 12 años — sí, pero aun así …
    even then
    aun así
    I explained it twice, but even then they had difficulty
    lo expliqué dos veces pero aun así tuvieron problemas
    even though
    aun cuando
    a pesar de que
    she told him even though I asked her not to
    se lo dijo aun cuando or a pesar de que le pedí que no lo hiciera
    even though I don't agree with you
    aun cuando or a pesar de que or aunque no estoy de acuerdo con usted


  • 1 1.1 (flat, smooth)
    (coat of paint)
    the floor isn't even
    el suelo no está nivelado
    plane the boards down to make them even
    cepilla las tablas para igualarlas
    Example sentences
    • St Tropez is tinted so the therapist can easily see where she is applying it and it makes for an even application.
    • This provides an even surface for pedestrians, which minimises tripping hazards.
    • In the boot, the rear wheel arches should have a clean look and an even coat of paint.
    1.2 (regular, uniform)
    Example sentences
    • Add the potato slices in an even layer and cook gently for about 12 minutes until softened.
    • It took every speck of willpower and strength she had to force them back to an even position.
    Example sentences
    • Add the olive oil in a thin stream and whisk the mixture until it forms an even consistency.
    • To his credit Cill Dara referee John Downey was well on top of every move and kept an even hand on the game.
    • Achieving an even skin tone is another protracted beauty process that many of us could do without.
    1.3 (calm) he kept his voice even
    no alteró la voz
  • 2 (equal)
    an even game
    un partido igualado or equilibrado
    un partido parejo (Latin America)
    after four rounds they're even
    tras cuatro vueltas están or van igualados or empatados
    he stands an even chance of winning
    tanto puede ganar como perder
    tiene una posibilidad entre dos de ganar
    so now we're even or so that makes us even
    así que estamos en paz
    así que estamos a mano (Latin America)
    to break even
    recuperar los gastos
    no tener ni pérdidas ni beneficios
    even Stephen(s) [colloquial]we're even Stephen(s)
    estamos en paz
    estamos a mano (Latin America)
    to get even with somebodyhe's just itching for a chance to get even
    está buscando la oportunidad para desquitarse or vengarse
    I'll get even with her one day
    ya me las pagará algún día
    Example sentences
    • Those officers are drawn from all ranks and an even spread from all areas of the county.
    • The skeletons show an even spread of the representative population at that time.
    • In most transgenic lines, an even fluorescence signal was observed in all tissues and organs.
    Example sentences
    • In some situations you may need to turn your plant a quarter of a turn each day to ensure an even spread of light.
    • The first half saw the sides on an even footing with good defending on both sides.
    • Then a quick break by the visitors saw them clinch the points, but the scoreline did not reflect an even game.
  • 3 (divisible by two)
    Example sentences
    • The oblique case of an even number had to be put into the subject position so that standard arguments could be used.
    • It is true precisely when the values for the three switches add up to an even number.
    • In the case of an even number, parts of the wave travel at all speeds less than or equal to the fundamental speed.
    Example sentences
    • Students who enrolled at the school in even-numbered years between 1816 and 1830 had two years of Cauchy's instruction.
    • That's equivalent to labeling each card randomly with a number from 1 to 20, then collecting into piles the cards with the same number, taking care to reverse the order of even-numbered piles.
    • The lections from the Gospels go unchanged for an alternating two years but are preceded by a reading from the First Testament different in Years I and II, the odd- and even-numbered years respectively.
  • 4 (exact in amount, number) three dollars even
    tres dólares justos or exactos

transitive verb

  • 1 (level)
    Example sentences
    • Our busiest months used to be during the winter but now it has evened out.
    • I didn't know what to do so I just waited it out, and pretty soon the rest of my body grew into the changes and I eventually evened out.
    • They evened up their playing record in the League on Saturday when they went down to Doncaster - their sixth defeat of the season from twelve games played.

Phrasal verbs

even out

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object (cancel out)
if you pay for my ticket, then that will even things out between us
si me pagas la entrada, quedamos en paz
si me pagas la entrada, quedamos a mano (Latin America)
2verb + adverb (cancel out)

even up

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object (balance)
you pay for the taxi: that'll even things up
tú paga el taxi y quedamos en paz
tú paga el taxi y quedamos a mano (Latin America)
he did it to even up the score
lo hizo para desquitarse or vengarse
2verb + adverb (repay) (US) [colloquial]to even up with somebody
arreglar cuentas con alguien
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There are 2 entries that translate even into Spanish:

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even 2

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