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American English: /ˈɛvədəns/
British English: /ˈɛvɪd(ə)ns/

Translation of evidence in Spanish:


  • 1 (Law) 1.1 (proof)
    Example sentences
    • He is entitled by law to call evidence and to be represented by counsel at such a hearing.
    • For the Crown it is argued that this evidence was admissible but not as evidence of similar facts.
    • In the absence of such evidence we see no need for the Attorney General to lead evidence in rebuttal.
    1.2 (statements)the evidence for the defense/prosecution
    el descargo de la defensa/el capítulo de cargos
    anything you say may be taken down and used in evidence against you (British)
    cualquier cosa que diga podrá utilizarse como prueba en su contra
    to give evidence for/against somebody
    declarar or prestar declaración a favor/en contra de alguien
    to turn state's evidence or (British) Queen's/King's evidence
    declarar como testigo de la acusación (con el propósito de obtener una reducción de la propia pena)
    1.3 (objects) to destroy the evidence
    destruir las pruebas
    the revolver was produced as evidence
    el revólver fue presentado como prueba
  • 2 2.1 (grounds, supporting data) what is the evidence that God exists?
    ¿qué prueba(s) hay de que Dios exista?
    some of the evidence suggests a conspiracy
    hay indicios que apuntan a una conspiración
    Example sentences
    • This pattern is consistent within the whole body of evidence in the present study.
    • The evidence now questions whether the grounds on which we went to war were right.
    • Insufficient evidence is available to judge whether this relation is cause and effect.
    2.2 (testimony) on the evidence of those present
    según (el testimonio or las declaraciones de) los que estuvieron presentes
    the evidence of the senses
    el testimonio de los sentidos
    2.3 (sign, indication) the house showed evidence of neglect
    la casa se veía descuidada
    much in evidencehe isn't much in evidence these days
    últimamente no se lo ve mucho
    poverty is very much in evidence in rural areas
    la pobreza de las zonas rurales es manifiesta
    Example sentences
    • Subtle evidences are indications of the trend to suppress public display of Christianity in favor of other religions, paganism, or simply anti-Christian sentiment.
    • The end of the twentieth century also brought evidences of decline, marked by ephemera, bombastic spectacle, revivals from better times, and periodic infusions of life from Europe and England.
    • These evidences indicated that houseflies could be used as a model system, with the possible wider application of alleviating symptoms of aging in human subjects.

transitive verb

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