Translation of execute in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈeksɪkjuːt/

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1 1.1 (carry out) [plan] ejecutar, llevar a cabo; [duties] desempeñar, ejercer*; [orders] ejecutar, cumplir; [Computing/Informática] ejecutar
    More example sentences
    • Parsons has also demonstrated vision and can effectively communicate and execute strategic plans.
    • Their orders: to start executing the plan the day the deal closes.
    • Corporate PR pros helped plan and execute the strategy.
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    • It executes program instructions, writes and reads information to or from memory, and accesses peripheral devices such as serial ports and disk controllers.
    • Privilege Level means that the program can execute all CPU instructions.
    • With Code Morphing, the translation process can be optimized by looking at the generated code and minimizing the number of instructions executed.
    1.2 (perform) [turn/movement/dance] ejecutar [passage] [Music/Música] interpretar
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    • He drove a very strong race pushing hard throughout and perfectly executing an overtaking manoeuvre over Michael that turned out to be decisive for us to finish third.
    • Occasionally, executing a standard manoeuvre such as a left turn would cause your car to shut down and refuse to restart, in which case you would need to reinstall the engine.
    • This third try was symptomatic of a day of off-load practice for Bradford as they were given maximum time and space to execute their manoeuvres.
  • 2 (put to death) [criminal/murderer] ejecutar
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    • Despite the proliferation of the death penalty for many new offences, less than half the people condemned to death were executed.
    • If the case against them holds up, they are likely to become the next cause célèbre in the national debate over executing people who are sentenced to death while juveniles.
    • Six hundred years to the day since he was executed for high treason, descendants of Archbishop Richard Scrope arrived from across the globe for a service at the city's cathedral to commemorate his life.
  • 3 [Law/Derecho] 3.1 (sign, seal) [legal document/contract/will] cumplir con las formalidades de 3.2 (give effect to) [will] ejecutar
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    • No new beneficial interest is created in favour of the appellant or anybody else, and the property remains subject to the same trusts as it did before the instrument was executed.
    • So the rights, whatever they were, were created, at least according to the language of the documents, a week before the dutiable instrument was executed.
    • Once a security instrument is executed, says GMAC, it attaches immediately to all assets covered by that instrument.

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