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American English: /ɪkˈspɛkt/
British English: /ɪkˈspɛkt/
, /ɛkˈspɛkt/

Translation of expect in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1 (anticipate) I expected as much
    ya me lo esperaba
    I hadn't been there before and I didn't know quite what to expect
    nunca había estado allí y no sabía bien con qué me iba a encontrar
    as one might expect, as might be expected
    como era de esperar
    is he coming tonight? — I expect so
    ¿va a venir esta noche? — supongo que sí
    it's not quite what I expected
    no es exactamente lo que yo esperaba
    we're not expecting any trouble
    no creemos que vaya a haber problemas
    I'll do my best, but don't expect miracles
    haré lo que pueda, pero no esperes milagros
    to expect to + infinitiveshe expects to win the match
    espera ganar el partido
    you can expect to pay £20 a head
    calcule que le va a costar unas 20 libras por persona
    to expect somebody/something to + infinitivedon't expect me to change my mind I expected her to complain
    pensé or creí que iba a protestar
    now at least we know what to expect
    ahora por lo menos sabemos a qué atenernos
    Example sentences
    • Everybody expects me to continue on, business as usual.
    • It was pretty funny, but we didn't expect her to continue for too long, so we kept on going, walking along the road.
    • Mom doesn't say anything, she just waits like she expects me to continue, so I do.
    Example sentences
    • David Cuddy did announce his intention to cease inter county hurling this year but he is expected back very soon.
    • That monastery he talks about shouldn't expect him any time soon.
    • We expect him home soon and we feel sure he will make a good recovery.
  • 2 (imagine)
    I expect (that) you're tired
    supongo or me imagino que estarás cansado
    Example sentences
    • I am fed up with your council rubbish and propaganda and I expect a lot of other people are as well.
    • Whether it is a leadership academy or whatever, is a matter for others to decide, I expect.
    • There will be good and bad days, but I expect the rehab will be just as tough.
  • 3 (await) I'll expect you at eight
    te espero a las ocho
    expect me when you see me
    no me esperes: si vengo, vengo
    I've been expecting you
    te estaba esperando
    to be expecting a baby/twins
    esperar un bebé/mellizos
    Example sentences
    • Meanwhile, the chances of a white Christmas in York looked less likely as showers were expected to stay on the west side of the country.
    • His optimism is based on record profits at banks and oil firms but he also expects the recovery in the stock markets to increase receipts, despite concerns over the US economy.
    • The firm expects interest rates to remain unchanged at least in the first half.
  • 4 (require)to expect somebody to + infinitiveI'm expected to do it without help
    (se supone que) lo tengo que hacer solo
    I expect you to be there
    espero que or cuento con que estés allí
    he expected me to pay
    esperaba or pretendía que yo pagara
    you can hardly be expected to apologize
    no tienes por qué disculparte
    what do you expectme to do about it?
    ¿qué quieres que haga yo?
    to expect something (from somebody)do they expect payment/a tip (from us)?
    ¿tenemos que pagarles/dejarles propina?
    that's the least you'd expect
    es lo menos que se puede esperar
    to expect something of somebody
    esperar algo de alguien
    don't expect too much of her: she's only a child
    no esperes mucho de ella, es solo una niña
    Example sentences
    • Most of us switch the system on and off as we require; we expect lots of heat and hot water 365 days a year.
    • Society requires and expects protection from drunken drivers, speeding drivers and dangerous drivers.
    • When is it appropriate to begin expecting mature judgments from children?
    Example sentences
    • Employers don't expect you to know everything, but they do assume you are willing to learn.
    • The bottom line is that employers expect you to have some sense of what you want to do in terms of career goals.
    • If you do not have the right to vote, why then, should you be expected to pay taxes.

intransitive verb

  • [colloquial]she's expecting
    está esperando (familia)
    está en estado
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