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American English: /ɪkˈstɛnd/
British English: /ɪkˈstɛnd/
, /ɛkˈstɛnd/

Translation of extend in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (stretch out)
    she extended her hand to greet him
    le tendió or extendió la mano para saludarlo
    Example sentences
    • His left leg was extended straight, spread across the length of the table, while his right leg hung limply off the side, his foot slowly brushing across the floor.
    • The soaring creature opened a large but blunt fist, extending its fingers their full length.
    • Straighten your legs, extending your arms in front of you.
    1.2 (lengthen)
    the service has been extended to the suburbs
    el servicio se ha ampliado or extendido a los barrios de las afueras
    the deadline has been extended
    se ha extendido or prorrogado el plazo
    Example sentences
    • So far, Nepal has created fourteen protected areas, covering at least ten percent of the country's land mass, and there are plans to extend these protected areas.
    • There are now plans to extend the area covered by the partnership to the villages of Wrelton, Aislaby, Middleton, Cropton, Rosedale and Sinnington.
    • Commenting on the report's recommendation on ride encroachment, the senior zoo spokesman said there were no future plans for the theme park and the rides to be extended into the zoo area.
    Example sentences
    • The former Development Officer alleges that the suggestion that his probation period should be extended came from a representative of one of the Chambers of Commerce.
    • The martial law status was imposed on troubled Aceh on May 19 for a six-month period and was extended for another six months on Nov.19.
    • The public should be encouraged to register now instead of sitting back and hoping that the period will be extended or get discouraged because the process is slow.
    1.3 (enlarge)
    to extend something to something
    extender algo a algo
  • 2 (offer) [formal]to extend an invitation to somebody
    invitar a alguien
    (of written invitations) cursarle invitación a alguien [formal]
    to extend a warm welcome to somebody
    darle una calurosa bienvenida a alguien
    we are unable to extend further credit to you
    nos es imposible facilitarle or extenderle más crédito
    Example sentences
    • Well done John and all in the area extend our very best wishes and wish you many more hours of happy flying.
    • His family, relations and many friends in the area extend their best wishes on him reaching such a significant milestone and hope he enjoyed the occasion.
    • He is always welcome here, and I hope others will afford him the same courtesy that he extends to them.
  • 3 (stretch mentally) this job does not extend me
    este trabajo no me exige lo que podría rendir
    we need exercises that will extend our pupils
    necesitamos ejercicios que exijan el máximo rendimiento de nuestros alumnos

intransitive verb

  • 1 (stretch)
    their empire extended over the whole of the Mediterranean
    su imperio se extendía por todo el Mediterráneo
    su imperio abarcaba todo el Mediterráneo
    Example sentences
    • The study area currently extends 300 km off the east side of the Peron Peninsula and includes more than 600 animals.
    • It has headroom of about 6.1 metres and a large secure yard area that extends 31.8 metres.
    • The architect and the engineers developed a rigid ‘hollow tube’ design of closely spaced steel columns with floor trusses extending across to a central core.
    Example sentences
    • The Burren area extends some 40 kilometers from east to west and 30 kilometers from north to south.
    • These residues expand a region extending from the C-terminus of S5 to the N-terminus of S6.
    • This farm grain bin near Firth was typical of the storm damage that extended from central to eastern Nebraska.
    Example sentences
    • Health care is a human right that extends to all people, including those who are HIV positive.
    • Patients were recruited over four years, and the study could not have included more patients without extending to other healthcare districts and hospitals.
    • While that may include the almost stereotypical use of cocaine, it also extends to amphetamines and ecstasy use.
  • 2 (in time)
    his reign extended over 72 years
    su reino se prolongó durante 72 años
    su reino abarcó 72 años
  • 3 (become extended)
    the telescope extends to 10ft
    el telescopio se extiende hasta 10 pies de largo
  • 4
    also: extending present participle
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