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Pronunciation: /ˈfækəlti/

noun/nombre (plural -ties)

  • 1 (sense, ability) facultad (feminine) the faculty of sight/hearing (el sentido de) la vista/(d)el oído, las facultades visuales/auditivas to be in (full) possession of one's faculties estar* en (pleno) uso de sus ( or mis etc) facultades to have a faculty for sth/-ing tener* aptitud or facilidad para algo/+ infinitive/infinitivo
    More example sentences
    • The Chief Minister pointed out that Yoga exercises had the capacity to prevent illness and keep the body fit by evolving a steady balance between the physical and mental faculties.
    • Because it is through the cultivation of physical and mental faculties that we relate to our surroundings, and create conditions for our survival.
    • Power tools should only be used when your mental and physical faculties are at their best.
    More example sentences
    • Also like humans, apes have a marked faculty for language.
    • Her moods are many, and she has a faculty for portraying deep emotions with an airy touch.
    • He has a faculty for legislation, and some of the most useful laws on the statute book owe their origin to him.
  • 2 2.1 (division of university, college) facultad (feminine) the medical/arts faculty la facultad de Medicina/Filosofía y Letras 2.2 (academic personnel) (American English/inglés norteamericano) cuerpo (masculine) docente, profesorado (masculine) ([ de una facultad etc ])
    More example sentences
    • From 1936-46 he served on the faculty of Osmania University teaching International Law.
    • These are teaching institutions, staffed by faculty with heavy teaching loads.
    • The department has 29 staff members on the faculty and 36 residents in training.
    More example sentences
    • Mississippi State University teaching faculties from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Education provided the responses for this study.
    • Harvard University, I didn't realise this, Harvard University has 8,000 faculties.
    • Citation-based measures have been used to evaluate the impact of journals and research institutions, including universities, faculties, and departments.

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