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Pronunciation: /feɪl/

Translation of fail in Spanish:

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • 1 1.1 (not do)to fail to + infinitive/infinitivo he failed to live up to our expectations no dio todo lo que se esperaba de él the engine failed to start first time el motor no arrancó de entrada both teams failed to score ninguno de los (dos) equipos marcó un gol you failed to mention the crucial point no mencionaste el punto esencial she failed to keep her word faltó a su palabra, no cumplió con su palabra it never fails to amaze me how many people … nunca deja de sorprenderme or de asombrarme cuánta gente … I fail to see what business it is of yours no veo por qué razón te tienes que meter
    Example sentences
    • In the recent Kendall inspection, the firm was cited for failing to have an adequate design change procedure, according to the warning letter.
    • The Government in turn are guilty of neglect for failing to do anything about it.
    • You and I have have been together for so long now you may feel that I sometimes neglect you, or fail to tell you how I really feel.
    1.2 (not succeed) [marriage/business] fracasar; [idea/plan] fallar, fracasar she failed in her attempt to … falló or fracasó en su intento de … he failed in his application for the post no consiguió que le dieran el puesto this method never fails este método no falla nunca if all else fails como último recurso, si no hay otra solución
    Example sentences
    • The nine disciples had just failed miserably in an attempt to heal a child.
    • The systems failed spectacularly to meet the deadline for the new term, but we'll let that pass.
    • The most critical was that the regime had failed to establish firm control over the population.
    Example sentences
    • The time at which you activate your parachute system plays an important part in the amount of time you have to stop if the parachute fails to deploy properly.
    • Should Service Pack 2 fail to install properly, the guide also explains how to restore your computer to a working state.
    • A system is put under load and either passes or fails.
    (failed past participle of/participio pasado de)
    [businessman/actor/writer] fracasado
    Example sentences
    • Yet, businesses fail because of a lack of knowledge, money, and support.
    • I will not stand by and watch American businesses fail because of unfair trading practices abroad.
    • Akwaake said it has been noted that many new businesses fail because of the lack of mentoring.
    1.4 (be inadequate, fall short) fallar to fail in one's duty/obligations faltar a or no cumplir con su ( or mi etc) deber/sus ( or mis etc) obligaciones
    Example sentences
    • But once again this year the rains have failed, and the crops are scorched and wilted.
    • Agriculture in Africa is rain-fed, and when those rains fail so do the crops, exacerbating food insecurity.
    • Even as we speak, what worries us is the fact that our crop is failing because of the rains, because of the drought, and we are not the only ones who are hit with it.
  • 2 2.1 [brakes/battery/lights] fallar 2.2 [crop/harvest] perderse*, malograrse 2.3 (weaken) my eyesight/memory is failing me está fallando la vista/memoria the light was failing estaba oscureciendo 2.4
    (failing present participle/participio presente)
    he could no longer read because of his failing eyesight la vista se le había deteriorado tanto que ya no podía leer he retired because of failing health se retiró debido a problemas de salud
    Example sentences
    • Michael's health began to fail about two years ago and it deteriorated seriously from which he did not really recover.
    • In latter years, although his health was beginning to fail, he still enjoyed the company of friends and neighbours and had a big interest in the local football team.
    • In the last years his health began to fail but Johnnie held on bravely to the last and did not complain.
  • 3 (in exam, test) [student/applicant] ser* reprobado (Latin America/América Latina) , suspender (Spain/España)
    Example sentences
    • He was struck by how one woman utterly failed the test.
    • The day ended with me failing the exam despite me reaching there on time.
    • I fail these exams, and it is by no means an easy out.
    Example sentences
    • She did not fail for lack of sincere, honest, hard-working effort.
    • Face-scanning in airports - catching terrorists as they walk by - fails miserably in tests.
    • The rules require the title to revert to the original champion if a triumphant challenger fails of a doping test.
    Example sentences
    • Some Inspectors were stricter than others and failed children who might have passed in another district.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 2 (let down) his courage/memory failed him le faltó valor/le falló la memoria he promised help but failed me in the end me prometió ayudar pero al final me falló you have failed him le has fallado, lo has decepcionado words fail me! ¡no puedo creerlo! in describing Mozart's genius, words fail me no encuentro palabras or me faltan las palabras para describir el genio de Mozart


  • 1 (in exam, test) (British English/inglés británico) aplazado (masculine) or reprobado (masculine) or (Spain/España) suspenso (masculine) or (Argentina) aplazo (masculine)

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