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fair 1

American English: /fɛr/
British English: /fɛː/

adjective fairer, fairest

  • 1 (just)
    she was never given a fair chance
    nunca le dieron una oportunidad como es debido
    come on, now: fair's fair it's not fair!
    ¡no hay derecho!
    ¡no es justo!
    I feel it's only fair to warn you
    me parece justo advertirte
    by fair means or foul
    por las buenas o por las malas
    fair enough he's come in for more than his fair share of criticism
    le ha tocado recibir muchas críticas
    I've had my fair share of problems recently
    ya he tenido bastantes problemas últimamente
    to be fair on or to somebodyit's not fair to her to expect her to do it
    no es justo pretender que lo haga ella
    that wouldn't be fair on the others
    eso no sería justo (para) con los demás
    esto afectaría injustamente a los demás
    but to be fair one has to recognize that …
    pero en honor a la verdad uno tiene que reconocer que …
    be fair (to him)
    no seas injusto (con él)
    fair and squarehe won fair and square
    ganó en buena ley or con todas las de la ley
    I hit him fair and square on the nose
    le di de lleno en la nariz
    all's fair in love and war
    en el amor y en la guerra todo vale
    Example sentences
    • It is impossible, with the best of wills to conduct free and fair elections under occupation with a war of attrition taking place between rebels and occupiers.
    • Everyone has the means to gain knowledge of the law, which in turn makes legal systems more fair.
    • They will give the judge a scrupulously fair trial.
    Example sentences
    • To be fair, Stork's reasoning has a certain justification.
    • To be fair, the reason for the outage is likely to have been something beyond their control.
    • I have generally found the vast majority to be fair and reasonable, and far from hostile.
  • 2 2.1 (blonde)
    Example sentences
    • More procedures may be required for advanced baldness or for individuals with very dark hair and fair complexion.
    • The suspect is said to be in his 50s, has a light complexion and fair hair and weighs about 185 pounds.
    • She was pretty, with blonde hair and fair skin, but her eyes seemed distant, if worried.
    Example sentences
    • He was a skinny, fair boy with hair as light as sunshine and eyes as blue as the sky itself.
    • She was fair, had long hair and had all the makings of a performer.
    • Among them was a young princess, Lavena, the fair daughter of King Edward Longshanks.
    2.2 (of skin)
  • 3 (beautiful) [literary]
    the fair sex [humorous]
    el sexo débil [humorous]
    I made it with my own fair hands [humorous]
    lo hice con estas dos manitas
    lo hice yo solito
    Example sentences
    • It gave a beautiful song in its fair voice, but in the middle of its song, it suddenly stopped.
    • Tall, beautiful, fair, his appearance was greeted with a low hum of admiration and anxiety.
    • Elves were once known, even by humans, to be a fair and beautiful race of species.
    Example sentences
    • After a month of fair words Artois came away in April 1793 with a jewelled sword inscribed With God, for the King but no more tangible support.
    • Titania was stunned by the fair words that graced the paper, but she couldn't for the life of her figure out who wrote it.
  • 4 4.1 (quite good) we have a fair chance of winning
    tenemos bastantes posibilidades de ganar
    I don't know for sure, but I can give you a fair idea
    no estoy seguro pero te puedo dar una idea bastante aproximada
    his work is fair
    su trabajo es pasable or aceptable
    she made a fair attempt at the last question
    hizo un esfuerzo bastante razonable en la última pregunta
    doctors say her condition is fair
    los médicos opinan que su estado es satisfactorio
    fair to middling [colloquial] [humorous]how are you? — fair to middling
    ¿qué tal estás? — voy tirando [colloquial]
    ¿qué tal estás? — ahí la llevo (Mexico) [colloquial]
    ¿qué tal estás? — ahí, llevandola (Colombia) (Venezuela) [colloquial]
    4.2 (considerable) [colloquial] (before noun)
    it's still a fair climb to the top
    todavía nos queda una buena subida hasta la cima
    it's a fair journey
    hay un buen trecho
    Example sentences
    • He is giving the matter a fair amount of considerable and is at that ‘in between’ situation at the moment.
    • I did it very quickly, though I'd given a fair amount of consideration to each award in the recent weeks.
    • Tracking down other dead notables often took a fair amount of detective work.
  • 5 (Meteorology) 5.1 (of weather) we'll go if it's fair
    iremos si hace buen tiempo
    Example sentences
    • You can forget all the cliches about fair weather and sunny days ahead for the founders of Intrallect.
    • Perhaps it's the fair weather and calm conditions which had undermined the Scottish contingent's tilt at the title.
    • If the weather is fair, she sits outside, often with her legs dangling over the precipice, the spyglass propped between her knees.
    5.2 (favorable)
    a favor
    to be set fair to win
    tener todas las de ganar
    Example sentences
    • Such a fresh start might just be the fair wind and favourable sea for which I seem to be waiting.
    • The fair wind shows the watchmen on the walls a black fleet coming up the river.
    • May a fair wind ever find you and ease the burdens of your day.


  • 1 (impartially)
    Example sentences
    • I hate to put it that way, but in my book, you ought to go out there to play to win, but you ought to play fair, you have to play by the rules, and these are things you should learn as a kid.
    • With his trusty horse Trigger, Rogers played the straight-shooting good guy who always fought fair - instead of killing the bad guys, he would shoot the gun out of their hands - and always lived to sing about it.
    • With his trusty horse Trigger, Rogers played the straight-shooting good guy who always fought fair - instead of killing the bad guys, he would shoot the gun out of their hands - and always lived to sing about it.
  • 2 (quite) (colloquial or dialect)
    Example sentences
    • I'm fair tuckered out with the excitement of it all.
    • As you may imagine she was fair delighted, and thought how pleased the King would be when he came home and found that his dearest wish had been fulfilled.
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There are 2 entries that translate fair into Spanish:

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fair 2


  • 1 1.1 (market) county fair
    feria (feminine) rural
    exposición (feminine) rural (a nivel provincial)
    Example sentences
    • That said, there are quicker ways to enter the collectable toy market, namely through auctions, toy fairs and car-boot sales.
    • Personal snapshots from abandoned family albums turn up in all kinds of places, ‘from postcard fairs, to jumble sales, and dingy halls beside arterial roads,’ as he puts it.
    • The business is so well-known now in Christchurch that the supply of books brought in keeps him very busy, without his going to seek them at fairs or garage sales.
    also: trade fair
    feria (feminine) industrial/comercial
    exposición (feminine) industrial/comercial
    book fair
    feria (feminine) del libro
    1.3 (bazaar)
  • 2 (funfair) (British)
    Example sentences
    • The streets and bars were packed as visitors wandered amongst the stalls, fairs and entertainers on the streets of Killorglin.
    • Organisers of fêtes, horse fairs and similar public functions sometimes set up temporary quoits pitches in this way for decades and such games are often referred to as Sward Quoits.
    • In villages, festivals and fairs are occasions for entertainment and relaxation.
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