Translation of faith in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /feɪθ/


  • 1 u (trust) faith (in sb/sth) confianza (f) or fe (f)(en algn/algo) to have faith in sb/sth tener* confianza or fe en algn/algo, tenerle* a algn/algo confianza or fe to put one's faith in sb/sth confiar* en algn/algo to act in good/bad faith [Busn] actuar* de buena/mala fe to keep/break faith with sb they promised to help and they kept faith with me prometieron ayudarme y cumplieron con su palabra in disclosing information to our rivals you broke faith with the company has sido desleal con la compañía al dar a conocer información a la competencia
  • 2 [Relig] 2.1 u (belief) fe (f) 2.2 c (religion) fe (f) the Christian/Islamic faith la fe cristiana/musulmana

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