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Pronunciation: /fæst; fɑːst/

adjective/adjetivo (-er, -est)

  • 1 1.1 (speedy) [car/runner/pace] rápido, veloz; [ball/service] rápido it's her fastest time over this distance es su mejor tiempo en esta distancia fast train tren (masculine) rápido she's a fast driver/learner maneja or (Spain/España) conduce/aprende muy rápido to pull a fast one on sb [colloquial/familiar] jugarle* una mala pasada a algn, hacerle* una jugarreta a algn
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    • The big key to Daytona is making sure you have a fast car that is capable of getting out front and staying there.
    • Jamie was into speed, he liked fast cars and the adrenaline rush of living life on the edge.
    • Am I just different to the norm since I have never been a great lover of watching fast cars speeding around a piece of tarmac for an hour and a half?
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    • Yorkshire are waiting for a fitness report which will reveal if the fast bowler will be able to play tomorrow.
    • But this is a very fast printer able to cope with heavy workloads.
    • He was a fast learner, able to look back at his own mistakes and improve.
    1.2 [track/surface] rápido
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    • The first mistake was to choose indoor carpet, a fast surface, that suited Leander's serve and volley game.
    • It's not a high-speed circuit, there are not many fast corners.
    • Our fastest roads (our motorways) are also our safest.
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    • Taking the fast outfield into consideration, fans could be in for a rather heavy-scoring game.
    • Both batsmen got in some early practice, taking advantage of friendly bowling from the PCA XI and a fast outfield.
    • The surface of the pitch was outstanding and the outfield was fast and true.
    1.3 (predicative/predicativo) my watch is five minutes fast mi reloj (se) adelanta cinco minutos, tengo el reloj cinco minutos adelantado 1.4 [Photography/Fotografía] [film] sensible; [shutter] rápido
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    • Again this is where you use the fast film and enlarge for the portrait.
    • This was big-time exposure country, and had I known in advance I would have brought my tripod and a stock of fast film!
    • It's a good idea in any case to have a selection of slow, medium and fast film on hand at all times.
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    • So depending on the lighting conditions you may need to use fast lenses and/or high speed film.
    • It should be lighter, with a fairly fast lens, and reasonable responsiveness and battery life.
    • Obviously you will want to use your fastest lens, let me know what it is and I will try to suggest a film for you to use.
  • 2 (tight) (predicative/predicativo) he made fast to the jetty amarró (el barco) al desembarcadero
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    • Dockhands caught the lines and pulled the ship in and made it fast.
    • We sent boats with ropes and hawsers to the rocks, wound a rope round a rock, made a hawser fast to the rope, and swung to it with a length of hawser.
  • 3 (permanent) [color] inalterable, sólido, que no destiñe
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    • From the tubes, a not so fast dye is extracted for colouring silk.
    • The setup had to be optimized for response times below microseconds by using a fast dye and by applying a fast fluorescence detector.
    • All those shops selling these goods have to give consumers the assurance that they are fast colour, non-shrinkable and correct size.
  • 4 (dissolute) [dated/anticuado] libertino
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    • Mumbai, on the other hand, was used to money and a fast lifestyle.
    • Lack of strong family bonds and fast lifestyle also contribute to this habit.
    • Reid is one such fellow, his name frequently prompting the response 'Who?', even from those of his compatriots with a passing interest in wheels and fast living.


  • 1 1.1 (quickly) [move/work/drive] rápidamente, rápido, deprisa not so fast! ¡más despacio! the day is fast approaching when … se está acercando rápidamente el día en que … how fast were you going? ¿a qué velocidad ibas? fast and furious the questions came fast and furious lo ( or los etc) ametrallaron a preguntas play has been fast and furious el partido ha sido rápido y dinámico 1.2 (ahead of schedule) it's running six minutes fast va seis minutos adelantado
  • 2 (firmly) to hold fast to sth agarrarse fuerte a or de algo he held fast to the idea se aferró a la idea stand fast if they try to change your mind manténte firme si te quieren hacer cambiar de idea the car was stuck fast in the mud el coche estaba atascado en el barro
  • 3 (soundly) to be fast asleep estar* profundamente dormido

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