There are 2 translations of fat in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /fæt/

adj (-tt-)

  • 1 1.1 (obese) [person/animal/stomach] gordo to get/grow fat engordar to grow fat on sth enriquecerse* con algo it ain't (all) over till the fat lady sings el partido no se acaba hasta el silbato final
    More example sentences
    • The link between the daily traffic jams outside schools and the bored, fat teenagers in the people carriers seemed to escape the members of the obesity taskforce.
    • I ate 20 nuggets and a chicken sandwich meal and Rob kept on throwing things at me and calling me a fat pig.
    • She was sitting between a fat man who wheezed a lot and a woman who definitely overdid the perfume.
    1.2 (BrE) que tiene mucha grasa 1.3 (fattened) [cattle/pigs] de engorde
    More example sentences
    • While fat cow and bull prices are still weak, feeder cattle prices are strong.
    • The market re-opened for the sale of fat cattle and sheep.
    • The limit of his agrarian radicalism was a demand, conceded by the British, for the removal of differential between Irish fat cattle and animals fattened in Britain.
    1.4 (thick) [book/cigar] grueso, gordo a fat wad of dollar bills un grueso fajo de dólares
    More example sentences
    • Eventually he would come up, sit down, then carefully roll himself a fat, untidy cigarette, spilling some tobacco in the process.
    • Yet the questions remain: Are clean lungs and a fatter wallet worth my sanity?
    • In order to attend you need not just a fat wallet but the right connections.
  • 2 2.1 (lucrative) [contract/deal] lucrativo, jugoso [familiar/colloquial] the fat years los años de las vacas gordas 2.2 (large) [salary] muy alto a fat check un cheque por mucho dinero they made a fat profit sacaron pingües ganancias, hicieron mucho dinero 2.3 (very little) [colloq & iro] a fat chance you've got of winning! ¡muchas posibilidades tienes tú de ganar! [irónico/ironical] a fat lot of good that'll do! ¡para lo que va a servir! a fat lot you know about it! ¡no tienes la más mínima idea!
    More example sentences
    • He is not the first person to be sacked for missing targets and to walk out with a fat cheque, but what the bankers really disliked was the cut of his jib.
    • For the rest, entering the entertainment world means having a colourful lifestyle, fat monetary rewards and an enviable social status.
    • While they are buying well-known brand names and waiting for prestige and fat profits to result, they tend to forget the major difference between home and abroad.
    More example sentences
    • There is a similarly fat chance of us accepting the other unquestioned assumptions underpinning misanthropic doom-mongering about health.
    • I gave up - there wasn't a fat lot of difference anyway.
    • Maybe the cause is so great or maybe the suffering is so intolerable that the ends justify any means - fat chance, but maybe.

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There are 2 translations of fat in Spanish:



  • 1.1 u c grasa (f) animal/vegetable fat grasa animal/vegetal this cheese contains 30% fat este queso contiene un 30% de materia grasa a fat free diet una dieta sin grasas the fat is in the fire se va a armar la gorda [familiar/colloquial], la cosa está que arde [familiar/colloquial] to chew the fat [colloquial/familiar] cotorrear [familiar/colloquial], estar* de palique (Esp) [familiar/colloquial] to live off the fat of the land [pejorative/peyorativo] vivir de (las) rentas 1.2 u (on person) grasa (f) to run to fat echar carnes [familiar/colloquial]
    More example sentences
    • The changes are expected to enable the method to provide accurate readings that are unaffected by skin color or body fat.
    • Not much hair, we don't hibernate, and only in the age of super-sizing have we learned to put on a truly impressive layer of body fat.
    • This outer layer of body fat provides insulation from low temperatures.
    More example sentences
    • People who carry more weight around their waistlines are at greater health risks than individuals who carry their excess fat in the hips and thighs.
    • He was six foot one, and he never went to fat the way a lot of other policemen did.
    • These supplements should be mainstays for any guy looking to add bulk while keeping off fat.

Definition of fat in: