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Pronunciation: /ˈfaɪbər; ˈfaɪbə(r)/
, (British English/inglés británico) fibre


  • 1 1.1 countable/numerable (thread) fibra (feminine)
    More example sentences
    • The original focus industries were pottery, sericulture, carpentry, textiles, coconut fiber, and woven mats.
    • With its qualities of strength and texture, and the ability to be dyed in vibrant colours, silk proved an unequalled fibre for textile production.
    • Hot glass fibers for insulation and nylon fibers for textiles are extruded through platinum sieves.
    1.2 countable/numerable (cloth) fibra (feminine) (textil) man-made o synthetic fiber fibra sintética
    More example sentences
    • The thing to keep in mind is that your fabric must be a natural fiber: cotton, rayon, silk, or linen.
    • Both fabrics wick perspiration away from your skin while natural fibers like cotton and wool tend to get damp and clammy with sweat.
    • Wear clothes that are made from natural fibres like cotton, linen and silk; they allow your skin to breathe.
  • 2 2.1 countable/numerable [Anatomy/Anatomía] fibra (feminine) muscle/nerve fiber fibra muscular/nerviosa with every fiber of her being [literary/literario] con todo su ser 2.2 uncountable/no numerable (firmness) fibra (f), carácter (m) he has no (moral) fiber no tiene fibra or carácter
    More example sentences
    • The strength has to be in the moral fibre of a people, and that sort of strength enables one to provide moral leadership in the world.
    • We can't be having people of poor moral fibre now, can we.
    • Medical research into the drug came to an abrupt end in the mid-1960s when LSD hit the headlines as hazardous to health and a looming shadow over society's moral fibre.
    More example sentences
    • Other structures, such as connective tissue fibers and neuroglia, may be impregnated.
    • At early stages of development, single muscle fibers are innervated by axon terminals from several different motor neurons.
    • Muscle biopsies were freed of connective tissue and muscle fibers were isolated.
  • 3 uncountable/no numerable 3.1 [Botany/Botánica] fibra (feminine) wood fiber fibra de madera 3.2 (in food) fibra (feminine) dietary fiber fibra (feminine) a high fiber diet una dieta rica en fibra
    More example sentences
    • Previous studies have indicated that soybean protein and dietary fiber reduces cholesterol and improves insulin resistance.
    • As pears are dense, they are also a good source of fibre and pectin.
    • High consumption of dietary fiber regulates blood sugar levels, reduces cholesterol and can prevent heart disease and cancer.

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