Translation of fight in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /faɪt/

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo (past tense & past participle/pasado y participio pasado fought)

  • 1.1 [army/country] luchar, combatir; [person] pelear, luchar; [animal] luchar he fought in the First World War combatió or luchó en la primera guerra mundial to fight to the death pelear or luchar a muerte to fight against sb luchar ( or combatir etc) contra algn to fight against sth luchar contra algo to fight for sb/sth [for king/country/cause] luchar por algn/algo [for aim/policy] luchar por conseguir or lograr algo he fights for a living se gana la vida boxeando she was fighting for her life se debatía entre la vida y la muerte he had to fight for breath le costaba muchísimo respirar to go down fighting luchar hasta el final to fight shy of sth/-ing he tends to fight shy of emotional commitments tiende a eludir or evitar los compromisos afectivos he always fights shy of meeting the press siempre procura esquivar or eludir a los periodistas
    More example sentences
    • A study found that girls as young as 13 are smoking, swearing, fighting, drinking and disrupting lessons in ever higher numbers.
    • Her personal bodyguards fought valiantly to keep by her side.
    • Needless to say, I struggled and fought like hell the whole damn way.
    More example sentences
    • When he fought Corrales, he fought a very good fighter who was fighting the best fight of his life.
    • Young, like Byrd, fought some monster heavyweights as well.
    • Following four comeback fights, he was in position to fight new champion Evander Holyfield.
    More example sentences
    • The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee wants to expand the government's powers to fight terrorism.
    • Why do we fight even what we know to be in our own vital interests?
    • Forty fire trucks and 440 firefighters valiantly fought the blaze for three hours.
    More example sentences
    • Their crime was to form a union of agricultural labourers to fight for better wages and conditions.
    • It goes to show what we pensioners can achieve if we stand up and fight for our rights.
    • A group of Kingston doctors has united to fight for the return of the family doctor.
    More example sentences
    • The pundits tell us that this entire election was fought over a difference of opinion about how to spend 2% of our GDP.
    • It is a contest being fought by e-mail, direct mail and telephone, alongside the traditional door knock.
    • A close contest was fought with the American Lisa Raymond on Court 18.
    More example sentences
    • Tara crossed her arms over her chest, fighting the feeling of defensiveness she got whenever he spoke to her like that.
    • The customer turned towards the door, and she once again fought the urge to hide.
    • He fought hard the urge to look around at all the people, the shouting, the screaming.
    More example sentences
    • You fought your way through the crowds to get it, just for this moment.
    • After the group finished their set, my friends and I fought our way through the crowd to catch another band on the main stage.
    • We fought our way - and we mean fought our way - through the crowd waiting to get into the Evanescence show.
    1.2 (quarrel) to fight over/about sth [couple/brothers/friends] pelearse por algo
    More example sentences
    • They have been fighting over custody issues for an epic two years.
    • Does your child hear you talking about troubles at work or fighting with your spouse about financial matters?
    • George I and his son shared a deep mutual dislike for each other, were political opposites, and fought constantly.
    (fighting present participle/participio presente)
    [troops/units] de combate 2,000 fighting men were sent to the front enviaron 2.000 combatientes or soldados al frente
    More example sentences
    • He returns to battle and fights, pushing ever closer to the walls of the city.
    • The people of Arnhem yesterday welcomed back the old soldiers who fought so bravely to free them 60 years ago.
    • People come and go, epochs change, battles are fought, wars won and lost, but India exists.
    More example sentences
    • He fights his vessel well.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo (past tense & past participle/pasado y participio pasado fought)

  • 1 1.1 [army/country] luchar or combatir contra if you want it, you'll have to fight me for it si lo quieres vas a tener que vértelas conmigo Frazier fought Ali for the world title (in boxing) Frazier peleó contra Ali or se enfrentó a Ali por el título mundial to fight one's way abrirse* camino or paso a la fuerza I had to fight my way into the hall tuve que abrirme camino or paso a la fuerza para entrar en la sala 1.2 (oppose) [fire/disease] combatir; [measure/proposal] combatir, oponerse* a, luchar contra I want to go so don't fight me on this quiero ir, así que no te me opongas we'll fight them all the way no les vamos a dar cuartel
  • 2 2.1 (wage, conduct) to fight a duel batirse en or a duelo to fight a battle librar una batalla they fought a long war against the rebels lucharon contra los rebeldes or combatieron a los rebeldes durante largo tiempo 2.2 (contest) [election] presentarse a we intend to fight the case [Law/Derecho] pensamos llevar el caso a los tribunales ( or defendernos etc) to fight a seat (British English/inglés británico) [Politics/Política] presentarse como candidato para conseguir un escaño


Phrasal verbs

fight back

verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio defenderse* to fight back against sb/sth luchar contra algn/algo 1.1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento (suppress) [tears] contener*; [anger] reprimir she fought back the impulse to laugh trató de aguantar la risa

fight down

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento
(suppress) [fear] vencer*; [anger] reprimir; [tears] contener*

fight off

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento
[attack/enemy] rechazar*; [cold] combatir she struggled to fight off sleep trató de que no la venciera el sueño

fight on

verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio
seguir* luchando

fight out

verb + object + adverb/verbo + complemento + adverbio
they are now fighting it out for second place ahora están compitiendo por el segundo puesto you'll have to fight it out among yourselves tendrán que resolverlo or [formal] dirimirlo entre ustedes

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