There are 2 translations of finance in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /fəˈnæns; faɪ-; ˈfaɪnæns; faɪˈnæns/


  • 1.1 u (banking, business) finanzas (fpl) the world of high finance el mundo de las altas finanzas 1.2
    (finances pl)
    recursos (mpl) financieros, situación (f) financiera or económica my finances won't run to a trip to Egypt el estado de mis finanzas no me da para ir a Egipto
    1.3 u (funding) financiación (f), financiamiento (m) (esp AmL) ; (before n) [department] de financiación Finance Bill [Govt] proyecto (m) de ley presupuestaria
    More example sentences
    • The finance department has also been developed to meet the needs of the bigger merged company.
    • For a book about money, finance and the stock market, those sorts of numbers were previously unheard of.
    • The last few decades have witnessed many innovations in the consumer finance industry.
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    • Most of the book makes sense for any old economy business seeking finance from external sources, too.
    • It is easy to find private sector finance for an enterprise that guarantees profits for 25 years.
    • Quite unlike several other areas, finance for housing is said to have a tremendous future.

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There are 2 translations of finance in Spanish:



  • [project/industry/expansion] financiar how are you going to finance the trip? ¿cómo vas a financiar or a costearte el viaje? I'm not going to finance your drinking! ¡no pienso costearte el vicio!
    More example sentences
    • It will be financing such customers either directly or through its franchisee set up.
    • One is that the money must go to projects not normally financed by the British taxpayer.
    • The proposed tax cuts, to be financed by the current budget surplus, might help.

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