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American English: /faɪnd/
British English: /fʌɪnd/

Translation of find in Spanish:

transitive verb past tense & past participle found

  • 1 (something lost or hidden) look what I've found!
    ¡mira lo que he encontrado!
    I can't find it anywhere
    no lo encuentro por ninguna parte
    to find one's wayit's difficult to find one's way around this town
    es difícil orientarse or no perderse en esta ciudad
    you'll soon find your way around the office/system
    en poco tiempo te familiarizarás con la oficina/el sistema
    how did the cat manage to find its way in here?
    ¿cómo se las habrá ingeniado or arreglado el gato para meterse aquí?
    can you find your way there by yourself?
    ¿sabes ir solo?
    I'll find my own way home/out
    no te molestes en acompañarme (a casa/a la puerta)
    Example sentences
    • They said it was a drug search, but they found nothing and damaged everything.
    • Each answer can be found by searching on the Web, or digging deep in your mind.
    • Adams immediately telephoned the police but when officers searched the area they found nothing.
  • 2 (come across, come upon) I found the door wide open
    encontré la puerta abierta de par en par
    I woke up to find him gone
    cuando me desperté, me encontré con que se había ido
    she found him in
    lo encontró en su casa ( or en la oficina etc. )
    there wasn't a soul to be found
    no había un alma
    I wanted to buy some cherries but there were none to be found
    quería comprar cerezas pero no había por ninguna parte
    you do occasionally find the odd exception
    de vez en cuando te encuentras (con) una excepción a la regla
    I hope this letter finds you well
    espero que al recibir esta carta te encuentres bien
    this species is found all over Europe
    esta especie se encuentra en toda Europa
    Example sentences
    • The chances of finding the Thai Millennium coins in your change are very small.
    • How would you rate the chances of finding something good to eat at 6pm on a Sunday in a small village?
    • Detectives said that the body had been found in plastic bags which had been wrapped in a quilt cover.
  • 3 3.1 (ascertain, discover)
    she was found to be dead on arrival
    falleció antes de llegar al hospital
    he was found to have Aids
    descubrieron que tenía el sida
    I found (that) it was easier to do it this way
    descubrí que era más fácil hacerlo así
    I think you'll find (that) I'm right
    ya verás como tengo razón
    I think you'll find (that) it's too far to walk
    mire que queda demasiado lejos como para ir a pie
    Example sentences
    • In addition, oestrogen has been found to improve quality of life in the short term.
    • The researchers found a solution that is not seen every day.
    • Researchers found a simple solution that can double the shelf life of proteas and can especially benefit the export market.
    3.2 (Law)to find somebody guilty/not guilty
    declarar or hallar a alguien culpable/inocente
    how do you find the accused?
    ¿cuál es su veredicto?
    the tribunal found that …
    el tribunal declaró or falló que …
    Example sentences
    • This section applies if a court finds an adult guilty of an indictable offence.
    • He denied the rape when he appeared at Luton Crown Court but was found guilty and sentenced to seven years on Monday.
    • The jury at Glasgow High Court found him not guilty of two other charges of abusing a third boy and a young girl.
  • 4 (experience as) she finds him attractive
    lo encuentra or le resulta or le parece atractivo
    he found her a great comfort
    encontró or halló en ella un gran consuelo
    he found her a bore
    le resultaba or le parecía aburridísima
    la encontraba aburridísima
    I find it difficult to concentrate
    me es or me resulta difícil concentrarme
    I find it easier to do it like this
    me es or me resulta más fácil hacerlo así
    I find that hard to believe!
    ¡me cuesta creerlo!
    I find it very strange that nobody turned up
    me parece muy raro que no haya venido nadie
    Example sentences
    • It was a great surprise to buy a copy by chance and find the Evening Press is now lively and informative.
    • When James I succeeded Elizabeth, he found his new kingdom at war with Spain in support of the Dutch.
    • Well, we find also that air quality has an impact on the size of the raindrops.
  • 5 5.1 (obtain, acquire)
    how can we find $20,000 by tomorrow?
    ¿cómo vamos a conseguir or de dónde vamos a sacar 20.000 dólares antes de mañana?
    you'll have to find a better excuse
    te vas a tener que buscar una excusa mejor
    I couldn't find it in my heart to refuse
    no tuve el valor or no fui capaz de negarme
    she still finds (the) time to study
    todavía saca or encuentra tiempo para estudiar
    to find happiness/God
    encontrar la felicidad/a Dios
    I found great pleasure in music
    la música me proporcionaba un gran placer
    she found in him a willing listener
    encontró en él a alguien dispuesto a escuchar
    Example sentences
    • The second quarter drew a total blank on the scoreboard as neither side succeeded in finding the range against tight marking defenders.
    • One way for young writers to succeed is to find new angles and ways to treat the same theme.
    • Those who do not expect to succeed can always find an excuse to cover their faults.
    5.2 (provide with) to find somebody something
    encontrarle algo a alguien
    he found us a room
    nos encontró una habitación
  • 6 (reach) [literary]
    Example sentences
    • These features of American and English lyrics have also found their way into German rock.
    • Like water it finds the broad and easy path, the lowest point.
    • Like love, friendship finds its own natural level, I think.

reflexive verb past tense & past participle found

to find oneself
  • 1 (discover) (+ adverb complement)
    he found himself in a strange bedroom
    se encontró en una habitación desconocida
    I now find myself in a position to …
    ahora me encuentro en circunstancias de …
    I found myself unable to answer their questions
    fui or me vi incapaz de responder a sus preguntas
    I found myself trembling
    me di cuenta de que estaba temblando
    if you're not careful, you'll find yourself in trouble
    si no tienes cuidado te vas a ver en problemas

intransitive verb past tense & past participle found

  • (Law)to find for/against somebody
    fallar a favor de/contra alguien


  • to be a real find
    ser todo un hallazgo
    Example sentences
    • Musa Smith and Onterrio Smith intrigue more than a few teams and could end up being the real finds in this year's crop.
    • But the real acting finds here are Jonathan Jackson and Katharine Isabelle.
    • Rookie of the year Evgeni Nabokov, 26, was a real find.

Phrasal verbs

find out

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 1.1 (discover)
(by making enquiries) averiguar
they found out (that) he'd been cheating them
se enteraron de que or descubrieron que los había estado engañando
he's gone to find out when the flight is due in
ha ido a averiguar a qué hora llega el vuelo
find out more by phoning our information service
infórmese llamando a nuestro servicio de información
to find something out from somebodywe're hoping to find out more from Robert
esperamos enterarnos de más por intermedio de Robert
esperamos que Robert nos dé más información
1.2 (detect) (usually passive) I was afraid of being found out
tenía miedo de que me descubrieran
the conspiracy was soon found out
pronto se descubrió el complot
2verb + adverb 2.1 (learn)
you'll find out soon enough
ya te enterarás
I didn't find out till yesterday
no me enteré or no supe hasta ayer
to find out about something
enterarse de algo
my parents found out about my missing school
mis padres se enteraron de que or descubrieron que había faltado al colegio
2.2 (make inquiries) you'll have to find out for yourself
tendrás que averiguarlo por tus propios medios
to find out about somethingI phoned to find out about flights to New York
llamé para preguntar or informarme sobre vuelos a Nueva York
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