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fine 1

American English: /faɪn/
British English: /fʌɪn/

adjective finer, finest

  • 1 (usually before noun) 1.1 (excellent, superior)
    de primera calidad
    goods of the finest quality
    artículos de la mejor calidad
    the country's finest minds
    los cerebros más brillantes del país
    fine words, but will they do it?
    todo eso suena muy bien pero ¿lo harán?
    a fine-looking man
    un hombre bien parecido
    it's a fine thing you're doing
    es algo admirable lo que estás haciendo
    Example sentences
    • Gunner Palace is a fine piece of filmmaking and a fine piece of journalism, and I highly recommend it.
    • This pottery is distinctive because of its high quality, fine decoration, and beautifully curved shapes.
    • Of exceptionally fine quality, it is pyramid-shaped and inset with beaded gold wiring in the shape of a serpent.
    Example sentences
    • She fingered fine muslins and intricate laces, heavy crimson silks and tulle.
    • The winning hybrids yielded breads with a fine crumb structure and a high overall number of cells.
    • It looks like it is made up of an intricate fine lace expertly spun in glass fibers no thicker than human hair.
    1.2 [ironic]we had a fine time (of it)
    lo pasamos de bien … [ironic]
    a fine friend you are!
    ¡menudo or valiente amigo eres tú! [ironic]
    you've picked a fine time to tell me!
    ¡en buen momento me lo dices! [ironic]
    you're a fine one to talk!
    ¡mira quién habla!
    1.3 (fair)
    I hope it stays or keeps fine
    espero que siga haciendo buen tiempo
    they say it'll be fine tomorrow
    dicen que mañana hará buen tiempo
    Example sentences
    • It may be fine to say average rates have been lowered with the various rebates.
    • In fact, just pressing my nose against the window and giving him a double thumbs up satisfies me fine.
    • However, more is fine if you tolerate the higher carbohydrate amount and feel good consuming it.
    Example sentences
    • Mr Clarke said he walks to work when the weather is fine but in the winter he appreciates being able to call on a lift.
    • Luckily, the weather was fine and some sunshine managed to peek through.
    • The river is still coloured but this is expected to clear over the coming week, if the fine weather forecasted arrives.
    1.4 (elegant)
    she gives herself such fine airs
    ¡se da unos aires de grandeza!
    Example sentences
    • The two lads are extremely fine musicians and go down really well at various pub and cabaret venues around the city and county.
    • A fine musician, Eddie had been unable to hit the right notes with his golf until Sunday, when his dedication to the game paid off.
    • A fine singer and musician, he also writes very good songs and is a record producer of considerable note.
    Example sentences
    • A fine figure of a man, he radiates masculine self-assurance, a quality that interested her greatly.
    • Hence it helps if the actor is a fine figure of a man, of noble countenance and with a beautiful speaking voice.
    • He was a fine figure of a man, she thought and some woman must be missing him.
  • 2 [colloquial] (predicative) 2.1 (in good health)
    muy bien
    how are you? — (I'm) fine, thanks
    ¿qué tal estás? — muy bien, gracias
    Example sentences
    • Frances is on virtually no medication and in fine health.
    • There is no update, he says, other than adding that his health is fine.
    • I presume he's fine, in good health and that, but it's very unlike him to pop off.
    2.2 (OK, all right)
    (perfect) perfecto
    how was your day? — fine
    ¿qué tal el día? — bien
    this size is fine for six
    este tamaño es perfecto para seis
    more wine? — no thanks; I'm fine
    ¿más vino? — no, gracias, tengo suficiente
    that's fine by me
    por mí no hay problema
    he tried to make out everything was fine and dandy
    trató de dar la impresión de que todo marchaba a las mil maravillas
    Example sentences
    • Frankly, if there are people on the left or the right that are not sure how he's going to rule on a case, that's fine by me.
    • Any outcome from here on in is fine by me, and I mean that honestly.
    • If you don't get HBO, you're missing a large part of that greatness, which is fine by me.
  • 3 3.1 (thin)
    Example sentences
    • Acupuncture points lie on meridians and are stimulated by the insertion of thin, fine needles at various points.
    • The obvious answer to counter this infiltration was a fine wire which lit a signal lamp when broken.
    • Nick's Cajun chicken pasta consisted of a bed of fine ribbons of fresh pasta tossed in a light tomato sauce with pieces of spiced Cajun chicken on top.
    3.2 (sharp)
    sharpen the pencil to a fine point
    afila bien el lápiz
    Example sentences
    • By the time I finished grade school, my sense of dark, black humor had been honed to a fine point.
    • On the outer edges of the sword was shining steel, sharpened to a fine point.
    3.3 (not coarse)
    to cut it/things fine
    no dejarse ningún margen de tiempo
    hasn't she gone yet? she's cutting it very fine!
    ¿todavía no se ha ido? ¡no se está dejando ningún margen de tiempo!
    Example sentences
    • This groundbait with its very fine particles was designed to catch the tiny little canal roach.
    • The material can range from fine particles to large lumps.
    • Dust and fine sand particles tend to cling to the surface of the skin, especially in the folds and in between the toes and fingers.
    3.4 (detailed, accurate)
  • 4 4.1 (subtle)
    the finer points of poetry are often lost in translation
    los matices más sutiles de la poesía a menudo se pierden en la traducción
    there's a very fine line between eccentricity and madness
    la línea divisoria entre la excentricidad y la locura es muy tenue or sutil
    Example sentences
    • When the opportunity came I would be fine, I'd be okay because I like to think that I take care of the fine detail in football.
    • Other hypotheses he puts forward also invoke this very fine, subtle matter.
    • It's a fine distinction to be drawn, clearly - but we know that governments have more information than the general public.
    4.2 (discriminating, refined) only the finest of palates will appreciate …
    solo los paladares más refinados or delicados apreciarán …
    she has a fine eye for detail
    es muy observadora y detallista
  • 5 (Mining)
    this gold is 98% fine
    este oro tiene una pureza del 98%
    Example sentences
    • They have one of their fine Gold Dots of the same weight and also a 325 gr.


  • (adequately)
    (very well) muy bien
    it works fine
    funciona bien/muy bien
    things are going fine
    las cosas van bien/muy bien
    Example sentences
    • He was well liked and fine mannered young man who later secured work in the Bacon Factory where he spent some years.
    • He had had trouble with TelePrompter in the past, he did just fine last night.
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There are 2 entries that translate fine into Spanish:

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fine 2


  • she was given a fine of $100 or a $100 fine
    le pusieron una multa de 100 dólares
    Example sentences
    • The question becomes, ‘Are they penalties or fines imposed by a court’?
    • The Supreme Court held these fines could, consistent with the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, be imposed only if preceded by a criminal trial.
    • The Court should have regard to any other fines or penalties suffered by the defendant for the misconduct in question.

transitive verb

  • multar
    ponerle or aplicarle una multa a
    she was fined for speeding
    la multaron or le pusieron or le aplicaron una multa por exceso de velocidad
    Example sentences
    • The recent move to fine inconsiderate drivers from illegal parking is late in forthcoming.
    • The magistrate convicted the applicant and fined him $400 with costs.
    • In related news, the Taiwan High Court yesterday fined a man for illegally hiring a Chinese woman to work in his home.
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