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American English: /ˈfɪŋɡər/
British English: /ˈfɪŋɡə/

Translation of finger in Spanish:


  • 1 (of hand) first or index finger middle finger third or ring finger little or fourth finger you can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times …
    se pueden contar con los dedos de una mano las veces …
    not to lift or raise a finger
    no mover un dedo
    she never raised a finger to help
    no movió ni un dedo para ayudar
    to be all fingers and thumbs (esp British)
    ser torpe
    I'm all fingers and thumbs today!
    ¡hoy estoy tan torpe!
    to burn one's fingers or get one's fingers burned to cross one's fingersI'll keep my fingers crossed for you
    ojalá (que) tengas suerte
    keep your fingers crossed for me!
    ¡reza por mí!
    ¡deséame suerte!
    well, here goes: fingers crossed! to give somebody the finger (US)
    (hacer un gesto grosero levantando el dedo medio)
    hacerle un corte de mangas a alguien
    to have a finger in every pie
    estar metido en todo
    to have or keep one's finger on the pulse
    estar or mantenerse al día
    to have sticky fingers
    tener la mano larga
    to lay a finger on somebody
    ponerle a alguien la mano encima
    if you so much as lay a finger on her …
    si le llegas a poner la mano encima …
    to point the finger at somebody
    culpar a alguien
    to pull or get one's finger out (British) [slang]
    (d)espabilarse [colloquial]
    it's about time he pulled his finger out
    ya es hora de que se (d)espabile
    to put one's finger on somethingthere's something about him, I can't quite put my finger on it
    tiene algo, no sabría decir concretamente qué es
    you've put your finger on it
    has dado en el clavo
    to put the finger on somebody [slang]
    delatar a alguien
    to put two fingers up at somebody (British)
    (hacer un gesto grosero levantando los dedos índice y medio)
    hacerle un corte de mangas a alguien
    to slip through somebody's fingers
    escapársele a alguien de las manos
    he let it slip through his fingers
    dejó que se le escapara de las manos
    to snap one's fingers
    chasquear los dedos
    tronar los dedos (Mexico)
    she only has to snap her fingers and …
    no tiene más que hacer así y …
    he snaps his fingers at convention
    pasa de las convenciones
    to work one's fingers to the bone
    deslomarse trabajando
    Example sentences
    • The hands may be broad with short fingers; the little finger may only have one joint instead of two and be slightly curved.
    • There was some movement in the hand especially the fingers, thumb and little finger.
    • Proceed with moving your ring finger and then your pinky finger toward your thumb.
  • 2 2.1 (of glove)
    Example sentences
    • She was wearing blue calf-length jeans with her stomach exposed and gloves with various coloured fingers.
    • She had black leather gloves on with the fingers cut off and black trousers.
    • In winter we wrap up in scarves and Steptoe-style gloves with the fingers cut out.
    2.2 (as measure) [colloquial] give me two fingers of Scotch
    sírveme dos dedos de whisky
    Example sentences
    • I dropped ice into the largest glass I could find and poured out about eight fingers of the sweet liquid.
    • He leaned forward, carefully removed the ice from a glass set before him and them motioned to the waiter to pour in precisely three fingers of Pastis.
    • If you have 2 or more fingers of drink to allocate they can be distributed between more than one player.
    2.3 (of land)
    Example sentences
    • Individually moulded fingers of sushi rice seemed too formal, so I spread the rice in a thick layer over the banana leaf, and laid generous slices of tuna over it.
    • Serve with fingers of toasted sour dough Poilâne bread and thin sticks of crisp vegetables.
    • Serve with toasted fingers of ciabatta, but remember to bring it to room temperature before serving - fridge-cold pâté will not do.
    2.4 (pointer on scale) (Technology) 2.5 (Aviation)

transitive verb

  • 1 (handle)
    tentalear (Mexico)
    Example sentences
    • I felt a hand touch my hair, fingering it and letting it drop, strand by strand.
    • Gently he fingered several curls that touched his shoulder.
    • He would finger each bag for a minute, touching and stroking, and then finally moving it into a larger plastic bag.
  • 2 (Music) 2.1 (play)
    Example sentences
    • ‘I must say, though,’ she said thoughtfully, fingering her violin.
    • A few days after that fateful jam session, Rocky was sitting at home, fingering his guitar to a tune only he knew.
    • Rowan could just picture her, her hands fingering the beautiful flute as her eyes scanned the sea.
    2.2 (number)
    marcar la digitación de
    Example sentences
    • Timidly plucking a string, I fingered the lead guitar of ‘Smoke on the Water’.
    • The lower oboes are treated as transposing instruments, their parts written to be fingered like treble oboe parts.
    • Pianist Eddie Heywood deftly fingers the bridge on the last chorus.
  • 3 [slang] (inform on)
    Example sentences
    • He was uncovered after his employers fingered him to police over the affair.
    • But that doesn't mean defense attorneys and reformers should resign themselves to a conviction every time a client is fingered by a victim's last words.
    • These rapidly became forays into entrapment of innocent people fingered by prison snitches trying to get their sentences reduced.
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