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fit 1

American English: /fɪt/
British English: /fɪt/

adjective comparative fitter superlative fittest

  • 1 1.1 (healthy) to get/keep fit
    ponerse/mantenerse en forma
    to be fit for somethingthe soldiers were passed fit for duty
    los soldados fueron declarados aptos (para el servicio)
    I feel fit for anything today
    hoy me siento capaz de cualquier cosa
    to be fit to + infinitive
    estar en condiciones de + infinitive
    the doctor declared him fit to play/travel
    el médico estableció que estaba en condiciones de jugar/viajar
    Example sentences
    • People who are physically fit are happier, healthier and more productive than those who are not.
    • The only way to get fit is to make exercise a regularly scheduled part of every week, even every day.
    • Research has shown that most of us regularly over-estimate how fit we are and how much real physical activity we do.
    1.2 [colloquial] (good-looking)
    de buena pinta
    buen mozo (esp Latin America)
    Example sentences
    • Some really fit guy wearing a gorgeous top came wandering down the stairs.
    • Who is that guy? Oh he's so fit!
    • I have got a girlfriend from college but I have recently been introduced to a really fit girl through a friend of mine.
  • 2 2.1 (suitable)
    to be fit for something/somebody
    ser apropiado or apto para algo/alguien
    this book is not fit for children
    este libro no es apto or apropiado para niños
    this car is only fit for the scrapheap
    este coche es pura chatarra
    a feast fit for a king
    un banquete digno de reyes
    fit for human consumption
    apto para el consumo humano
    to be fit to + infinitivethis isn't fit to eat
    (harmful) esto no está en buenas condiciones
    (unappetizing) esto está incomible
    he's not fit to be a father
    no es digno de ser padre
    you're not fit to be seen
    estás impresentable
    the school/prison/law is not fit for purpose
    la escuela/cárcel/ley no es apto para su fin or no sirve para su fin
    Example sentences
    • Under the Sale of Goods Act retailers must sell goods that are of a satisfactory quality, are accurately described on the packaging and are fit for their purpose.
    • Mr. Saunders apparently thinks that the boat, as delivered, was fit for the purpose for which it was intended.
    • I contacted a wine merchant in London and told him I wanted to buy some that would be fit for drinking in ten years time.
    Example sentences
    • Between now and the next general election we have to persuade millions of people up and down the country that this Conservative party is fit for government.
    • William Hague hopes to use this week's Conservative conference to prove he is fit for government.
    • Neither of these men is stupid enough to believe that churches are fit to govern a secular society, unlike many of their junior colleagues.
    2.2 (right, proper) (predicative) to see fit to + infinitivehe did not see fit to reply to our letter
    ni se dignó contestar a nuestra carta
    to think fit to + infinitive
    estimar conveniente + infinitive
    creer apropiado + infinitive
    do as you think fit
    haz lo que estimes conveniente or creas apropiado
    Example sentences
    • Many former stars say it is not a fit subject for the soap.
    • But religion is a private matter, and thus not a fit subject for an inaugural address.
    • It is not for the Speaker to judge whether it is fit and proper for a Minister to have access to official information.
  • 3 (ready)to be fit to + infinitiveI felt fit to drop
    me sentía a punto de caer agotada
    we laughed fit to burst or bust
    nos tronchamos or desternillamos de risa
    Example sentences
    • Now just put on these boots and you're fit to go!
    • Are you fit then to return to the lecture?

transitive verb present participle fitting past tense, past participle fitted

  • 1 1.1 (Clothing)the dress/hat fits you perfectly
    el vestido/sombrero te queda perfecto
    the jacket doesn't fit me
    la chaqueta no me queda bien
    Example sentences
    • We have a large range of picture frames of all shapes and sizes to fit any photo, from a back yard snapshot to a professional portrait or even a personal artwork.
    • Try shoes on both feet and buy the size that best fits the larger foot.
    • A visible callus that forms on the feet is known as a corn and usually results from shoes that do not fit properly.
    1.2 (be right size, shape for)
    encajar en
    the key doesn't fit the lock
    la llave no encaja en la cerradura
    Example sentences
    • Drain the water and set the spears on a plate, and cut them to size so they can fit on top of the muffins without drooping over the sides too much.
    • Cut the slices of bread to a size that will fit inside your soup bowls, and toast them until dark brown on both sides.
    • Spar have come up with ingenious pocket Eco Bag which is a small, wallet size bag that fits neatly into a pocket or handbag so you're always armed and ready to shop.
    1.3 (correspond to) the reality doesn't fit your story
    tu historia no concuerda or no se corresponde con la realidad
    the punishment must fit the crime
    el castigo debe ser acorde con el delito
  • 2 (install)
    (esp British) (shelf/lock/handle)
    (exhaust pipe/fanbelt)
    he fitted the glass into the window frame
    colocó el cristal en el marco de la ventana
    I can't fit this lid on
    no puedo colocar esta tapa
    he fitted the two halves together
    unió or encajó las dos mitades
    to fit something with something
    equipar algo con algo
    a kitchen fited with the latest appliances the car is fitted with leather upholstery
    el coche está tapizado en cuero
    he's been fitted with a pacemaker
    le han colocado or puesto un marcapasos
    Example sentences
    • Adam, our installer, was fitting some other stuff and left to go on to another job whilst I changed 16 of the handles.
    • If not, why didn't you call a local Sky Installation Engineer to fit your dish?
    • So he came round, and we positioned it and fitted the great drive-belt.
    Example sentences
    • Each table is fitted with a grill for you to cook the deliciously marinated meat.
    • Make sure you lock windows and doors, which should be fitted with security deadlocks
    • She claims it was sheer luck that the blaze was caught in time, because her kitchen was not fitted with a smoke alarm.
  • 3 3.1 (accommodate)to fit something into something
    meter algo en algo
    we can't fit everybody into one small room
    no podemos meter a todo el mundo en una habitación pequeña
    3.2 (adjust)to fit something to something
    adecuar algo a algo
    we must fit our policies to changed circumstances
    debemos adecuar nuestros procedimientos a las nuevas circunstancias
    Example sentences
    • One of the most embarrassing moments in Deirdre's life was when she had to be fitted for protective clothing at work and they had to use two tape measures end to end to go round her.
    • When you are fitted for your tuxedo a small deposit is usually required.
    • The preparations for the engagement event consisted mostly of Marigold and her mother being fitted for gowns at the Earl's expense.
    3.3 (make suitable)to fit somebody for something/-ing
    capacitar a alguien para algo/+ infinitive
    her experience fits her for this job
    su experiencia la capacita or la hace idónea para este trabajo
    Example sentences
    • His freshness, his directness and his capacity for making connections with people both in person and on the television screen certainly fitted him for the task.
    • He regarded his own intellectual gifts and cast of mind as properly fitting him for the task.
    • His passion for lists, dates and details fits him well for this task.
  • 4 (Clothing) (dress/suit)the dressmaker will fit your dress
    la modista te probará el vestido
    to fit somebody for something
    tomarle medidas a alguien para algo

intransitive verb present participle fitting past tense, past participle fitted

  • 1 (Clothing)these shoes don't fit
    estos zapatos no me quedan bien
    to make something fit
    ajustar algo
    if the shoe or (British) cap fits wear it
    al que le caiga or venga el sayo que se lo ponga (Latin America)
    quien se pica ajos come (Spain)
  • 2 (be right size, shape)
    to make something fit
    hacer ajustar/encajar algo
  • 3 (correspond)
    those scruffy jeans don't fit with your smart image
    esos vaqueros asquerosos no van con tu imagen de hombre elegante
    it all fits
    todo encaja
    Example sentences
    • In some respects the description had fitted Naylor, while in others it did not.
    • The descriptions the woman gave fitted those of the two girls Tessa had seen before.
    • It was clear that none of the six men who claimed to be at the warehouse could possibly fit the police officer's description.
  • 5 (Medicine)she suddenly started to fit
    de repente le empezó a dar un ataque


  • (of size, shape) (no plural) my new jacket is a good/bad fit
    la chaqueta nueva me queda bien/mal
    I prefer a looser fit
    prefiero la ropa más holgada
    it's a tight fit (clothes)
    es muy entallado
    (in confined space) can we all get in? — it'll be a tight fit
    ¿cabemos todos? — vamos a estar muy apretados
    (in time) we can still make our plane, but it'll be a tight fit
    aún podemos agarrar el avión, pero va a ser con el tiempo justo
    aún podemos coger el avión, pero va a ser con el tiempo justo (esp Spain)

Phrasal verbs

fit in

1verb + adverb 1.1 (have enough room) 1.2 (go) the battery fits in there
la pila va allí
1.3 (accord)
to fit in with something
concordar or cuadrar or corresponderse con algo
his theory fits in with the statistical evidence
su teoría concuerda or cuadra or se corresponde con el resultado de la estadística
1.4 (belong) she doesn't fit in here
esto no es para ella
ella no encaja aquí
I lived there for six years, but I never felt as if I fitted in
viví seis años allí pero nunca me sentí integrada
he didn't fit in with the rest of the team
no encajó bien en el equipo
no congenió con el resto del equipo
1.5 (adjust, conform to)to fit in with somethinghe'll have to fit in with our plans
tendrá que amoldarse a nuestros planes
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 2.1 (find space for) 2.2 (fix in place) 2.3 (find time for) I can fit you in at ten o'clock
puedo atenderla or hacerle un hueco a las diez
she hoped to fit in some sightseeing
esperaba tener un poco de tiempo para salir a conocer el lugar
I don't know how you fit it all in
no sé cómo te las arreglas para encontrar tiempo para todo

fit out

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
to fit somebody out with somethingwe were fitted out with everything we needed
nos equiparon con or de todo lo necesario
they'll fit you out with a new uniform
lo proveerán de uniforme nuevo

fit up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
1 (equip) (British) to fit somebody up with something
proveer a alguien de algo
to fit something up as somethingwe can fit the garage up as a studio
podemos acondicionar el garaje para usarlo como estudio
(aerial) (British)
3 (frame, incriminate) (British) [slang]I've been fitted up!
me han hecho aparecer como el culpable
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There are 2 entries that translate fit into Spanish:

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fit 2

American English: /fɪt/
British English: /fɪt/


  • 1 (attack) fainting fit to give somebody a fit [colloquial]
    darle a alguien un soponcio [colloquial]
    to have or throw a fit [colloquial]
    darle a alguien un ataque or un síncope [colloquial]
    I nearly had a fit
    casi me da un ataque or un síncope [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Febrile convulsions are fits that sometimes happen in a child with a high temperature.
    • If the child has a history of epilepsy, it can be difficult to tell the difference between febrile convulsions and epileptic fits.
    • Alexandra has cerebral palsy, is confined to a wheelchair and suffers from frequent epileptic fits.
  • 2 (short burst) a fit of coughing
    un acceso de tos
    a fit of laughter
    un ataque de risa
    a fit of jealousy/rage
    un acceso or arrebato or arranque de celos/ira
    by or in fits and starts
    a los tropezones
    a trancas y barrancas
    to have somebody in fits [colloquial]
    hacer partirse de risa a alguien [colloquial]
    we were in fits
    nos estábamos muriendo de risa
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