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American English: /flɪp/
British English: /flɪp/

Translation of flip in Spanish:

transitive verb present participle flipping past tense, past participle flipped

  • I flipped her a piece of chocolate
    le tiré un trozo de chocolate
    we'll flip a coin to decide
    vamos a echarlo a cara o cruz
    vamos a echarlo a cara o sello (Andes) (Venezuela)
    vamos a echarlo a cara o ceca (Argentina)
    vamos a echar un volado (Mexico)
    to flip one's lid or top [slang]
    perder los estribos [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • He warmed up for a while, doing little dance moves, occasionally flipping his leg over the fire hydrant, just singing the same damn line.
    • He compensated by flipping his wrists, pushing the ball short and right.
    • He flipped it open, pushing a button before setting the phone down on the edge of the sink.

intransitive verb present participle flipping past tense, past participle flipped

  • 1

    flip (out)

    (lose self-control)
    perder la chaveta [colloquial]
    ponerse majara (Spain) [slang]
    Example sentences
    • Luke and I look at each other and think it strange that she's clearly flipping out over someone brushing against her bag.
    • On the last day but one, after yet another drinking binge and a row, he suddenly flipped and started raving at her in Spanish, which he spoke fluently but she didn't understand.
    • You were fine one minute, and suddenly you just flipped out.
    Example sentences
    • But, if they liked the first then they positively flipped over this one!
    • He directed it so beautifully that even as an audience member knowing what was going to happen, I was completely flipped out in a great way.
    • My family absolutely flipped over the seasonings of this yummy casserole.


  • 1 (blow)
    golpecito (masculine)
    Example sentences
    • Two quick flips of the rod tip drew a hard strike and the hooked trout shook and flurried in the bright arc.
    • Tabitha turned with a flip of her hair and strode away.
    • The waitress rolled her eyes and walked away with a flip of her hair.

adjective comparative flipper superlative flippest

  • [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • From cartoons to sitcoms, the stars are now sassy children who deliver flip one-liners, put down authority figures and revel in a laugh track.
    • There is nothing flip or carefree about these individuals.
    • He gained wider exposure in the hip, flip Scottish thriller about three flatmates who dispose of a body that stands between them and a suitcase filled with cash.


  • (British) [colloquial]
    ¡caray! [colloquial]

Phrasal verbs

flip up

1verb + object + adverb
darle hacia arriba a
2verb + adverb

flip over

1verb + object + adverb
darle la vuelta a
voltear (Latin America excluding Southern Cone)
dar vuelta (Southern Cone)
2verb + adverb
voltearse (Mexico)
darse vuelta (Southern Cone)

flip through

verb + preposition + object
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