There are 2 translations of fluid in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈfluːəd; ˈfluːɪd/


u c
  • 1.1 [Phys] [Tech] fluido (m) hydraulic/brake fluid líquido (m) hidráulico/de frenos
    More example sentences
    • Gold can form soluble compounds with these substances and so the fluids will leach it out of rocks.
    • The bakery owners later gave up their lease after it emerged that the liquid had in fact been body fluids from the two men.
    • I was on a drip because obviously I had no fluids in my body, the only liquid was alcohol.
    1.2 (in body) líquido (m), fluido (m) 1.3 (liquid nourishment) líquido (m) he's on fluids está tomando solo líquidos

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There are 2 translations of fluid in Spanish:



  • 1 1.1 [substance/consistency] fluido
    More example sentences
    • It spilled out from her fingers in the form of a fluid silver substance and flooded the man's leg down to the marrow of his bone.
    • Miro, Louis and Poons showed the strikingly different effects that could be obtained by pouring a fluid substance down a canvas.
    • Adding additional calcium to dairy formulations is an option and one currently adopted by processors of all sorts from cheese to ice cream to fluid milk.
    1.2 [movement/style] fluido
    More example sentences
    • The juggling and rope acts were hypnotic; the costume, staging and music are all original and often beautiful; the performances fluid and graceful.
    • Christopher fought with a fluid elegance, every move graceful and balanced.
    • There is an easy elegance here, a fluid readability, and a lucid, completely unaffected, eloquence of one who is at ease with herself.
  • 2 (not stable or fixed) our plans are still very fluid aún no hemos concretado nuestros planes the political situation is fluid la situación política es muy incierta

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