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Pronunciation: /fluːk/


  • 1 (stroke of luck) [colloquial/familiar] chiripa (feminine) [colloquial/familiar], casualidad (feminine) by a fluke de or por chiripa, por (una) casualidad [colloquial/familiar]
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    • Contrary to what Bettman might think, a fluke occurrence can not be used as precedent: after all, a fluke occurrence is by definition rare.
    • We would say, in fact, that B's failure to castle was a fluke, bad luck with the random number generator.
    • Luck, in the sense of a fluke occurrence, had nothing to do with it.
  • 2 2.1 (of anchor) uña (feminine) 2.2 (of whale's tail) aleta (feminine)
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    • And often the tail fluke of a whale or the back fin of a dolphin will show as a dark patch against the paler surface of the sea.
    • He said the sculpture would depict a whale with its flukes, or tail, raised in the air but could not say what size the sculpture would be.
    • Calambokidis' team has photographed and recognized around 1,500 blue whales by tail fluke and back markings.
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    • Hanging from the centre of the dome is an anchor shape with red and green lanterns at the end of the anchor flukes.
    • On Vanderlin, rubbish left by Asiatics: a wooden anchor with one fluke, three boat rudders of violet wood, remains of blue cotton trousers.
    • At Zephyros, in 30m of water, the flukes of a sizeable anchor are visible, the chain running along the base of a cliff which rises spectacularly some 10m off the seabed.
  • 3 (flatworm) trematodo (masculine)
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    • In Asia the species is known to host parasitic lung flukes, which can infect humans if the crabs are eaten undercooked.
    • The medically important flatworms are further divided into the flukes and tapeworms (Cestoda).
    • Primary common bile duct stones are more common in Asian populations because of the increased prevalence of flukes and parasitic infections, such as clonorchiasis, fascioliasis and ascariasis.

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