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American English: /ˈfɑloʊ/
British English: /ˈfɒləʊ/

Translation of follow in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (go, come after) follow that cab!
    ¡siga (a) ese taxi!
    he follows me about or around wherever I go
    me sigue a todas partes
    the King entered, followed by the Queen
    el rey entró, seguido por or de la reina
    she followed him into/out of the library
    entró en/salió de la biblioteca tras él
    she followed her sister into the business
    siguiéndole los pasos a su hermana, se metió en el negocio
    Example sentences
    • The noise I do not leave behind; the clanging follows me.
    • Carly follows shortly behind and Adam follows her, making sure she doesn't run into anything.
    • I groaned, but followed him and looked behind me to find everyone else coming too.
    1.2 (shadow, pursue)
    I think we're being followed
    me parece que nos siguen
    Example sentences
    • He was followed some distance and observed by one officer to weave between the lines of the payment.
    • And I expect you to take appropriate precautions that we are not followed or observed.
    • It was the first time Scots had seen a man in shorts and I was followed everywhere by an angry mob with pitch forks and burning torches.
    1.3 (succeed, happen after) July follows June
    después de junio viene julio
    Edward VII followed Queen Victoria on the throne
    Eduardo VII sucedió a la Reina Victoria en el trono
    the lecture was followed by a discussion
    después de la conferencia hubo un debate
    1.4 (repeat, improve on)
    now follow that!
    ¡trata de estar a la altura de eso!
    Example sentences
    • It follows from Spinoza's theory that God is not distinct from the world but identical with it.
    • How, exactly, does the terminology usually regarded by logicians as logical work in making it the case that one sentence follows from others?
    • It follows from Kant's view that we know a priori that non-Euclidean geometry cannot be applied in physics.
    Example sentences
    • And the second book follows Bourdain as he criss-crosses the world sampling local delicacies from the sublime to the bizarre.
    • This book basically follows a Chicken as he wanders through the farm.
    • The programme follows American-born Des as he visits some of the worst trouble-spots in Ireland.
  • 2 2.1 (keep to)
    seguir (por)
    follow your nose [colloquial]
    sigue todo recto
    the footpath follows the river
    el camino sigue el curso del río
    Example sentences
    • All buses will have to follow diversion routes along Bow Lane, Ringway and Corporation Street on Saturday afternoons.
    • Cross the stile in the wall and follow the path running along the north side of Upper Ogden reservoir.
    • Turn left at the top of the hill and follow the path along the ridge to Darwen Tower.
    2.2 (obey)
    follow your conscience/heart
    haz lo que te diga la conciencia/el corazón
    Example sentences
    • The instruction was followed immediately as they stepped out in unison before moving one step to the right.
    • Edgar immediately followed instruction and we walked passed him.
    • I was in a hurry to do this and just blindly followed the instructions.
    Example sentences
    • We seek to follow Jesus, acknowledging that we are all learners and flawed.
    • I reasoned with myself that we had tried to follow God, we had observed the Talmud.
    • Now the party of the circumcision would refer to Christians or people who follow Jesus who practice circumcision.
    2.3 (conform to, imitate)
    follow her example
    sigue su ejemplo
    haz como ella
    the translation follows the original very closely
    la traducción es muy fiel al original
    Example sentences
    • Shadow Skill slavishly follows the rules of the fighting anime genre as if it expects a test later.
    • He said the pilot's decision on silence followed standard procedure and that the government supported it.
    • Moreover, the starting and ending points of these cycles follow a pattern related to seasons on Earth.
    Example sentences
    • Tiger Woods follows Phil Mickelson's example by making a birdie at the 13th, to restore a three-shot lead.
    • Ainslie followed Shirley Robertson's lead in claiming Britain's second sailing gold of the Games.
    • The Haftorah teaches that Torah will enlighten those who follow King Chiram's example.
    2.4 (engage in)
    trabajar en
  • 3 3.1 (pay close attention to)
    seguir de cerca
    the deaf man followed my lips
    el sordo seguía atentamente el movimiento de mis labios
    to follow something/somebody with one's eyes
    seguir algo/a alguien con la mirada
    Example sentences
    • Smooth pursuit eye movements are used to follow a moving target that one is looking at directly.
    • You almost expect the eye of a painting to follow your every movement.
    • Her eyes followed his every movement as he crossed over her legs, crawling over to his side of the bed.
    Example sentences
    • If I had been in Bradford I would have followed this closely through your columns.
    • I think the Vatican is going to be following closely what this document says.
    3.2 (take interest in)
    mantenerse al tanto de
    (TV serial)
    he follows the horses
    es aficionado a la hípica
    which team do you follow?
    ¿de qué equipo eres (hincha)?
    Example sentences
    • The players are aware that people have followed them all season and they wanted to do it for them as well.
    • They followed trends like some people follow sports teams - with this undying devotion.
    • Some people follow the cyberpunk genre quite closely, and for them this novel is a must-read.
  • 4 (understand)
    do you follow me?
    ¿(me) entiendes?
    Example sentences
    • It is necessary to set out parts of this schedule if the argument is to be followed.
    • Dialect is explained so people can follow the speaker's meaning.
    • I said I'd prefer to go home and then there was some discussion I couldn't follow much of through my fog but nodded away.

intransitive verb

  • 1 (come after) you go first, and I'll follow
    tú ve delante que yo te sigo
    a news bulletin follows in five minutes
    dentro de cinco minutos habrá un boletín de noticias
    we'll start with the soup, and have chicken to follow
    para empezar tomaremos sopa y después pollo
    I'm still hungry; is there anything to follow?
    me he quedado con hambre ¿hay algo más?
    what follows is a summary of …
    a continuación hay ( or se oirá etc. ) un resumen de …
    the winners were as follows …
    los ganadores fueron …
    the letter read as follows …
    la carta dice así …
  • 2 (be logical consequence)
    that doesn't follow from our premise
    no se puede deducir eso de nuestra premisa
    eso no se sigue de nuestra premisa
    that doesn't necessarily follow
    una cosa no implica la otra
    it follows, therefore, that …
    de lo que se deduce or se sigue que …
    it doesn't follow that he's stupid, just because he didn't pass
    que no haya aprobado no quiere decir que sea tonto
  • 3 (understand) he spoke slowly so that we could follow
    habló lentamente para que entendiéramos or para que lo pudiéramos seguir

Phrasal verbs

follow on

verb + adverb
to follow on from somethingthis follows on from what we said yesterday
esto tiene relación con lo que decíamos ayer

follow out

verb + adverb + object, verb + object + adverb
carry out

follow through

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object (pursue) they lack the finance to follow the program through
no disponen de recursos para seguir adelante con el programa
if you follow that line of argument through …
con esa lógica …
2verb + adverb 2.1 (Sport)
acompañar el golpe
2.2 (plan, proposal)to follow through on something (US)
continuar or seguir con algo

follow up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
darle seguimiento a
Mr Simpson promised to follow the matter up
el señor Simpson me prometió que investigaría el asunto
I have an idea for an article that you may like to follow up
tengo una idea para un artículo que quizás quieras desarrollar
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