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American English: /fɔrs/
British English: /fɔːs/

Translation of force in Spanish:


  • 1 uncountable 1.1 (strength, violence) winds of hurricane force
    vientos de fuerza huracanada
    a force eight gale he took the full force of the blow
    recibió toda la fuerza or el impacto del golpe
    the police were out in force
    había una gran presencia policial
    through force of circumstances the plans had to be changed
    razones de fuerza mayor nos hicieron cambiar de planes
    force of habit
    la fuerza de la costumbre
    force of numbers guaranteed their victory
    su superioridad numérica les garantizó la victoria
    sheer force of numbers necessitated a change of venue
    el gran número de asistentes ( or inscripciones etc. ) hizo necesario un cambio de local
    Example sentences
    • Subjectivity and conscious agency, then, are as potent as any physical force.
    • The power to hoist such weight is not all brute strength - though physical force is crucial.
    • There is a sponginess underfoot; a greater upward force to your movements.
    Example sentences
    • Either by force or by coercion, any sprouting counter-power will be neutralized.
    • At times, hunting parties encountered other camps of women, and they took them by force under threat of death.
    • Our whole trade is one of sufferance and compulsion, and by force alone can be maintained…
    1.2 (coercion) to take something by force
    apoderarse de algo por la fuerza
    to use/resort to force
    hacer uso de/recurrir a la fuerza
    by force of arms [literary]
    por la fuerza de las armas
  • 2 2.1 countable and uncountable (Physics) the force of gravity
    la fuerza de (la) gravedad
    la gravedad
    Example sentences
    • This is analogous to the way in which electrons experience the weak force while photons do not.
    • It is worth emphasising that there is a major step to be made from an inverse square law of force to explain planetary motion and a universal law of gravitation.
    • In many ways, however, the weak force resembles the electromagnetic force.
    2.2 countable (influential thing, person) social/political forces
    fuerzas sociales/políticas
    the forces of conservatism/liberalism/evil
    las fuerzas del conservadurismo/liberalismo/mal
    he is a major force in the Church
    es una figura de mucho peso en la Iglesia
    she's a force to be reckoned with
    no se puede menos que tenerla en cuenta
    to join forces with somebody
    unirse a alguien
    hacer causa común con alguien
    Example sentences
    • Whether the expansion of such influences is a force for good or evil depends on the character of any given nation.
    • I believe in fair play and have always endeavoured to be a force for good in politics.
    • Murdoch is well aware of the massive global power he wields as a force for liberty and the empowerment of the individual.
  • 3 uncountable (of argument, personality)
    Example sentences
    • An art form that is both abstract and spiritual is a very powerful force - and in a sense transcends mere politics.
    • Addiction, which comes from the Latin to enslave, has a powerful rhetorical force in our culture.
    • Are we aware of evil's reality yet blind to its force and effects, unable to name and describe it?
  • 4 countable (group of people) the (armed) forces
    las fuerzas armadas
    the (police) force
    la policía
    our sales force
    nuestro personal de ventas
    nuestro equipo de vendedores
    Example sentences
    • In both cases, pro-US political forces brought down governments that were aligned with Moscow.
    • Now Ann Summers has a sales force of 7,500 party organisers and 120 shops in the UK.
    • It prevented student organization by enlisting a force of students to report on political activity.
  • 5 uncountable (validity) it has the force of law
    tiene fuerza de ley
    to come into force
    entrar en vigor or vigencia
    to be in force
    estar en vigor or vigencia

transitive verb

  • 1 (compel)to force somebody to + infinitive
    obligar or forzar a alguien a + infinitive
    I had to force myself to eat
    tuve que obligarme a comer
    to force somebody into -inghe forced her into accepting his terms
    la obligó or forzó a aceptar sus condiciones
    they were forced to sell/into selling
    se vieron obligados or forzados a vender
    I am forced to admit that …
    me veo obligado a admitir que …
    Example sentences
    • Ever troublesome to Napoleon, he was forced into temporary retirement in 1812 at Napoleon's request.
    • When he is forced into battle, he hides inside a cannon, and is catapulted into the tent of the enemy's general staff.
    • I was again forced into doing commercials by a photographer friend of mine.
  • 2 2.1 (bring about, obtain)
    to force a vote on something
    hacer que algo se someta a votación
    Example sentences
    • They forced their way deep into the Keighley half and giant prop Frank Watene forced his way under the posts from acting half just a metre out.
    • The men forced their way into the couple's south Essex home, attacked the husband and wife and used a stun-gun on them to keep them subdued.
    • He had captained the England Under-19 team and forced his way into the frame with some big hitting for Lancashire.
    2.2 (extort)to force something out of or from somebodythey had to force the secret out of him or from him
    le tuvieron que arrancar el secreto a la fuerza
  • 3 (impose)to force something on somebodythe decision was forced on us by events
    los acontecimientos nos obligaron a tomar esa decisión
    I didn't want to take the money, but she forced it on me
    yo no quería el dinero pero me obligó a aceptarlo
    it's been forced on us by management
    la dirección nos lo ha impuesto
    I don't want to force myself on you if you're busy
    no lo quiero molestar si está ocupado
    no lo quiero imponerle mi presencia si está ocupado [formal]
  • 4 4.1 (exert pressure, push, drive)
    if it won't go in, don't try to force it
    si no entra, no lo fuerces
    to force a door open
    forzar una puerta
    she could force back her tears no longer
    ya no podía contener el llanto
    she was forced out of the race by engine trouble
    se vio obligada a retirarse de la carrera por problemas de motor
    he forced the lid off
    le sacó la tapa a la fuerza
    to force a bill through Congress
    hacer que se apruebe un proyecto de ley
    they forced their way in
    entraron por la fuerza
    Example sentences
    • Locks had to be refitted to drugs cupboards which had been forced and emptied.
    • She went downstairs and noticed a window at the rear of the house had been forced.
    Example sentences
    • And no-one, or very few, will be forced out of positions funded by us poor suckers, the taxpayers.
    • He has forced himself into the position by gripping the bat right at the bottom of the handle.
    • He could barely breath and his body was in pain from the unnatural position he'd forced himself into.
    4.2 (break open)
    to force an entry
    entrar por la fuerza
  • 5 (produce with difficulty) he forced out a shaky laugh
    soltó una risita forzada
    he has to force the high notes
    tiene que forzar las notas altas
    it's forcing it to call him a genius
    calificarlo de genio es decir demasiado
  • 6 (speed up)
    acelerar el crecimiento de
    to force the pace
    forzar la marcha
    Example sentences
    • For example, bulbs like crocuses and daffodils, which are good at naturalizing, generally do well planted out after forcing.
    • The nice thing about forcing Amaryllis bulbs into flower inside the home is that it is so simple to do.
    • Bulbs that are used for forcing indoors cannot be forced two years in succession.

Phrasal verbs

force down

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
1 (oblige to land)
obligar a aterrizar
tragar (a duras penas)
hacer bajar

force up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
hacer subir
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