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American English: /fɔrm/
British English: /fɔːm/

Translation of form in Spanish:


  • 1 countable and uncountable 1.1 (shape) a monster in human form
    un monstruo con forma humana
    to take form (object/idea)
    tomar forma
    the female form
    la figura femenina
    Example sentences
    • One of the nicest seasons of the year is autumn and it reflects itself in many shapes, colours and forms.
    • It is the rare gardener who is not smitten by their array of brilliant colors and graceful forms.
    • This urban contemporary collection keeps things in perspective with simple forms, clean lines and subtle shapes.
    1.2 (manner, guise) in tablet form
    en forma de tabletas
    the invitation came in the form of a letter
    nos ( or me etc. ) invitó por carta
    the recipe requires fat in some form or other
    algún tipo de grasa hay que usar en la receta
    adolescent rebellion can take many forms
    la rebelión adolescente puede adoptar diversas formas
    what form should our protest take?
    ¿cómo deberíamos manifestar nuestra protesta?
    Example sentences
    • Virtually all the important research continues to appear in the form of papers in journals.
    • Draft policies then appeared in the form of reports brought before Council for formal approval.
    • The survey will be in the form of a questionnaire, asking about people's experience of the NHS in their area.
    Example sentences
    • That morning Christine had been on great form but at 8pm her mood changed dramatically.
    • I only spoke to Glenn three weeks ago and he was in fine form and looking forward to the future.
    • And then yesterday I retired to my sickbed, feeling decidedly under the weather, and am still not on top form today.
  • 2 2.1 countable and uncountable (type, kind) they require some form of explanation
    necesitan algún tipo de explicación
    other forms of life
    otras formas de vida
    birds are a higher form of life than insects
    las aves son una especie superior a los insectos
    Example sentences
    • The two most effective forms of mass direct action are riots and strikes.
    • Early forms of male pattern balding do well with treatment.
    • The geological period known as the Cambrian is marked by the rather sudden appearance of all the basic forms of animals now in existence.
    2.2 countable (Linguistics)
    Example sentences
    • In other instances, there are related prepositional and adverbial forms.
    • These different shapes spell out word forms that belong to the verb lexeme crown.
    • English does not require the use of gender-differentiated forms of the definite article and other similar words.
    2.3 countable and uncountable (style) form and content
    forma y contenido or fondo
    Example sentences
    • In the argument of content over form or vice-versa, here content dictates form.
    • The book reflects the structure of the conference in both form and content in an attempt to capture the dynamism of the event.
    • Branagh's film thus presents us once again with a provocative conflict between form and content.
    2.4 countable and uncountable (Philosophy)
  • 3 uncountable 3.1 (fitness, ability) to be in good/poor form (athlete)
    estar en buena/baja forma or en buen/mal estado físico
    he is off form because of flu
    está en baja forma por la gripe
    he's on form tonight
    está en forma or en vena esta noche
    to study (the) form (in horseracing, football pools)
    estudiar el panorama
    on past form it seems unlikely that …
    conociendo su historial, no parece probable que …
    Example sentences
    • Based on the two teams' current form, today's encounter looks set to be close fought and could go either way.
    • On current domestic form, Liverpool might not see another Champions League night like this for a very long time to come.
    • Their first league victory of the season will surely not be far away with David Bentley in his current form.
    3.2 (criminal record) (British) [slang]to have form
    tener antecedentes
  • 4 uncountable (etiquette) as a matter of form
    por educación or cortesía
    to be bad/good form (esp British)
    ser de mala/buena educación
    what's the form? (British)
    ¿cuál es el procedimiento a seguir?
  • 5 countable (document) to fill in or out a form
    rellenar or llenar un formulario or un impreso
    rellenar or llenar una forma (Mexico)
    Example sentences
    • You can print off application forms through the official website.
    • You will have to fill out an application form and there will be questions about your medical history and your lifestyle.
    • As soon as the EU Commission approves the scheme the necessary application forms will be made available to farmers.
  • 6 countable (bench) (esp British)
    Example sentences
    • The shelter inside was totally dark and one had to grope to find a place to sit on the backless wooden forms.
    • The original seats were old wooden forms which could be pushed back against the wall.
    • It was a truck with a projector in the back that they'd back up to the hall, open a flap in the wall and the projector would poke through that. We'd sit on forms watching cowboy movies, I think cowboy movies was all they showed!
  • 7 countable (British) (School)
    Example sentences
    • I am a supply teacher and I have been for the past nine years teaching in primary schools, high schools, sixth forms and colleges.
    • It plans to do this by reducing four of its year groups from three forms per year to two forms by merging the classes.
    • I took her straight back to see her form tutor and they promised to do something about it.
  • 9 countable (mold)
    Example sentences
    • A slab foundation is made by building wooden forms and pouring the concrete into these forms.
    • The quality of this work depends not on the mix of the material itself, but rather on the formwork into which the concrete is poured. Well crafted, watertight wooden forms are essential.
  • 10 countable (dummy) (US)
    Example sentences
    • Suddenly, they noticed the form of an animal ahead, leaning down to drink.
    • He held her so that she could not move, his strong arms encircled about her slender form.
    • Her slender form was a crumpled heap in his arms, with bruises and blood marring her creamy white skin.

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (shape, mold)
    how do you form the future tense?
    ¿cómo se forma el futuro?
    Example sentences
    • It seems to me that these four reasons form a rather weak basis for his claim.
    • It maintains evolution and forms the very basis of cosmic life.
    • He published this method in 1919, and it also formed the basis of his seminal paper on the scattering of plane electric waves by spheres.
    Example sentences
    • Bricks are made from clay and other materials which are formed into shapes then fired in a kiln to make them strong and durable.
    • The mixture is heated over a low fire, then formed into shape and cooled.
    • The light surrounded the boy, and formed into the shape of a Chinese dragon.
    1.2 (take shape of)
    Example sentences
    • The Austrians were formed up in a strong position 4 miles wide, in an area of rolling country, with the village of Leuthen at their centre, and their flanks protected by marshy ground.
    • He quickly formed his army up to meet an attack, but his crossbowmen were still on the other side of the river.
    • The defenders formed up in a V-shaped formation.
  • 2 (develop)
    Example sentences
    • You may find it would broaden the mind if you formed your opinions on the world by means other than the Daily Mail.
    • In 1995 he formed the idea of organising an exhibition in Greenwich to celebrate the Millennium.
    • The probability is, however, that Gough has already formed a pretty good idea of where he will be going and that only the final details remain to be settled.
  • 4 (set up, establish)
    Example sentences
    • Neighbours have already got together and formed a community association, which in all but name is a crime fighting force.
    • The growing need for cooperation and integration among Asian countries dictates that East Asian countries get together and move toward forming one community.
    • In 1909, these immigrants and some Americans formed an organization named the Indo-American Association.
    Example sentences
    • Alliances can be quickly formed, and supportive friendships quickly made.
    • Daladier often poured out his heart to Bullitt in this way, and formed an extremely close relationship with him.
    • We've formed a very good relationship that's like a family to me.

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (develop)
    tomar forma
    a scheme to make money formed in my head
    un plan para hacer dinero fue tomando forma en mi mente
    Example sentences
    • He smiled slowly to himself, the plan forming gradually in his mind.
    • But when we started to sing, a few passers-by began turning their heads in curiosity and gradually a crowd formed and some even sang with us.
    • All day Sunday, a plan had been forming in my mind.
    1.2 (be made)
    ice forms on water
    se forma hielo en el agua
  • 2

    form (up)

    (take shape) to form into a line
    formar fila
    we formed (up) into groups
    formamos varios grupos
    nos dividimos en grupos
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