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forward also: (esp British) forwardsPronunciation: /-z/
American English: /ˈfɔrwərd/
British English: /ˈfɔːwəd/

Translation of forward in Spanish:


  • 1 (toward the front)
    hacia adelante
    she rushed forward to greet him
    corrió a saludarlo
    let's sit further forward
    sentémonos más adelante
    a great leap/step forward
    un gran salto/paso (hacia) adelante
    see alsocome forward, → step forward
    Example sentences
    • The ball has to stop at the top of the backswing and change directions to travel forward.
    • Just then, the black car in front of us moved forward and disappeared, then it was our turn.
    • I turned to face him, finally meeting his gaze before leaning forward and kissing him softly.
  • 2 (Nautical)
    American English: /ˈfɔrwərd/
    British English: /ˈfɔːwəd/

    hacia la proa
    Example sentences
    • Then Hayes moved aft, across a passageway to the starboard side of the ship, and forward.
    • The submersible is housed in a trunk below the deck of the ship just forward of the bridge.
    • The other common merchant ship layout is all holds forward with a superstructure aft.
  • 3 (in time) [formal] from this day forward
    desde hoy en adelante
    see alsobring, → carry
    Example sentences
    • But the main thrust of his speech was looking forward to the future of British farming.
    • But we think at this time and looking forward to our future that we would like to stay with one team and focus our resources on one team.
    • Thus there are very few people who do not look back to the past with a sense of longing or forward to the future with a sense of unease.


  • 1 (before noun) 1.1 (in direction)
    hacia adelante
    to buy dollars forward (Business)
    comprar dólares a plazo or a término
    Example sentences
    • On the role Baxter has played in dragging British skiing in a forward direction, he is characteristically modest.
    • Males sport splashes of black and brown on a forward segment of their front legs.
    • The forward direction of the ball is accomplished by the horizontal angle of the cue stick.
    1.2 (positions) (Military)
    de vanguardia
    forward line (Sport)
    Example sentences
    • The next three weeks were testing ones for the 7th Battalion, holding a forward position near the Bois de Bavent.
    • There was one forward depot for each army formation with one forward battalion to support each front-line corps.
    • In the first incident, two rockets were fired at the forward operating base near Khost.
    1.3 (Nautical)
    de proa
    Example sentences
    • A door slid open automatically when they approached the forward section of the ship.
    • The power of the wave destroys the reinforcement and pounds the ship's forward shields.
    • It was in the forward quarter of the ship, with the rest of the rooms nearby.
  • 2 (advance) (prices/buying) (Business)
    a plazo
    a término
    forward planning
    Example sentences
    • He said these plants have forward orders representing between two and four months production.
    • In other words, having a forward view changes what you do in the here and now.
    • The theory here is that skirt length can be a forward predictor of stock market direction.
  • 3 (assertive, pushy) I don't wish to appear forward, but …
    no quisiera parecer atrevida, pero …
    Example sentences
    • Olivia worries that she was too forward with him, and that he is now judging her because of it.
    • Being alone became an annoying state, and those forward women became more attractive to you by the week.
    • When he goes on a date with Jane Gallagher, Holden becomes extremely agitated, because Stradlater is extremely forwardwith his dates.

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (to a different address)
    please forward
    hacer seguir
    Example sentences
    • I received a six-month-old letter that had been forwarded from an old address.
    • The letter was forwarded to her current address and she replied to it on September 26, stating that she did indeed want the committee to proceed.
    • Thanks to all of you who are forwarding the letters you've sent to the school.
    1.2 (send) (Business) please forward your price list
    le agradeceríamos nos enviara or remitiera su lista de precios [formal]
    Example sentences
    • The warrant will then be sent to the CPS, which will forward the documents to the Israeli authorities.
    • We have been trying to forward documents both to the post office box and to the residential addresses given.
    • Stan had not responded in writing to George's new accountant, nor had he forwarded the requested documents.
  • 2 (advance) [formal]
    Example sentences
    • I see a contradiction, though, as these same people are often also supporters of the corporatocracy, which is largely responsible for forwarding postmodernism.
    • Dangerfield was into comedy for the long haul, looking not only to forward his own career, but those of other talented people as well.
    • He uses religious, economic, and political discourses in new and clever ways in order to forward his own political aims.
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