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Pronunciation: /ˈfrækʃən/


  • 1 [Mathematics/Matemáticas] fracción (feminine), quebrado (masculine)
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    • The Mathematics Computation subtest assesses skills in computing with whole numbers, fractions, mixed numbers, decimals, and algebraic equations.
    • Use the method above to convert it into a fraction with whole numbers in the denominator.
    • Basic operations with whole numbers, fractions, and decimals were required to solve some problems, although many items required no calculations.
  • 2 (small amount) (no plural/sin plural) a fraction of the budget una mínima parte del presupuesto we achieved the same results at a fraction of the cost obtuvimos los mismos resultados por un porcentaje mínimo del costo a fraction of a second un instante, una fracción de segundo the car missed him by a fraction no faltó nada para que el coche le diera, el coche no le dio por un pelo [colloquial/familiar] his eyebrows lifted a fraction levantó ligeramente las cejas the door opened a fraction la puerta se abrió ligeramente a fraction higher/lower ligeramente superior/inferior
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    • Her goal was $60,000 but she was only able to get a fraction of that amount.
    • It's only a fraction of the amount of money necessary to attend most private schools.
    • If they did, the insurance company would have been charged a fraction of that amount.
  • 3 [Chemistry/Química] fracción (feminine)
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    • The aqueous, ethanol and ethyl acetate fractions were slowly evaporated to dryness under vacuum and stored at 4 degreesC for biological study.
    • The majority of the manufacturing is from the catalytic cracking of ethane, petroleum fractions, and crude oil.
    • Oil refining separates the various fractions of petroleum by a process called fractional distillation and takes place in a large plant called a refinery.

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