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American English: /fri/
British English: /friː/

Translation of free in Spanish:

adjective freerPronunciation: /ˈfriːər/, /ˈfriːə(r)/, freestPronunciation: /ˈfriːəst/, /ˈfriːɪst/

  • 1 1.1 (at liberty) (usually predicative) to be free
    ser libre
    I am not free (to marry)
    no soy libre
    to set somebody free
    dejar or poner a alguien en libertad
    soltar a alguien
    divorce set me free from a life of drudgery
    el divorcio me liberó de una vida de esclavitud
    to get free
    to go freehe went free for years because of lack of witnesses
    durante años no se lo pudo inculpar por falta de testigos
    they let him go free for lack of evidence
    lo dejaron en libertad or lo soltaron por falta de pruebas
    free to + infinitiveyou're free to do what you think best
    eres dueño or libre de hacer lo que te parezca
    you're free to leave whenever you want
    puede irse cuando quiera
    es libre de irse cuando quiera
    having a nanny leaves me free to go out more often
    el tener una niñera me permite salir más a menudo
    please feel free to help yourself
    sírvete con confianza
    sírvete nomás (Latin America)
    may I use the telephone? — feel free!
    ¿puedo hacer una llamada? — ¡no faltaba más! or ¡por supuesto!
    the right of free speech
    la libertad de expresión
    you've got a free choice in this matter
    tienes plena libertad en este asunto
    I gave free rein to my imagination
    di rienda suelta a or dejé volar mi imaginación
    I had free access to the archive
    podía usar el archivo con toda libertad
    1.3 (loose) to come/work free
    he left/kept one end free
    dejó suelto/no ató uno de los extremos
    the boat floated free of the sandbank
    el bote se desencalló del banco de arena
    to break free
    (escape) soltarse
    (break ties) liberarse
  • 2 (predicative) 2.1 (without, rid of)free from or of something
    libre de algo
    at last I was free from pain/financial worries
    por fin me vi libre del dolor/de las preocupaciones económicas
    the book is free from any political bias
    el libro está libre de todo sesgo político
    at last we're free of her
    por fin nos hemos librado de ella
    por fin nos la hemos quitado de encima
    free of or from additives/preservatives
    sin aditivos/conservantes
    keep the mechanism free of or from dirt/dust
    mantenga limpio/libre de polvo el mecanismo
    2.2 (exempt) free of tax free of charge
  • 3
    (costing nothing) (ticket/food/sample/offer)
    gratis invariable adjective
    (schooling/health care/bus service)
    you get a free gift with every purchase
    te regalan algo con cada compra
    admission free
    entrada gratuita or libre
    free delivery (Business)
    entrega (masculine) gratuita a domicilio
    free on board (Business) you have free use of the pool
    puede usar la piscina sin pagar
  • 4 4.1 (vacant) is this table free?
    ¿está libre esta mesa?
    4.2 (unobstructed)
    4.3 (not occupied)
    I have no free time at all
    no tengo ni un momento libre
    no tengo nada de tiempo libre
    are you free tomorrow?
    ¿estás libre mañana?
    ¿tienes algún compromiso mañana?
    I'm not free this evening
    tengo un compromiso esta noche
    keep this date free
    no te comprometas para esta fecha
    Mrs Styles is free to see you now
    la señora Styles lo puede atender ahora
  • 5 5.1 (lavish) to be free with something
    ser generoso con algo
    they were very free with the drink
    fueron muy generosos con la bebida
    she's too free with her advice
    reparte consejos a diestra y siniestra
    reparte consejos a diestro y siniestro (Spain)
    to make free with somethingthey made free with the wine while we were away
    se sirvieron vino a discreción mientras no estábamos
    she makes free with words like 'idiot' and 'cretin'
    usa y abusa de palabras como 'idiota' y 'cretino'
    5.2 (familiar)
    confianzudo (esp Latin America) [colloquial]
    he's very free with his boss
    se toma muchas libertades con su jefe


  • 1 (without payment)
    you get one free or [colloquial] for free with every packet
    con cada paquete te regalan uno or te dan uno gratis
    I got in for free [colloquial]
    entré gratis or sin pagar or de balde
    Example sentences
    • Those who cannot afford to pay this fee are exempted and treated free of cost.
    • I f a unit of electricity cannot be produced free of cost, it should not be given to anybody free of cost.
    • The Trust will shortly open a Help Centre in the city to provide counselling for patients free of cost.
  • 2 (without restriction)
    a su ( or mi etc. ) antojo

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (liberate)
    poner or dejar en libertad
    to free somebody from something
    liberar a alguien de algo
    he freed the country from tyranny
    liberó al país de la tiranía
    she freed herself from her mother's influence
    se liberó de la influencia de su madre
    a credit card frees you from financial worries when traveling
    una tarjeta de crédito le evita preocupaciones de dinero cuando está de viaje
    to free somebody to + infinitive
    permitirle a alguien + infinitive
    this frees me to concentrate on my work
    esto me permite concentrarme en mi trabajo
    Example sentences
    • After she is freed from slavery, she becomes a teacher, writer, and activist for the black race and for women's rights.
    • Nine hostages were freed from the building earlier yesterday.
    • The truth is that a hostage was not freed by the kidnappers.
    Example sentences
    • Passers-by came to the guard's aid and freed him from his restraints.
    • They were at the scene for 90 minutes, helping to free the victims and clear the road.
    • The powerful one frees himself and unties the bonds of everyone else.
    Example sentences
    • Already the move, which frees the club from restrictive rules, has paid dividends, explained Mr Collins.
    • The FCC is, in effect, holding out the possibility of freeing the networks from restrictions on buying up more stations.
    • Diabetics could have their lives dramatically transformed by a new approach, developed in Yorkshire, freeing them of restrictions on their diet.
    1.2 (relieve, rid)to free something of somethinghe promised to free the country of corruption
    prometió acabar or terminar con la corrupción en el país
    they had freed the road of all obstacles
    habían quitado or eliminado todos los obstáculos de la carretera

Phrasal verbs

free up

verb + adverb + object (US)
dejar libre
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