Translation of friendly in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈfrendli/

adjective/adjetivo (-lier, -liest)

  • 1.1 [person/pet] simpático; [place/atmosphere] agradable; [welcome] cordial I'll give you some friendly advice te voy a dar un consejo de amigo he gave her a friendly wave la saludó amablemente con la mano there's a friendly little cafe nearby hay un barcito cerca que es muy simpático or agradableto be friendly to/with sb he wasn't very friendly to her no estuvo demasiado simpático or amable con ella she's friendly with Tessa es amiga de Tessa I'm quite friendly with him now ahora somos bastante amigos to be on friendly terms with sb llevarse bien con algn environmentally friendly products productos (masculine plural) inocuos para el medio ambiente
    More example sentences
    • Does it matter if we smile and are friendly to him?
    • They do not only live in harmony but are equally friendly to visitors.
    • Eddie was held in high esteem by the farming community and his pleasant friendly smile endeared him to all.
    1.2 (good-natured) [argument/rivalry/competition] amistoso, amigable; [game/match] amistoso
    More example sentences
    • We are friendly with our neighbours, with people at work, and with the kids and parents at our son's school.
    • And you have to have all of your own supplies, because unless you're friendly with the neighbors, there is no one around to borrow from.
    • Sam has chosen people that he is friendly with and that he can talk to.
    More example sentences
    • He summed up the season as being competitive yet friendly and with the trio applying to join next year it was evident that the league continued to grow.
    • ‘It's a competition that pitches towns right around the island into friendly rivalry,’ the Minister said.
    • This is a competition that creates friendly rivalry among the participants and the judging is anticipated with great enthusiasm.
    More example sentences
    • Bradford came to Oxford for a friendly game of water polo on Saturday.
    • Botswana yesterday marked 38 years of independence with a win over Zambia in an international friendly soccer match played in Gaborone.
    • Chulumanda said he has directed the director of sports to organise international friendly games following the aborted trip to China.
    1.3 (of one's own side) [ship/aircraft/troops] amigo
    More example sentences
    • Its initial purpose was to prevent Allied aircraft bombing friendly ground forces.
    • When a mechanized force enters an area with friendly infantry, both light and mechanized soldiers get a little apprehensive.
    • In the case of air defense or offensive military equipment, waiting until friendly forces are engaged is too late to confirm disablement.

noun/nombre (plural -lies)

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