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Pronunciation: /frʌnt/

Translation of front in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (of building) frente (masculine), fachada (feminine); (of dress) delantera (feminine) the skirt fastens at the front la falda se abrocha por delante or (especially Latin America/especialmente América Latina) por adelante
    Example sentences
    • Modesty panels of chiffon, where none might have existed before were seen on bodice fronts.
    • Try something unexpected like a blouse with a frilled front or lace cuffs under a plain sweater or a tailored jacket.
    • Back the garment fronts and back with tear-away stabilizer.
    Example sentences
    • The translucency of it is striking, something not usually perceived in marble counter tops or building fronts.
    • The gable front, frame building has a single entrance and a small loft door.
    • The family would use the front door below the great portico on the west front.
    1.2 (forward part) frente (masculine), parte (feminine) delantera or de delante or (especially Latin America/especialmente América Latina) de adelante you sit in the front tú siéntate delante or (especially Latin America/especialmente América Latina) adelante he was called to the front of the class lo hicieron pasar al frente de la clase front and center (American English/inglés norteamericano) [Military/Militar] ¡al frente!
    Example sentences
    • I like those kinds of views, where the front of something looks so large while the rest of it disappears into the background.
    • That excerpt is written on the front of the book, it really grabbed my attention and fired my imagination.
    • Sometimes, I actually tore out the blank pages at the front of books to draw on.
  • 2 (in phrases/en locuciones) in front (as adverb/como adverbio) delante, adelante (especially Latin America/especialmente América Latina) Midnight Orchid is out in front Midnight Orchid va en cabeza or lleva la delantera in front of sb/sth delante or (especially Latin America/especialmente América Latina) adelante de algn/algo (facing) enfrente de algn/algo he sat right in front of her se sentó delante or (especially Latin America/especialmente América Latina) adelante de ella it's right in front of your nose! ¡lo tienes delante de las narices! we've got a big task in front of us tenemos una gran tarea por delante out front the people out front la gente de delante or (especially Latin America/especialmente América Latina) de adelante she was out front from the start (American English/inglés norteamericano) [Sport/Deporte] llevó la delantera or fue en cabeza desde el principio
  • 3 3.1 [Military/Militar] frente (masculine) the Western front el frente occidental they were attacked on all fronts los atacaron por todos los frentes progress was made on all fronts hubo avances en todos los frentes there is good news on the job front hay noticias alentadoras en el plano laboral 3.2 [Politics/Política] frente (masculine) popular front frente popular
    Example sentences
    • The political failure to create a national liberation front is the Achilles heel of the resistance.
    Example sentences
    • Kerensky cabled the front for additional armed forces but he hoped he would not have to use them.
    • By the end of July, the forces of the three fronts outflanked the Orel force grouping of the enemy in the north, east and south.
    • The ravaging of the Palatinate at the start of the League of Augsburg war was intended to deny the area to enemy armies, limiting the number of fronts Louis's armies had to cover.
    Example sentences
    • Committing reserve fronts to battle was the prerogative of the SHC Hq.
    • In many instances, the assigning of troops to reserve fronts called for drastically new methods of their commitment to battle and disposition.
    • Hitler was keen for victory here, since it would enable him to destroy two Russian fronts in one battle.
  • 4 4.1 (outward show) fachada (feminine) his friendliness is just a front su simpatía no es más que una fachada 4.2 (for illegal activity) pantalla (feminine)
    Example sentences
    • The whole wizard thing is just a front for his illegal drug selling activities.
    • The court heard how the former school governor also used a face-painting business on Bridlington pier as a front for his activities.
    • She discovers that the magazine is a front for the organization, and decided to go undercover.
    4.3 (nominal leader) (American English/inglés norteamericano) he was just the front of the organization era solo la cabeza visible de la organización
    Example sentences
    • Sporting a brave front, he put on his battle gear: a worn-out helmet, its straps in tatters.
    • Amy seems uncomfortable under his gaze, but she finally puts up a brave front.
    • She tried so hard, she did everything she could to put on a brave front, but she thought Mom was going to die.
  • 5 [Meteorol] frente (masculine) a cold/warm front un frente frío/cálido
    Example sentences
    • If the front moves across a surface with a warmer temperature than the lower parts of the air mass, then the front will become unstable.
    • Convergence is where the movement of a front lifts a mass of air that is in its path.
    • The areas where these two masses of air meet are known as polar fronts.


  • 1 (at front) [seat/wheel/leg] delantero, de delante or (especially Latin America/especialmente América Latina) de adelante the front cover la portada the front door la puerta de (la) calle the front yard o (British English/inglés británico) garden el jardín del frente a seat in the front row, a front-row seat un asiento en primera fila see alsofront bench, front page etc
  • 2 [Linguistics/Lingüística] [vowel] frontal

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 2 [Constr] [wall] revestir*; [building] revestir* la fachada de

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • 1 (face) [building/window/room] dar* a the room fronts south/onto the street la habitación da al sur or está orientada al sur/da a la calle
  • 2 (act as cover) servir* de pantalla

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