There are 2 translations of fuss in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /fʌs/


  • alboroto (m), escándalo (m) there was a big fuss when the increase was announced hubo un gran alboroto cuando anunciaron el aumento all this fuss over a lost dog! ¡tanto alboroto or escándalo por un perro perdido! what's all the fuss about? ¿a qué viene tanto alboroto or escándalo? it was a lot of fuss about nothing fue mucho ruido y pocas nueces, fue una tormenta en un vaso de agua it was done with the minimum of fuss se hizo con el mínimo de alboroto to kick up a fuss armar un lío or un escándalo, montar un número (Esp) [familiar/colloquial] to make a fuss of o (AmE also) over sb mimar or consentir* a algn she loves being made a fuss of le encanta que la mimen or que la consientan to make o (AmE also) raise a fuss hacer* un escándalo don't make such a fuss, it's only a spider no hagas tanto escándalo or tantos aspavientos, es solo una araña
    More example sentences
    • ‘There is no room in my life for drugs, fights, divorce, adultery, sadism, unnecessary fuss and sex,’ he says now.
    • That was the whole dream - no excitement, no fuss, no great drama.
    • She appeared bored, and I knew she thought I was making a lot of unnecessary fuss.

Definition of fuss in:

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There are 2 translations of fuss in Spanish:



  • 1.1 (be agitated, worry) preocuparse, inquietarse don't fuss: we're going to be on time no te preocupes, vamos a llegar a tiempo to fuss about o over sth preocuparse or inquietarse por or con algo
    More example sentences
    • He's a real pain because he's always fussing annoyingly about books and cars and his appearance, but my friends think he's cool.
    • My Aunt pointed out to me that we always fuss over Dad, but Mum's health isn't great, and it suffers along with my Dad's when something is wrong with him.
    • It's just that, because she's always been there; fussing and cleaning and polishing, I don't even think about what happens to those mud-stains.
    1.2 (fiddle)to fuss with sth stop fussing with your hair deja de toquetearte el pelo don't fuss with the typewriter no juguetees con la máquina de escribir
    More example sentences
    • They fussed around, re-arranging the altar boys and plumping the bishops' cushions.
    • They fussed around, making sure we were comfortable, as we set to work on the red leather-bound menu.
    • I screamed and tried to fight, crying in frustration while doctors frantically fussed around me, shouting noises that echoed through my head.

Phrasal verbs

fuss around

fuss about v + adv
estar* de aquí para allá

fuss over

v + prep + o
[invalid/pet] mimar

Definition of fuss in: