Pronunciation: /ˈgæləri/

n (pl -ries)

  • 1 [Art] 1.1 (museum) museo (m) (de Bellas Artes)
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    • Many galleries display the art prints without prices - hoping to get more easily into an e-mail contact with their visitors.
    • The new renaissance and baroque galleries at the Waiters Art Museum, Baltimore, include rooms that resemble those of a seventeenth-century Dutch nobleman.
    • When the gallery began presenting Pop art, the sculptor showed elsewhere.
    1.2 (commercial show case) galería (f) (de arte)
  • 2 [Archit] 2.1 (balcony) galería (f); (for press, spectators) tribuna (f); (BrE) [Theat] galería (f), gallinero (m) [familiar/colloquial] to play to the gallery actuar* para la galería 2.2 (colonnade) galería (f)
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    • The linear form of the north block lends itself to open galleries while the deeper south block offers a calmer atmosphere for browsing stacks and reading at tables.
    • Liam led me along an amazing and seemingly endless labyrinth of passages, hallways, corridors and galleries.
    • Moving further in, concentric with the central stupa is a surrounding gallery or portico that connects the four viharas.
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    • Imagine harsh whining noise emanating from a minstrel's gallery in a church in a woodland village in Dorset.
    • He said the Great Hall was a major feature, with its high vaulted ceiling, stone floor and minstrels' gallery - and the views were breathtaking.
    • An ash staircase leads upstairs where an ash balustrade forms a minstrel's gallery overlooking the entrance hall.
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    • Seated in the theatre's lower gallery, I found myself distracted, not for the first time, by the endless gropings of the groundlings.
    • Janet and William Norwood, the young man's parents, were also seated in the gallery and stood up to tumultuous and prolonged applause.
    • He turned and pointed to Jefferson Lambert, seated in the gallery.
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    • However, it's impossible to police everyone in the gallery, or tournament golf would turn into a police state.
    • By seeking more mainstream sports fans, is golf in danger of attracting football crowds instead of the more traditional golf galleries?
    • He wasn't expecting to win, but he was keen to show golf's most knowledgeable galleries that he was a genuine talent.
  • 4 [Geog] [Min] galería (f)
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    • The mines, a Unesco world cultural heritage monument, attract tourists from round the world to its labyrinthine tunnels, galleries and underground lakes.
    • A stone staircase leads to the deep cave labyrinth, 2500m of underground galleries.
    • While burial in underground galleries carved out of soft rock was not restricted to Roman Christians alone, it is with them that the catacombs are most commonly associated.

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