There are 2 translations of garage in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /gəˈrɑːʒ; ˈgærɑːdʒ; -ɪdʒ/


  • 1 c (for parking) garaje (m), garage (m) (esp AmL) bus garage terminal (f) or (Chi) (m) or estación (f) de autobuses
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    • Ensure all doors and windows are secured and buildings like sheds, garages and outhouses have good quality locks and even alarms fitted.
    • We built office buildings, parking garages, and prisons.
    • Many fires started when lava ignited gasoline stored in buildings and garages in this eastern Congo town.
  • 3 u [Mus] (before n) garage band/rock banda (f)/rock (m) (de) garage
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    • After literally half an hour The Kills left the stage but in such a short time they had certainly convinced the audience that they are not just another garage rock band looking to make a fast buck on the style bandwagon.
    • Its rough and edgy production makes the record sound perfect for the demented brand of new wave garage rock the band were practicing at the time.
    • Nearly three years ago, they had hopped on the Whites Stripes wagon of American garage rock under a band name of Pavor.
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    • The number of pirate stations has doubled in 10 years, finding audiences for otherwise neglected music such as UK garage and drum 'n' bass, or using £400 homemade transmitters to spread anarchist or black-power propaganda.
    • Ska, dub, house, drum and bass, hip hop and UK garage have all been thrown in to The Streets' sampler for processing and rearrangement.
    • So it's perfectly natural that modern production will incorporate quality blends of R & B, soul and garage with positive results.

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There are 2 translations of garage in Spanish:



  • [car] dejar/meter en el garaje or (esp AmL) garage; [plane] dejar/meter en el hangar
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    • During the trial period the test car was not garaged, but exposed to moderately cold Michigan weather and one light snowfall.
    • Sadly it seems that unless your car is garaged overnight you may, in future, have to take a quick peek at the front of your motor each morning to check that all is well.
    • She let her employment contract run out, rented out her house and garaged the car.

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