There are 2 translations of gel in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /dʒel/


  • gel (m) hair gel gel (para el pelo)
    More example sentences
    • I squeezed some shampoo gel onto my hands and rubbed them quickly together, making lather.
    • I was wondering if you could possibly send me any information on your shower gel products.
    • I also discovered that my nails will be ruined, as they have glued the extensions directly on to them, rather than onto a layer of gel.

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There are 2 translations of gel in Spanish:


vi (-ll-)

  • 1.1 [liquid] gelificarse*
    More example sentences
    • The water jells, almost, with vegetation, so that light winds no longer leave a mark.
    • The effect is termed ‘gelatinization’, but has nothing to do with gelatin, which gels similarly but is a protein.
    1.2 (BrE) [plans] cuajar
    More example sentences
    • Prompted by these complaints, the group's idea for a festival gelled and the planning began roughly one year ago.
    • As ideas begin to gel, I give students a size limitation, showing them the precut slabs of clay from which they will need to sculpt their character as well as a base.
    • The idea gelled and he went to work on the pilot script.

Definition of gel in: