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get 1

present participle getting past tense got past participle got or (US also) gotten
American English: /ɡɛt/
British English: /ɡɛt/

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1
    (to obtain) (money/information)
    where did you get that beautiful rug?
    ¿dónde conseguiste or encontraste esa alfombra tan preciosa?
    where did they get that compère?
    ¿de dónde sacaron a ese maestro de ceremonias?
    these pears are as good as you'll get, I'm afraid
    estas peras son de lo mejorcito que hay [colloquial]
    the public can't get enough of her
    el público no se cansa de ella
    to get something from somebody/somethingwe get our information from official sources
    sacamos la información de fuentes oficiales
    you may get more up-to-date news from Ken
    Ken te podrá dar noticias más frescas
    Example sentences
    • We're getting about 18 hours of sunshine each day.
    • It is all about community effort and we are getting more and more community effort.
    • She gets a rock star reception in shopping malls, often being asked to stop for photographs or to sign autographs.
    1.2 (to buy) what can I get Tom for Christmas?
    ¿qué le puedo comprar a Tom para Navidad?
    you can get them much cheaper in town
    los puedes comprar or conseguir más baratos en el centro
    go out and get yourself a new suit
    ve y cómprate un traje nuevo
    they sell like hotcakes; we can't get enough of them
    se venden como pan caliente, no hay estoc que alcance
    to get something from somebody/somethingI get my bread from the local baker
    le compro el pan al panadero del barrio
    I got this bread from Harrods
    este pan lo compré en Harrods
    (to achieve, to win) (prize/grade)
    obtener [formal]
    he gets results
    consigue or logra lo que se propone
    I got an A in physics
    saqué una A en física
    you're getting yourself quite a reputation
    ¡te estás haciendo una fama … !
    a French company got the contract
    una compañía francesa consiguió el contrato
    le dieron or le adjudicaron el contrato a una compañía francesa
    he finally got the divorce
    finalmente le dieron el divorcio
    Example sentences
    • But he had gotten a very clear look at the man's face, and a better estimate of his height and weight.
    • Opening her car door and stepping out, Toni got a clearer glimpse of the woman.
    • In Greece the Communist Party got 9 percent of the vote, holding on to its three MEPs.
    1.4 (by calculation) what did you get, Tim?
    ¿a ti qué or cuánto te dio, Tim?
    divide 27 by 3 and you get 9
    si divides 27 por 3 te dará 9
    got it!
    ¡ya sé!
    have you got 21 across yet?
    ¿ya has sacado el 21 horizontal?
    1.5 (when telephoning)
    lograr comunicarse con
    I got the wrong number
    me dio equivocado
    Example sentences
    • Lost my cell phone, but you can still get me at my landline.
    • She called him at home, but got his wife instead.
  • 2 2.1 (to receive)
    I was getting signals from Jenny to be quiet
    Jenny me estaba haciendo señas para que me callara
    I know what I'm getting for my birthday
    ya sé lo que me van a regalar para mi cumpleaños
    do I get a kiss, then?
    ¿entonces me das un beso?
    she got 12 years for armed robbery
    le dieron 12 años por robo a mano armada
    le cayeron 12 años por robo a mano armada [colloquial]
    to get something from somebodyall I ever get from you is criticism
    lo único que haces es criticarme
    she got a warm reception from the audience
    el público le dio una cálida bienvenida
    he gets the musical talent from his dad
    el talento musical lo ha heredado or le viene del padre
    I don't know where she gets it from, it certainly isn't from me
    no sé por qué es así, desde luego no ha salido a mí
    I do all the work and she gets all the credit
    yo hago todo el trabajo y ella se lleva la fama
    I seldom get the chance
    rara vez se me presenta la oportunidad
    the west coast gets a lot of rain
    en la costa oeste llueve mucho
    the kitchen doesn't get much sun
    en la cocina no da mucho el sol
    Example sentences
    • However, down the street a further two if not three disabled parkers had also got fixed penalty tickets.
    • If he had an ounce of honour he would walk, and consider himself lucky that is all the punishment he gets.
    • If caught what punishment will they get, so many hours, be a good boy, don't do it again till next time?
    2.2 (Radio, Television) (station)
    coger (esp Spain) [colloquial]
    agarrar (Southern Cone) [colloquial]
    2.3 (to be paid)
    how much were you getting in your old job?
    ¿cuánto ganabas en tu trabajo anterior?
    if I do overtime I get a bit more
    si hago horas extras saco un poco más
    what or how much do you think I can get for the piano?
    ¿cuánto crees que puedo sacar or que me pueden dar por el piano?
    2.4 (to experience)
    I got the impression that …
    me dio la impresión de que …
    I get the feeling that …
    tengo or me da la sensación de que …
    Example sentences
    • Recently I have been getting a serious pain on my left side.
    • I had gotten my life's fair dose of suffering.
    • I was getting a really bad sensation in my fingers and it felt like I was walking on gravel.
    2.5 (to suffer) how did you get that bump on your head/black eye?
    ¿cómo te hiciste ese chichón en la cabeza/te pusiste el ojo morado?
    she got smoke in her eyes
    le entró humo en los ojos
    she got a splinter in her finger he got the full force of the blast
    recibió todo el impacto de la explosión
  • 3 (to find, to have) [colloquial]you don't get elephants in America
    en América no hay elefantes
    you get better weather on the south coast
    en la costa sur hace mejor tiempo
    we get mainly students in here
    nuestros clientes ( or visitantes etc. ) son mayormente estudiantes
    I get all sorts of people coming to see me
    viene a verme todo tipo de gente
    Example sentences
    • We got the ladder and brought it back around the front with intentions to leave it on the patio, which is enclosed.
    • It was understood that when it rained, he got the car and brought it around to the door.
    • Someone from reception gets the resuscitation kit and calls the other two doctors consulting that evening.
  • 4
    (to fetch) (hammer/scissors)
    ir a buscar
    go and get your father
    ve a llamar a tu padre
    get your coat
    anda or vete a buscar tu abrigo
    can you come and get me in the car?
    ¿puedes venir a buscarme con el coche?
    she got herself a cup of coffee
    se sirvió ( or se hizo etc. ) una taza de café
    shall I get you a taxi?
    ¿te llamo un taxi?
  • 5 5.1 (to reach) it's too high up for me, can you get it?
    está demasiado alto para mí ¿tú lo puedes alcanzar or tú alcanzas?
    5.2 (to take hold of)
    coger (esp Spain)
    to get somebody by the arm/leg
    agarrar a alguien por el brazo/la pierna
    coger a alguien por el brazo/la pierna (esp Spain)
    the pain gets me right here
    me duele justo aquí
    Example sentences
    • One assailant grabbed him and got him in a headlock while an accomplice pulled the wallet out of his trouser pocket.
    • It wasn't the dog that got him, it was a man, police said.
    • Thomas managed to get Chris, who was still laughing, into a headlock.
    5.3 (to catch, to trap)
    pillar [colloquial]
    coger (esp Spain)
    you've got me there, I haven't a clue
    ¡ahí sí que me pillaste! no tengo la menor idea [colloquial]
    ¡ahí sí que me agarraste! no tengo la menor idea (Latin America) [colloquial]
    ¡ahí sí que me cogiste! no tengo la menor idea (Spain) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • What is an annuity? No, you got me there.
    5.4 (to assault, to kill) [colloquial]I swear I'll get you!
    ¡te juro que me las vas a pagar! [colloquial]
    the sharks must have got him, poor devil
    se lo deben de haber comido los tiburones al pobre [colloquial]
    if smoking doesn't get you, pollution will
    si no te mata el tabaco, te liquida la contaminación [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Another guy came up at me and he took a swing and got me in the arm.
    • I was going to get him in the nose but when he saw my fist coming he moved.
    • I got him on the neck, but it was a lucky shot.
    Example sentences
    • We get our enemies and punish their crimes, but the crimes of our friends go unpunished.
    • You little rat, I'll get you for that!
    • Anna has troubles of her own - including a little brother who's out to get her.
  • 6 (to hit)
    darle a
    to get somebody on or in the arm/leg
    darle a alguien en el brazo/la pierna
    you'll get yours (US) [slang]
    ¡ya las vas a pagar! [colloquial]
  • 7 (with illnesses) (cold/flu)
    pescar [colloquial]
    pillar [colloquial]
    coger (esp Spain)
    she got chickenpox from her sister
    la hermana le contagió la varicela
    la hermana le pegó la varicela [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • She felt like she was getting a thousand diseases just from their second-hand smoke.
    • He has fears about the risks of getting more serious asbestos disease.
    • It is like an injection, as when someone gets lumbago and receives a shot.
  • 8 (to catch)
    coger (Spain)
    she got a bus to Kingston (British)
    fue en autobús hasta Kingston
    Example sentences
    • The transport system in Kingston isn't so bad that getting the bus or train is not an option.
    • At the last minute, Keith decided not to get the train and instead got a later metro.
    • Further down Oxford Street we got a Victoria Line train from Bond Street to Euston.
  • 9 (to prepare)
    Example sentences
    • Only come out in the early morning when no one is up to get breakfast.
    • She'd been getting the same lunch every day for nearly two years now, and she never tired of it.
    • Making the fresh soda bread, getting the dinner, and doing her housework was her joy.
  • 10 [colloquial] 10.1 (to irritate) what gets me is the way he said it
    lo que me fastidia or me da rabia es la forma en que lo dijo
    Example sentences
    • What really gets me is how insipid the parents are.
    • How much has the fact that your game slipped over the past year been burning you inside? Deeply. It gets me.
    10.2 (to bring out emotions) it gets you right there
    te conmueve
    te da mucha lástima
    10.3 (to puzzle) what gets me is how …
    lo que no entiendo es cómo …
  • 11 11.1 (to understand) [colloquial] I get it, you want me to tell them that …
    ya caigo, quieres que les diga que … [colloquial]
    oh, I get you don't get me wrong
    no me malentiendas or malinterpretes
    get it?
    ¿agarras la onda? [colloquial]
    ¿coges la onda? (Spain) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • It's almost a revolution, get me?
    • I don't have a family, you get it?
    • Perhaps he got what I meant, perhaps he did not.
    11.2 (to hear, to take note of) I didn't quite get that: could you repeat it?
    no oí or entendí bien ¿podrías repetir lo que dijiste?
    I didn't get your name
    no entendí tu nombre
    did you get the number?
    ¿tomaste nota del número?
    get this, Frank's a candidate [slang]
    agárrate, Frank se presenta como candidato [colloquial]
    afírmate, Frank se presenta como candidato (Chile) [colloquial]
    téngase de atrás, Frank se presenta como candidato (Colombia) [colloquial]
  • 13 (to have in one's possession) to have got seehave 1
  • 14 (to bring, to move, to put) (+ adverb complement) we'll get it there by two o'clock
    lo tendremos allí antes de las dos
    don't worry, we'll get you to Rome somehow just wait till I get you home!
    ¡ya vas a ver cuando lleguemos a casa!
    to get something downstairs/upstairs
    bajar/subir algo
    when can you get the documents to us?
    ¿cuándo nos puede hacer llegar los documentos?
    where will it get us?
    ¿a dónde nos conduce?
    to get somebody nowhere, not to get somebody anywherethis approach is getting us nowhere
    de esta manera no estamos logrando nada
    de esta manera no vamos a ninguna parte [colloquial]
    flattery won't get you anywhere with him
    no vas a sacar nada con or no te va a servir de nada halagarlo
    see alsoget across, → get in, → get out etc
    Example sentences
    • It came as a relief to his conscience as Jake moved, trying to get back on his feet.
    • Women have fought long and hard to get into positions that men hold within the leadership of the church.
    • There isn't much room, and you have to wait for everyone to get into position before you hit.
  • 15 (to cause to be) (+ adj compl) he got the children ready
    preparó a los niños
    I can't get the window open/shut
    no puedo abrir/cerrar la ventana
    it's hard to get these pans clean
    estas cacerolas son difíciles de limpiar
    they got him drunk
    lo emborracharon
    let me get one thing clear (esp British)
    (make it clear) esto que quede bien claro
    (receive clarification about it) a ver si entiendo bien esto
    they got their feet wet/dirty
    se mojaron/se ensuciaron los pies
    Example sentences
    • I have got half a dozen great slow, huge songs, but I kind of get bored of playing them live.
    • So after a while, you sort of get used to all of the little things on the car.
    • But every waking hour the competition in the mobile communications market gets tougher.
  • 16to get somebody/something + pp 16.1 (showing an action carried out by the subject) I'm going to get the house tidied up
    voy a ordenar la casa
    he says he'll get that shelf put up this afternoon
    dice que va a colocar ese estante esta tarde
    we must get some work done
    tenemos que trabajar un poco
    he got his arm broken
    se rompió el brazo
    it's about time they got themselves organized
    ya va siendo hora de que se organicen
    16.2 (showing an action carried out by somebody else) he got the house painted/the carpets cleaned
    hizo pintar la casa/limpiar las alfombras
    get your hair cut!
    ¡vete a cortar el pelo!
    I must get this watch fixed
    tengo que llevar a arreglar este reloj
    tengo que mandar (a) arreglar este reloj (Latin America)
    you'll get me fired!
    ¡vas a hacer que me echen!
    that won't get you promoted
    con eso no vas a lograr que te asciendan
    I got that written into the contract
    les hice poner eso en el contrato
  • 17 (to arrange, to persuade, to force)to get somebody/something to + infinitiveI'll get him to help you
    (order) le diré que te ayude
    (ask) le pediré que te ayude
    (persuade) lo convenceré de que te ayude
    she could never get him to understand
    no podría hacérselo entender
    you'll never get them to agree to that
    no vas a lograr que acepten eso
    can I get you to sign this, please?
    ¿me firmaría esto, por favor?
    get them to line up at the door
    que se pongan en fila en la puerta
    he's trying to get the radio to work
    está tratando de hacer funcionar la radio
    Example sentences
    • And if you could get him to nip round with a feather duster, I would be most grateful.
    • At the end of the day, there is nothing like a good old British tragedy to get us to rally round and buy some papers.
    • The latest scam is to get us to sign a contract agreeing to longer shifts to cover up for staff shortages.
  • 18 (to cause to start)to get somebody/something -ingit's the sort of record that gets everybody dancing
    es el tipo de disco que hace bailar a todo el mundo or que hace que todo el mundo baile
    can you get the pump working?
    ¿puedes poner la bomba en funcionamiento?
    ¿puedes hacer funcionar la bomba?
    her remark got me thinking
    su comentario me hizo pensar

intransitive verb

  • 1 (to arrive) (+ adverb complement) I got here yesterday
    llegué ayer
    she got to Boston at 4 o'clock
    llegó a Boston a las cuatro
    can you get there by train?
    ¿se puede ir en tren?
    how did that stain get there?
    ¿esa mancha de dónde salió?
    can anyone remember where we'd got to?
    ¿alguien se acuerda de dónde habíamos quedado?
    we got to or as far as page 21
    llegamos hasta la página 21
    I was just getting to that
    a eso iba
    to get nowhere, not to get anywhere seenowhere 1 1, → anywhere 1 1 2to get somewherethe results indicate they may be getting somewhere
    los resultados indican que van por buen camino
    we're getting somewhere at last!
    ¡por fin estamos sacando algo en limpio!
    to get thereit's not perfect, but we're getting there
    perfecto no es, pero poco a poco …
    algebra was hard, but she got there in the end
    el álgebra le costó pero finalmente logró entenderla
    Example sentences
    • His knee eventually healed and he got back into pro football, not as a player but as a head coach for his old team.
    • Once the tram gets there, the car is nowhere to be seen.
    • Some kids spent 7-8 hours getting home on the bus.
  • 2 2.1 (to become) to get married
    to get dressed
    to get used to something
    acostumbrarse a algo
    to get lost
    get lost! [colloquial]
    ¡vete a pasear or al diablo! [colloquial]
    your dinner's getting cold
    se te está enfriando la cena
    he got very angry
    se puso furioso
    they get tired easily
    se cansan con facilidad
    he got that way after his wife died
    se puso así cuando murió su mujer
    to get tough
    ponerse duro
    let's get started
    vamos a empezar
    2.2 (to be) [colloquial]she gets invited to lots of parties
    la invitan a muchas fiestas
    one of their players got injured
    uno de sus jugadores se lesionó
    the bike got stolen
    se robaron la bicicleta
    you'll have to wait till I get paid
    vas a tener que esperar hasta que cobre
    Example sentences
    • Are we surprised that the message from sensible speeches gets drowned out when appeals to the basest fears of a crowd always bring the loudest cheer?
    • He got robbed at gunpoint in Mexico.
    • The president seems weirdly ignorant of how stuff gets done in DC.
  • 3to get to + infinitive 3.1 (to come to, to reach a state)
    llegar a + infinitive
    he never thought he'd get to be president
    nunca pensó que llegaría a ser presidente
    you'll get to like it eventually
    vas a ver como termina por gustarte
    I never really got to know him
    nunca llegué a conocerlo de verdad
    Example sentences
    • His vision was blurred and his speech was getting so that hardly anyone could understand him.
    • It got so I couldn't come back from my trips empty-handed.
    3.2 (to have the opportunity to) as a diplomat one gets to meet many interesting people
    como diplomático uno tiene la oportunidad de conocer a mucha gente interesante
    when do we get to open the presents?
    ¿cuándo podemos abrir los regalos?
  • 4 (to start)to get -ing
    empezar a + infinitive
    ponerse a + infinitive
    she got talking to them
    empezó or se puso a hablar con ellos
    entabló conversación con ellos
    right, let's get moving! to get to -ing (British) [colloquial]
    ponerse a + infinitive
    then I got to thinking
    entonces me puse a pensar

Phrasal verbs

get about

verb + adverb, verb + preposition + object (British)
get around 1 1, → get around 1 2, → get around 1 3

get above

verb + preposition + objectto get above oneself
llenarse de ínfulas

get across

1verb + preposition + object, verb + adverb
(cross) (river)
we'll have to swim, there's no other way to get across (to the other side)
vamos a tener que nadar, no hay otra forma de cruzar al otro lado
2verb + object + adverb (bring, drive across)
3verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object (communicate)
hacer entender
4verb + adverb (be understood)
hacerse entender
the point about handing work in on time seems to be geting across
parece que van captando or van entendiendo que hay que entregar el trabajo a tiempo

get after

verb + preposition + object
regañar (esp Latin America)

get ahead

verb + adverb
(get in front) (horse/runner)
tomar la delantera
2 (progress, succeed)

get along

verb + adverb
1 (be on one's way) I must be getting along now
me tengo que ir
tengo que ponerme en camino
get along with you! (off you go) [colloquial]
¡vete ( or váyanse etc. )!
(you're kidding) ¡anda (ya)! [colloquial]
¡dale! [colloquial]
2 (manage, cope) the firm couldn't get along without her
la compañía no podría funcionar sin ella
we got along for years without a computer
nos las arreglamos durante años sin computadora
3 (progress)
he's getting along just fine at school
le va muy bien en el colegio
to get along with somethinghow are you getting along with the preparations?
¿qué tal marchan los preparativos?
4 (be on good terms)to get along (with somebody)
llevarse bien (con alguien)
we get along fine
nos llevamos bien

get around

1verb + adverb, verb + preposition + object 1.1 (walk, move about) (invalid/old person)she finds it hard to get around
le cuesta caminar or andar
having a car enables her to get around a lot better
con el coche se puede desplazar or movilizar mucho mejor
it's the best way to get around the town
es la mejor manera de desplazarse or trasladarse en la ciudad
1.2 (travel) you certainly get around in your job
tu sí que viajas con tu trabajo
how do you know that? — oh, I get around
¿cómo sabes eso? — soy un hombre/una mujer de mundo
1.3 (circulate) it soon got around that he was having an affair
pronto corrió el rumor de que estaba teniendo una aventura
don't let it get around that …
que no se sepa que …
1.4 (gather in circle) we can't all get around this table
no cabemos todos alrededor de esta mesa
1.5 (complete)
2verb + preposition + object 2.1
(avoid, circumvent) (difficulty/obstacle)
eludir el cumplimiento de
there's no getting around it: it was a terrible mistake
hay que reconocerlo or es un hecho insoslayable: fue un error garrafal
2.2 (persuade)
3verb + object + adverb 3.1 (cause to come, go)
I'll get the boxes around to you this evening
te haré llegar las cajas esta noche
3.2 (persuade, win over) I managed to get her around to my point of view
pude convencerla de que tenía razón
4verb + adverb (come, go) get around to the hospital as quickly as possible
vayan al hospital lo más pronto posible

get around to

verb + adverb + preposition + object
I don't know whether the doctor will get around to you this afternoon
no sé si el doctor alcanzará a verlo or podrá verlo esta tarde
I meant to write to you, I just never got around to it
tenía intenciones de escribirte pero nunca me llegó el momento
to get around to -ingby the time they got around to telling us, everybody knew already
cuando por fin nos lo dijeron, todo el mundo ya lo sabía
we never got around to discussing the price
nunca llegamos a discutir el precio
I must get around to writing those letters
debo ponerme a escribir esas cartas

get at

verb + preposition + object
1 1.1 (gain access to) the screw/wire is very hard to get at
es difícil llegar al tornillo/cable
don't let John get at the truffles!
¡no somdejes que John se acerque a las trufas!
he can't get at the money until he's 18
no puede disponer del dinero hasta que cumpla 18 años
no puede tocar el dinero hasta que cumpla 18 años [colloquial]
1.2 (ascertain)
2 2.1 (work on)
I can't wait to get at the new computer
estoy deseando poder usar la computadora nueva
moths had got at the jacket
las polillas habían picado la chaqueta
2.2 (influence, bribe) [colloquial]
(witness/member of jury)
comprar [colloquial]
3 (nag, criticize) [colloquial]you're always getting at him
siempre te estás metiendo con él [colloquial]
siempre (te) la estás agarrando con él (Latin America) [colloquial]
I'm not getting at you, I merely said …
no te estoy criticando, simplemente dije …
she's always getting at me to buy her a diamond ring
me está siempre dando la lata para que le compre un anillo de brillantes [colloquial]
4 (hint at, mean) [colloquial]what are you getting at?
¿qué quieres decir?

get away

1verb + adverb 1.1 (escape)
don't let him get away
no dejes que se escape
to get away from something/somebody
escaparse de algo/alguien
there's no getting away from the fact that …
hay que reconocer or es un hecho insoslayable que …
1.2 (leave) 1.3 (go on vacation)
irse or salir de vacaciones
to get away from it all
alejarse del mundanal ruido
1.4 (expressing incredulity) (British) [colloquial]get away (with you)!
¡dale! [colloquial]
¡anda (ya)! (esp Spain) [colloquial]
2verb + object + adverb 2.1 (remove, take away) get that dog away from my petunias!
¡quita or saca a ese perro de mis petunias!
anything to get the children away from the television set
cualquier cosa con tal de sacar a los niños de enfrente del televisor
we got the knife away from him
le quitamos el cuchillo
2.2 (put away, conceal) 2.3 (dispatch, send off)

get away with

verb + adverb + preposition + object
1 (make off with)
escaparse con
2 2.1 (go unpunished for) you won't get away with this
esto no va a quedar así
are you going to let him get away with calling you a liar?
¿vas a dejar que te llame mentiroso y se quede tan fresco?
don't let them get away with it
no dejes que se salgan con la suya
do you think I could get away with wearing the dark blue dress?
¿te parece que pasaría si me pusiera el vestido azul oscuro?
you can get away with pink hair at your age
a tu edad uno se puede permitir teñirse el pelo de rosa
2.2 (be let off with)
escaparse or librarse con
he got away with a fine
se escapó or se libró con solo una multa

get back

1verb + adverb 1.1 (return) we were very late getting back to Tulsa
volvimos or regresamos a Tulsa muy tarde
how are you getting back?
¿cómo vuelves?
¿cómo te regresas? (Latin America)
OK, get back to work everybody to get back to what I was saying, …
volviendo a lo que decía, …
they've decided to get back together again he let the other runner get back in front
dejó que el otro corredor se le volviera a adelantar
1.2 (retreat, move behind) get back!
get back behind the barrier
vuelvan a ponerse detrás de la barrera
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
(regain possession of) (property/possessions)
we never got our money/ball back
nunca nos devolvieron el dinero/la pelota
3verb + object + adverb 3.1 (return, redeliver)
(book/borrowed item)
you must get it back to me before Friday
me lo tienes que devolver antes del viernes
can you get the children back here by eleven?
¿puedes traer a los niños de vuelta antes de las once?
3.2 (put back, replace) to get something back in/out
volver a poner/a sacar algo
lift up the sofa so I can get the carpet back under it
levanta el sofá para que pueda volver a colocar la alfombra debajo

get back at

verb + adverb + preposition + object
vengarse de
desquitarse con

get back to

verb + adverb + preposition + object
I'll get back to you when I have the details
volveré a ponerme en contacto con usted ( or lo llamaré etc. ) cuando tenga los detalles

get behind

1verb + adverb (fall behind)to get behind (with something)
atrasarse (con algo)
if you miss classes, you'll get behind
si faltas a clase, te vas a atrasar
2verb + preposition + object 2.1 (move to rear of)
ponerse detrás de
2.2 (lend support to)

get by

1verb + adverb 1.1 (manage) we're not well-off, but we get by
no somos ricos pero nos las arreglamos
no somos ricos pero vamos tirando [colloquial]
to get by on something
arreglárselas con algo
she gets by on just a few dollars a week
se las arregla con unos pocos dólares a la semana
I get by on the French I learnt at school
me las arreglo or me defiendo con el francés que aprendí en el colegio
I can get by on six hours sleep a night
puedo pasar con seis horas de sueño al día
to get by with something
arreglárselas con algo
we'll have to get by with what we have in stock
nos las tendremos que arreglar con lo que tenemos en existencias
1.2 (pass muster)
the movie gets by because of some brilliant camerawork
la película pasa or se salva gracias al brillante trabajo del camarógrafo
1.3get past 1
2v + prep + oget past 2 1, → get past 2 2 3v + o + prep + oget past 3

get down

1verb + adverb 1.1 (descend) get down from there this minute!
¡bájate de allí inmediatamente!
may I get down (from the table)? (British)
¿me puedo levantar de la mesa?
1.2 (crouch)
to get down on one's knees get down, there's an enemy patrol coming!
¡agáchate, se acerca una patrulla enemiga!
1.3 (US) [colloquial] (dance energetically)
bailar como (un) loco
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 2.1 (take, lift, bring down) would you get that case down from up there?
¿no me bajarías esa maleta de ahí arriba?
2.2 (write down)
tomar nota de
first get it down on paper, then we'll discuss it
primero ponlo por escrito y luego lo discutiremos
3verb + object + adverb 3.1
(reduce) (costs/inflation)
(blood pressure)
I got my weight down to under 100 lbs
adelgacé hasta pesar menos de 100 libras
3.2 (depress) this job/he really gets me down
este trabajo/él realmente me deprime or me deja el ánimo por los suelos
3.3 (swallow) [colloquial]
3.4 (tackle, bring down) 3.5 (drop) (British)
4verb + preposition + object
(descend) (stairs)
bajarse de
bajar por

get down to

verb + adverb + preposition + object
(start work on)
ponerse a
it's time you got down to writing those letters
es hora de que te pongas a escribir esas cartas
let's get down to business
(let's start working) pongamos manos a la obra
(let's get to the point) vayamos al grano
when you get down to it, there's little to choose between them
si te pones a ver, no hay mucha diferencia entre ellos
tack1 1 1 1

get in

1verb + adverb, verb + preposition + object (enter) how did he get in here?
¿cómo entró?
get in the car
súbete al coche
I was just getting in the bath
justo me estaba metiendo en la bañera
the air/light gets in through this hole
el aire/la luz entra por este agujero
the dust got in my eyes
me entró tierra en los ojos
2verb + adverb 2.1 (arrive)
she had just got in from Israel
acababa de llegar de Israel
2.2 (gain admission, be selected)
ser aceptado or admitido
2.3 (be elected) (Politics)
resultar or salir elegido
2.4 (intervene) I was about to … but she got in first or before me
yo estaba por … pero ella se me adelantó
I got in quickly with a counter-proposal
inmediatamente presenté una contrapropuesta
3verb + object + adverb, verb + object + preposition + object
(put in) meter
I can get one more pair of shoes in this suitcase
puedo meter otro par de zapatos en esta maleta
4verb + object + adverb 4.1
(hand in) (essay)
4.2 (cause to be accepted, elected) I'd like to join, do you think you can get me in?
me gustaría hacerme socio ¿te parece que me podrías hacer entrar?
35% of the vote is not enough to get them in
el 35% de los votos no es suficiente para que resulten elegidos
5verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 5.1
(bring in, collect up) (washing/tools/chairs)
5.2 (buy, obtain) (British)
aprovisionarse de
did you remember to get more candles in?
¿te acordaste de comprar or traer más velas?
5.3 (summon, call out)
(interpose) (blow/kick)
I couldn't get a word in
no me dejaron decir ni una palabra

get in on

1verb + adverb + preposition + object (take part, have share in)
meterse en
she always has to get in on everything
siempre tiene que meterse en todo
2verb + object + adverb + preposition + object (involve) I want to get the marketing people in on the project from the start
quiero darle participación en el proyecto a la gente de marketing desde el principio

get into

1verb + preposition + object 1.1
(enter) (house)
entrar en
entrar a (Latin America)
subir a
meterse en
she got into the front seat
se sentó en el asiento delantero
1.2 (arrive at)
llegar a
1.3 (be selected, elected)
entrar en
entrar a (Latin America)
1.4 (put on)
I can't get into this dress any more
este vestido ya no me entra or no me cabe
1.5 (put oneself into) to get into a rage
ponerse furioso
to get into a mess
meterse en un lío
we should never have got into this in the first place
para empezar no deberíamos habernos metido en esto
(become accustomed to) (job/method)
acostumbrarse a
meterse en
1.7 (affect) what's got into her?
¿qué le pasa?
¿qué mosca or bicho la ha picado? [colloquial]
I don't know what's got into him lately
no sé qué le pasa últimamente
2verb + object + preposition + object 2.1 (bring, take, put in) I want to get Diana into the picture as well
quiero que Diana también salga en la foto
2.2 (cause to be admitted, elected) she got me into the club
consiguió que me aceptaran or admitieran en el club
the Hispanic vote got him into Congress
salió elegido gracias al voto hispánico
2.3 (dress) get her into her uniform
ponle el uniforme
2.4 (cause to experience, undergo) you got me into this
tú me metiste en esto

get in with

verb + adverb + preposition + object
1 (associate with)
hacerse amigo de
he got in with the wrong crowd
empezó a andar en malas compañías
2 (ingratiate oneself with)
congraciarse con
she tried to get in (good) with the boss
trató de congraciarse con or de quedar bien con el jefe

get off

1verb + adverb, verb + preposition + object 1.1 (alight, dismount)
to get off the train/horse/bicycle
bajarse del tren/del caballo/de la bicicleta
we get off at Memphis
nos bajamos en Memphis
(remove oneself from) (furniture)
bajarse de
salir de
get off (me)!
¡quítateme de encima!
get off my back! [colloquial]
¡deja de fastidiarme!
¡déjame en paz!
to tell somebody where to get off [colloquial]
cantarle las cuarenta a alguien [colloquial]
this is where you get off!
¡se acabó, ya me tienes harto! [colloquial]
1.3 (finish)
salir de
what time do you get off today?
¿a qué hora sales hoy?
2verb + adverb 2.1 (leave)
2.2 (go to sleep) (British)
2.3 (escape unpunished, unscathed) give me the names I want and I'll make sure you get off
dame los nombres que quiero y yo me encargo de que no te pase nada
to get off lightly or (US also) easyif he only charged you $100 you got off lightly
si solo te cobró $100, te salió barato or tuviste suerte
I consider I got off lightly with just a broken collar bone
creo que tuve suerte al romperme sólo la clavícula
to get off with somethinghe got off with a fine
se escapó con solo una multa
how come she got off without paying?
¿cómo es posible que se haya librado or escapado or salvado de tener que pagar?
2.4 (experience orgasm)
venirse [slang]
correrse (Spain) [slang]
acabar (Southern Cone) [slang]
3verb + preposition + object 3.1 (get up from)
levantarse de
(deviate from) (track/tourist routes)
salir or alejarse de
desviarse or irse de
let's get off the subject
cambiemos de tema
get off it! (US) [colloquial]
¡basta ya!
3.3 (evade)
librarse or salvarse de
he got off making dinner
se libró or salvó de (tener que) hacer la cena
4verb + object + adverb, verb + object + preposition + object 4.1 (remove)
I can't get the ring/my boots off
no me puedo quitar el anillo/las botas
no me puedo sacar el anillo/las botas (Latin America)
get her off (me)!
¡quítamela de encima!
get your hands off me!
¡quítame las manos de encima!
we tried to get them off our land
intentamos echarlos or sacarlos de nuestras tierras
4.2 (rescue) 4.3 (be granted) he's getting five days off (work)
le van a dar cinco días libres
5verb + object + adverb 5.1 (send, see off) we got the children off to school
mandamos a los niños a la escuela
it's time I got myself off to work
es hora de que me vaya a trabajar
5.2 (to sleep) (British) 5.3 (save from punishment)
6verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 6.1
(dispatch) (package/letter)
(radio message/signal)
6.2 (fire)
7verb + object + preposition + object 7.1 (obtain from) [colloquial]I got these playing cards off Peter
estas cartas me las dio Peter
get his gun off him first
quítale la pistola primero
I'm sure he got the idea off some famous writer
estoy seguro de que sacó la idea de algún escritor famoso
7.2 (enable to be excused)
librar or salvar de
7.3 (cause to deviate from) try and get him off religion
trata de que deje de hablar de religión
trata de que deje el tema de la religión
7.4 (wean from) they're trying to get him off drugs
están tratando de que deje la droga

get off on

verb + adverb + preposition + object
[slang]most women don't get off on football
a la mayoría de las mujeres no les entusiasma or no les enloquece el fútbol
he really gets off on putting people down
disfruta de humillar a la gente

get off with

verb + adverb + preposition + object (British)
ligar con [colloquial]
levantarse a (South America) [colloquial]

get on

1verb + adverb 1.1 (move on, make progress) I can't stand here talking, I must get on
no puedo quedarme aquí de charla, tengo mucho que hacer
to get on to something
pasar a algo
let's get on to the next item on the agenda
pasemos al próximo punto del orden del día
see alsoget ontoto get on with somethingget on with what you're doing
sigue con lo que estás haciendo
I told you what to do, so get on with it!
ya te dije lo que tienes que hacer ¡empieza de una vez!
shouldn't you be getting on with your homework?
¿no deberías estar haciendo los deberes?
clean the kitchen, that'll do to be getting on with (British)
limpia la cocina, con eso ya tienes para empezar
1.2 (fare) how's Joe getting on nowadays?
¿qué tal anda Joe?
Mary's getting on very well at school
a Mary le va muy bien en la escuela
how did he get on in the final/at the interview?
¿cómo le fue en el examen final/en la entrevista?
how are you getting on with the project?
¿qué tal te va con el proyecto?
¿cómo marcha el proyecto?
we're getting on very well without him
nos arreglamos muy bien sin él
1.3 (succeed)
tener éxito
his one aim is to get on in life
su única meta es tener éxito en la vida
1.4 (be friends, agree)to get on (with somebody)
llevarse bien (con alguien)
they get on very well (with each other or together)
se llevan muy bien
he's very difficult to get on with
es muy difícil de tratar
1.5 (in -ing form) (in time) it's getting on or time is getting on it was getting on toward eight o'clock
eran cerca de las ocho
(in age) she's getting on (in years)
está vieja
ya no es joven
he must be getting on a bit now
ya debe (de) tener sus añitos [colloquial]
see alsoget on for
2verb + adverb, verb + preposition + object 2.1 (climb on, board)
to get on the bus/train
subirse al autobús/tren
to get on a horse
subirse a or montarse en un caballo
we got on at Memphis
nos subimos en Memphis
2.2 (be appointed, elected to)
resultar or salir elegido
to get on a committee/board
pasar a formar parte de una comisión/junta
3verb + object + adverb, verb + object + preposition + object 3.1 (place, fix on) get the top on it
ponle la tapa
I want to get another coat of varnish on (this wood)
quiero darle otra mano de barniz (a esta madera)
3.2 (cause to be appointed, elected) they managed to get more women on
lograron que salieran elegidas más mujeres
4verb + object + adverb (put on)
get your coats on
pónganse los abrigos
I can't get it on
no me entra or no me cabe

get on at

verb + adverb + preposition + object (British)
regañar (esp Latin America)

get on for

verb + adverb + preposition + object
(approach) (British) (usually in -ing form) it's getting on for six o'clock
van a ser las seis
he must be getting on for 40
debe (de) andar rondando los 40
debe (de) andar cerca de los 40
it must be getting on for two years since …
debe (de) hacer casi dos años desde que …
getting on for 1,000 homes were destroyed
cerca de 1.000 viviendas or casi 1.000 viviendas fueron destruidas

get onto

1verb + preposition + object 1.1 (contact)
ponerse en contacto con
1.2 (start work on) (esp British)
ocuparse or encargarse de
1.3 (become aware of, begin to suspect)
we didn't get onto her until …
no empezamos a sospechar de ella hasta que …
I only got onto that idea when …
solo se me ocurrió esa idea cuando …
1.4 (begin discussing)
empezar a hablar de
(mount, board) (table/bus/train)
subirse a
montarse en
subirse a
1.6 (be appointed, elected to)
pasar a formar parte de
2verb + object + preposition + object 2.1 (send to deal with) I'll get some more people onto this job
pondré or mandaré más gente a trabajar en esto
2.2 (cause to start discussing) don't get him onto morality!
¡no le des pie para que empiece a hablar de moral!
2.3 (send to threaten, hit) (British) [colloquial]I'll get my big brother onto you
le voy a decir a mi hermano mayor que te ajuste las cuentas
2.4 (place, fix on)
2.5 (cause to be appointed, elected) she got him onto the committee
consiguió que pasara a ser miembro del comité

get out

1verb + adverb 1.1
(of car, bus, train) bajar(se)
(of hole, trench) salir
to get out of bed
levantarse (de la cama)
1.2 (of room, country) I have to get out of here
tengo que salir de aquí
get out!
¡fuera (de aquí)!
1.3 (socially, for pleasure) Grandma doesn't get out much
la abuela no sale mucho
1.4 (give up, quit) I'm getting out of teaching
voy a dejar la enseñanza
they got out just before prices went through the floor
vendieron justo antes de que los precios cayeran en picada
vendieron justo antes de que los precios cayeran en picado (Spain)
are they getting out of the German market?
¿van a abandonar el mercado alemán?
1.5 (escape)
1.6 (be released, finish work)
what time do you get out?
¿a qué hora sales?
1.7 (become known) (news/truth)
hacerse público [formal]
if this ever gets out
si esto llega a saberse
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 2.1
(remove, extract) (cork/stopper/nail)
sacar (esp Latin America)
2.2 (take out)
she got out her credit card
sacó su tarjeta de crédito
2.3 (withdraw)
2.4 (borrow from library)
3verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 3.1
(publish, produce, put on market) (book)
(product/new model)
3.2 (utter) don't stammer, boy: get it out!
¡no tartamudees, chico: dilo de una vez!
4verb + object + adverb 4.1 (remove)
get that dog out of here!
¡saquen (a) ese perro de aquí!
4.2 (release) they couldn't get the driver out
no pudieron liberar al conductor (que había quedado atrapado)
my lawyer will get you out
mi abogado hará que te suelten
I can't get you out of this mess
no te puedo sacar de este lío
4.3 (send off)
4.4 (send for)
4.5 (Sport)
sacar del campo
5verb + preposition + object [colloquial] (leave by)
salir por
I couldn't get out the window/door
no pude salir por la ventana/la puerta
6verb + object + preposition + object [colloquial] (take out by)
sacar por
you'll never get the sofa out the door/window
no podrás sacar el sofá por la puerta/la ventana

get out of

1verb + adverb + preposition + object 1.1 (avoid)
librarse or salvarse de
he signed the contract so he can't get out of it
firmó el contrato, así que no tiene escapatoria
to get out of -ing
librarse or salvarse de + infinitive
he got out of doing military service
se libró or salvó de hacer el servicio militar
you promised and there's no getting out of it
lo prometiste y no te puedes echar atrás
1.2 (give up) you must get out of that bad habit
tienes que sacarte esa mala costumbre
I'd got(ten) out of the habit of setting my alarm clock
había perdido la costumbre de poner el despertador
you soon get out of the habit of getting up early
uno enseguida se desacostumbra a or pierde la costumbre de levantarse temprano
2verb + object + adverb + preposition + object 2.1 (extract)
the police couldn't get anything out of him
la policía no pudo sacarle nada
we couldn't get a word out of him
no le pudimos sacar ni una palabra
2.2 (derive, gain)
I didn't get much out of my lessons
no saqué mucho con mis clases
he'll get the most out of the course
le sacará el mejor partido posible al curso
she tries to get the best out of her pupils
se esfuerza por que sus alumnos den lo mejor de sí
but what do we get out of this deal?
¿pero nosotros qué ganamos con or qué sacamos de este negocio?
they get a lot of fun out of their toys
se divierten mucho con sus juguetes

get over

1verb + preposition + object
(cross) (river/chasm)
pasar por encima de
2verb + adverb (come, go) get over here at once
ven aquí enseguida
get over to John's house
ve(te) a casa de John
anda a casa de John (Latin America)
3verb + preposition + object 3.1
(recover from) (loss/tragedy)
consolarse de
reponerse or recuperarse de
he's very disappointed — he'll get over it
ha quedado muy decepcionado — ya se le pasará
she never really got over him
nunca lo olvidó
she actually gave him the money! I can't get over it!
¡fue y le prestó el dinero! ¡no lo puedo creer! or ¡no salgo de mi asombro!
3.2 (overcome)
4verb + object + preposition + object, verb + object + adverb (bring across) how are we going to get the supplies over the river?
¿cómo vamos a pasar las provisiones al otro lado del río?
we helped him to get it over (the wall)
le ayudamos a pasarlo al otro lado (del muro)
5verb + object + adverb (cause to come, take) we must get them over for dinner one evening
tenemos que decirles que vengan a cenar una noche
get those documents over to Wall Street right away
manda esos documentos a Wall Street enseguida
we should get her over for an interview
deberíamos hacerla venir a una entrevista
to get something over withI'd like to get it over with as quickly as possible
quisiera salir de eso or quitarme eso de encima lo más pronto posible
6verb + object + adverb (communicate) how can I get it over to him that … ?
¿cómo puedo hacerle entender que … ?
the actors fail to get this tension over
los actores no logran comunicar or transmitir esta tensión

get past

1verb + adverb (move past) I can't get past
no puedo pasar
2verb + preposition + object 2.1 (move past)
adelantarse a
2.2 (pass undetected) how did this get past the proofreader?
¿cómo se le pudo pasar esto al corrector de pruebas?
it won't get past the censors
no va a pasar la censura
(get beyond) (obstacle)
he never got past fifth grade
no pasó del quinto año
you should have got past the stage when …
deberías haber superado la etapa en que …
3verb + object + preposition + objectto get something past the censor
conseguir que algo pase la censura

get round

(esp British)
get around

get through

1verb + preposition + object, verb + adverb 1.1 (pass through)
pasar por
it's a swamp, the tractors will never get through
es un pantano, los tractores no van a poder pasar
once we've got through the winter …
una vez que hayamos pasado el invierno …
it was a very trying time, but we got through thanks to …
fue una etapa muy difícil, pero la superamos gracias a …
1.3 (Sport)
(heat/qualifying round)
to get through to the finals
pasar a las finales
1.4 (pass) (British)
it was a tough exam but somehow she got through
fue un examen difícil pero de alguna manera aprobó or pasó
2verb + adverb 2.1
(reach destination) (supplies/reinforcements/messenger)
llegar a destino
2.2 (on the telephone)to get through (to somebody/something)
comunicarse (con alguien/algo)
he couldn't get through to Tokyo
no se pudo comunicar con Tokyo
2.3 (make understand)to get through (to somebody)am I getting through to you?
¿me entiendes?
¿me explico?
I can't get through to him
no logro hacerme entender or comunicarme con él
2.4 (finish) (US)
3verb + preposition + object 3.1
(use up) (British) (materials)
he got through a pair of shoes in less than a month
destrozó un par de zapatos en menos de un mes
she got through £100 just on table napkins
se gastó 100 libras solo en servilletas
3.2 (deal with) I've only got ten more pages to get through
me quedan solo diez páginas por leer ( or estudiar etc. )
I have to get through all these applications before 5 o'clock
tengo que leer todas estas solicitudes antes de las cinco
4verb + object + adverb, verb + object + preposition + object (bring through) to get something through customs
pasar algo por la aduana
they got the piano through the window
pasaron el piano por la ventana
the teacher got them all through (British)
gracias al profesor aprobaron todos
el profesor los sacó a todos adelante
it was his will power that got him through
fue su fuerza de voluntad lo que lo salvó ( or ayudó a superar la crisis etc. )
5verb + object + adverb 5.1 (send)
hacer llegar
5.2 (make understood)
hacer entender
I can't get it through to him that …
no logro hacerle entender que …
to get something through one's head or skull [colloquial]can't you get it through your thick head or skull that … ?
¿no puedes meterte en esa cabezota que … ? [colloquial]

get to

verb + preposition + object
(annoy, upset) don't let their comments get to you
no dejes que te afecten sus comentarios
no hagas caso de or no te aflijas por lo que dicen
her behavior's really beginning to get to me
su comportamiento me está empezando a molestar

get together

1verb + adverb 1.1 (meet)
let's all get together for a drink sometime
a ver cuándo nos reunimos or juntamos para tomar algo
they got together to discuss the problem
se reunieron para tratar el problema
to get together with somebody
reunirse con alguien
1.2 (join forces)
why don't we get together to buy her a present?
¿por qué no le regalamos algo juntos?
1.3 (become couple, team) [colloquial]
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object (assemble)
we're getting a band together
estamos formando un conjunto
get your things together, we're going
junta or recoge tus cosas que nos vamos
3verb + object + adverb 3.1 (reconcile)
3.2 (sort out, make effective) [colloquial]
poner en orden
if we could get our technique together …
si pudiéramos perfeccionar nuestra técnica …
they seem to have got themselves together at last
parece que por fin se han organizado
to get it togetheras a journalist, he never managed to get it together
nunca llegó a ser un buen periodista
I can't get it together to organize the vacation
no consigo organizarme para arreglar lo de las vacaciones

get up

1verb + preposition + object, verb + adverb (climb up) to get up the stairs/a hill
subir las escaleras/una cuesta
to get up on something
subir(se) a algo
she got up on the stage
(se) subió al escenario
2verb + adverb 2.1 (out of bed)
what time do you get up?
2.2 (stand up)
pararse (Latin America)
get up off the floor!
levántate del suelo
2.3 (mount)
he got up behind her
se montó or se subió detrás de ella
(become stronger) (wind/storm)
3verb + object + adverb 3.1 (out of bed)
3.2 (raise, lift)
get 'em up
arriba las manos
to get it up [slang]he can't get it up
no se le levanta [colloquial]
no se le para (Latin America) [colloquial]
(erect, put up) (building)
3.4 (decorate)
I got myself up as a Spanish grandee
me disfracé de grande de España
it's just a stew got up as some fancy dish
no es más que un guiso disfrazado de or con ínfulas de plato exótico
he got himself up in his full regalia
se atavió con su traje de ceremonia
4verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 4.1
(develop, arouse) (appetite/enthusiasm)
coger (esp Spain)
she didn't want to get their hopes up
no quería esperanzarlos or que se hicieran ilusiones
4.2 (organize)

get up to

verb + adverb + preposition + object
1 (reach) when he got up to them …
cuando se les acercó …
we got up to page 161
llegamos hasta la página 161
he's quite a good pianist but he'll never get up to her standard
es bastante buen pianista, pero nunca alcanzará su nivel
2 (be involved in) [colloquial] to get up to mischief
hacer travesuras or de las suyas
what have you been getting up to lately?
¿qué has estado haciendo últimamente?
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  • git1
    Example sentences
    • Stupid get! O my God, how you stick yourself I'll never know!
    • I can't stand that other smarmy get.
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