There are 2 translations of giant in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈdʒaɪənt/


  • 1.1 (physical) gigante, -ta (m,f) he was a giant of a man era un gigantón [familiar/colloquial]
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    • We hired horses and rode, as Paddy did, between tall forest giants, listening to the jungle buzz and background twitterings.
    • Historic parkland in North Yorkshire is now home to some gentle giants of the animal kingdom - a herd of North American bison.
    • Not even the tallest of giants could climb over it, as the arch was directly connected to the ceiling.
    1.2 [journalese/lenguaje periodístico] (in importance, influence) gigante (m) an intellectual giant una lumbrera a literary giant un coloso de la literatura a publishing giant un gigante del mundo editorial a giant of the automobile industry (AmE) un gigante de la industria automotriz
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    • In the global South, however, higher risk and lower rates of return mean that the water giants require massive public financing to make privatization work.
    • These companies are stock market giants which can turn huge profits on their products, but they do not face the same outright opposition.
    • There, Chandler concluded that the management of corporate giants had superseded market mechanisms as the defining element of economic activity.
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    • He moved quietly among established giants, even though his own talent outstripped that of nearly everyone he played with or against.
    • Dawson, who died in 1970, was once hailed as a giant among historians and philosophers of history, but is almost forgotten today.
    • The intellectual giants of history may not all have been happy men, but they were all successful men.

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There are 2 translations of giant in Spanish:



  • (before n) [object/building/organization] gigantesco; [animal/insect] gigante, gigantesco; [hole/stride] gigantesco, enorme; [profit/saving/discount] enorme giant sale gran liquidación, gigantescas or colosales rebajas
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    • The workers are showing their determination to force the giant transport firm to give them a decent rise.
    • And I have always been impressed with the immense pride the station's men and women take in the maintenance and efficiency of the giant transport planes.
    • Every giant multinational corporation was a seed once.
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    • In the classroom, they explored the life cycle of the giant moth, tadpoles' transformation into frogs, and plant growth.
    • From these reptiles would come some of the greatest creatures in the history of earth; the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the giant sauropods, to name a few.
    • This mixture is based on black salt and asefetida, a resin obtained from the rhizome of the giant fennel plant that has a strong odor of onion and garlic.

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