Translation of glance in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /glæns; glɑːns/


  • mirada (feminine) at first glance a primera vista I could tell at a glance that … con solo echar un vistazo me di cuenta de que … without so much as a backward glance sin siquiera volver la vista atrás they exchanged furtive glances se miraron disimuladamente she shot o threw me a warning glance me lanzó una mirada de advertencia to take a glance at sth echarle or darle* un vistazo a algo, echarle una ojeada a algo he cast a quick glance over the headlines les echó una rápida ojeada a los titulares
    More example sentences
    • The briefest of glances in her direction found her to be still looking at me, still silent.
    • This is but a brief glance back into how our ancestors managed to live without electricity or many of the mod cons we have today.
    • I waited for a few girls to come down the stairs, smiled distractedly at their approving glances, and then hurried upstairs.

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • mirar she glanced from the one to the other su mirada iba de uno a otro to glance at sth echarle una ojeada a algo, echarle or darle* un vistazo a algo to glance at sb echarle una mirada a algn she glanced up from her book levantó la vista del libro por un momento he glanced over his shoulder echó un vistazo por encima del hombro would you mind just glancing over this report? ¿le darías un vistazo a este informe? she glanced round miró hacia atrás he glanced toward her/in her direction dirigió la mirada hacia ella/hacia donde ella estaba

Phrasal verbs

glance off

verb + preposition + object/verbo + preposición + complemento
rebotar en

Definition of glance in:

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